Father Zahlawi: Coexistence forms the strong fabric of the Syrian society and explains one of the reasons for its steadfastness against the war

Father Elias Zahlawi has stressed that the war on Syria is illegal and that the Syrian state, as leadership, army and people, has kept steadfast despite the declaration of a war by 140 countries and hundreds of thousands of mercenaries and despite the imposition of an unprecedented blockade on the Syrians.

In a message addressing all peoples of the world and the European officials, Father Zahlawi questioned the legality and the open and hidden political and economic objectives of this global war on Syria. 

He said that throughout the years of the war,  Western mainstream media were keen day and night to fabricate lies and claim that the war in Syria was a "civil war." “Then suddenly a false wave of chivalry swept the entire West led by the United States within the United Nations that ended up with the declaration of war on Syria by 140 countries and the imposition of an unprecedented siege on the country at the military, economic and financial levels,” Father Zahlawi added.

 According to Zahlawi, the failure to apply the principle of international "humanitarian" intervention designed by Bernard Kouchner has led to the influx of hundreds of thousands of terrorists into Syria coming from more than a hundred countries, including from Europe and the United States. Those terrorists were funded, trained, armed and led by members of the most powerful intelligence networks in the world to be sent to Syria in successive waves over years with the aim of achieving “democracy” and “defend human rights”, as claimed by the West.

Millions of Syrians were displaced and hundreds of thousands were killed regardless of their religious or social belongingness as a result of this terrorist war, he clarified.

The Syrian state, as leadership, army, people, government institutions, diplomatic bodies, universities and schools, has withstood this war and managed to give the monthly salaries to all its  employees, even the retirees and those residing  in the areas besieged by the terrorists of Al-Qaeda, Jabhat Al-Nusra and Daesh and their affiliated groups.

Father Zahlawi presented his own approach on one of the key reasons behind the unexpected resistance with which Syria faced this war, particularly because this resistance has brought Syria unconditional support from its allies who knew that the same fate would threaten them if Syria fell.

He said that the French expert in the Syrian affairs Michel Raimbaud has described this as a “miracle”.

He said “we have to acknowledge that the Syrians’ resistance has raised many questions and refuted many claims and it necessitated immediate honest efforts to conduct brave and objective research to understand the secret of this pure Syrian human soil that explains the secret of this resistance”.

“As a priest who lives in an Arab society with a Muslim majority and who believes that he knows Moslems and their history well, I have to say that the Western countries have created by their own hands two Moslem worlds that actually do not have anything to do with Islam. The first includes the countless Moslem communities staying in the West and which have remained until today on the margins of society. The second is the terrorist groups that the West created and used to destroy others, thinking that it will be immune from their dangers,” Father Zahlawi said.

He reviewed the period of the early Islamic conquests and the genius of Moslems in creating a way to life with the Christians of the conquered countries that resulted in a blessed coexistence based on real cooperation with the population through respecting their churches, monasteries, houses, property and works. He pointed out that this coexistence has allowed all residents of these countries to live and work together.

He went on to say that during later centuries, this coexistence deepened and became richer. It was  Christian Arab thinkers in the nineteenth century   who created the idea of Arab nationalism, and a number of others in the twentieth century became founders and leaders of some influential political parties in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine. 

Father Zahlawi emphasized that this coexistence forms  the strong fabric of  Syrian society and explains one of the deepest reasons for its steadfastness for centuries despite all the turmoil that has swept through this society until this day.

“Nothing can uproot 1,400 years of coexistence as its roots lie deep in a sacred land, which is Syria today,” he stressed.

Zahlawi pointed out that history teaches us that the true value of every human being, society, people and religion is manifested when it is at the climax of its power and that the entire West, however strong it is, desperately needs to quickly reconsider all its policies within and outside its borders and across the world.

Hamda Mustafa