Arabism role in confronting forms of cultural invasion of Arab region

Arab thinkers and politicians confirmed that Arabism was and still is confronting all forms of cultural invasion that our Arab region has been subjected to throughout the ages, which makes adherence to it and its principles and values a necessity in light of the dangers and challenges facing our nation.

A member of the political bureau of the Progressive Rally in Egypt, Muhammad Fayyad, said in a statement to SANA that the current situation in the Arab region necessitates the formation of popular pressure in all our Arab countries to re-establish Arab concepts and consecrate them as a general approach and thought. Otherwise we are pushing our countries to be torn apart by chaos  that the enemies of Arabism seek to impose.


Fayyad stressed that despite conspiracy, terrorism and external aggression which Syria suffers from, the motives for reproducing the Arab project with its resistance characteristics are still evident in Damascus.

For his part, the head of the Egypt Youth Party, Sayed Al-Adly, said that the Arab region is undergoing a dangerous phase of transformation in which it may lose the elements of its Arab identity. Al-Adli considered that “the for the return of the Arab region to its effectiveness it needs to recover its identity that it lost during the past period of time because the Arab East is the origin of human civilization.

Member of the political bureau of the Egyptian Nasserite Party, Ali Al-Hadi, said that our region is coveted by many and we have nothing but to preserve our Arab identity that has made us  steadfast for hundreds of years despite all the risks.

From Lebanon, the Regional Secretary of the Baath Arab Socialist Party, Numan Shalak, referred to the broad and humane concept of Arabism that unites the people of the nation in a common language, history and aspirations, indicating that it formed the title of confronting colonialism and direct occupation and all hostile projects.

Shalak praised Syria's pivotal role as the vanguard of the confrontation and defense project, the Arab national identity, the present and the future of the nation, in the face of the attempts to invade and change the identity.

The former Secretary-General of the Arab National Conference and the General Coordinator of the Assembly of Committees and Popular Associations Maan Bashour emphasized the need for the Arab nation to revive its forces through its adherence to Arabism as an inclusive identity for all components of the nation.

Former Lebanese Minister and MP Bishara Merhej, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dar Al-Nadwa in Beirut, said that Arabism is not an abstract idea or a mental term, but rather a living reality that brings together Arabs of all backgrounds and beliefs and makes them one nation on their land that they defend against colonialism and occupation and seek to make it advanced among nations .

Merhej confirmed that Arabism means the struggle against the colonial forces that work to rob our land and divide us. It means the struggle against the Zionist occupation that attacks Jerusalem and the holy sites and works to displace the Palestinian people and expel them from their land.

Inas Abdulkareem