France: Daesh regaining its strength in Syria and Iraq

The French Minister of Armed Forces Florence Parly has expressed concern over the revival of Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organization in Iraq and Syria. She stressed that France believes that this terrorist organization is still active there.

“After the collapse of Daesh's last stronghold, we can notice that this terrorist  organization is regaining its strength in both Syria and Iraq,” she said in an interview, justifying the presence of French forces in the region within the US-led international coalition purportedly to combat Daesh.

Last August, and during a visit to Iraq, Parly said that some elements indicate that Daesh is secretly and unexpectedly reorganizing its ranks and this constitutes a real challenge to Iraq.

 Several days ago, Spokesman of the Joint Operations Command in Iraq Maj. General Tahsin Al-Khafaji announced that preparations are underway for a major operation against the terrorists to establish full control over the Iraqi-Syrian borders.

Daesh attacks in the Syrian Desert area have escalated nearly two years after its defeat in Syria and Iraq. The terrorist organization recently attacked a passenger bus near Wadi Al-Atheeb on the Salamiyah-Raqqa road. The attack led to the martyrdom of several people.

Daesh remnants in Syria depend on using light weapons and explosive devices in their attacks.

Hamda Mustafa