"Moslem Brotherhood" a terrorist arm supported and used by the West to achieve its schemes in the region and the world

Al-Qaeda, Daesh and Jabhat Al-Nusra have been among many other terrorist organizations and extremist movements that were created by the West to implement its schemes in other countries.

The "Moslem Brotherhood" terrorist organization has been one of the most heinous extremist groups whose crimes in Syria and Egypt, and in the region in general, have served the West's colonialist agendas which aim at dominating the region, SANA Arabic said in a report on Friday.

Since its establishment in 1925 in Egypt by a person called Hasan Al-Banna with the help of colonialist countries, on the top of which were the United States, Britain plus the Zionist entity, the "Moslem Brotherhood" terrorist takfiri organization has implemented many conspiracies under the name of Islam.

It penetrated Arab societies and distorted Islam's instructions and values by badly using them in promoting its destructive ideas with the aim of brainwashing minds and controlling power in these societies.

This extremist movement has also massively exploited the Palestinian cause to achieve its goals.

 In his book, "Moslem Brotherhood..A History of Enmity and Engagement" British writer Matyn Frampton explained that this terror organization is not a local movement in Egypt anymore as it expanded during the 1940s to several countries, including Syria, Djibouti and Jordan. Its leader Hassan Al-Banna has sought, since its establishment, to communicate with western officials with the aim of putting his movement at their service and garnering the support of the west for him to obtain power in Egypt and other countries.

The Egyptian Minister of Endowments, Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar Jumaa, said in remarks on Thursday that the "Moslem Brotherhood" and its supporters are “traitors who trade in religion and who collude with western parties against their homelands,” stressing that joining this terrorist group is prohibited as it has a black history of treason and collusion with enemies.

He added that this takfiri movement "lacks belief in the national state and it permits vandalism, demolition and bloodshed based on the perspective that the end justifies the means, and that there is nothing wrong with the ideology of sacrificing several thousand people in order to achieve its goals and ambitions."

Moreover, the "Moslem Brotherhood" is closely connected to the Israeli occupation entity and it abuses the Palestinian cause. Clear proof of this deep relationship has been the message sent by former Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi, who was a "Moslem Brotherhood" affiliate, to President of the Israeli occupation entity Shimon Peres in which he called him “Dear great friend Peres.”

The Moslem Brotherhood's activities in Egypt and Syria have expanded to Libya. A newly leaked audio has revealed a plan prepared by this organization to seize power in Libya. The Libyan Moslem Brotherhood member “Suleiman Sweiker” admitted in a recorded phone call that there were efforts to appoint him as Speaker of the Libyan Parliament.

The "Moslem Brotherhood" has also been directly linked to the Turkish regime of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, that many writers and politicians describe as the current spiritual leader of this terrorist organization. The relationship between the two is deeply based on mutual interest, as the Turkish regime has funded and armed terrorists to commit crimes in Syria and other places with the aim of achieving Erdogan's illusions in reviving the "Ottoman Empire".

Many reports have revealed the close relationship that links  Turkey and the Moslem Brotherhood.  Erdogan's authorities have employed terrorists in this organization to work politically for him, hiding behind charitable or religious societies in order to infiltrate Arab and Western societies, recruit young people and brainwash them in a way that serves the interests of this terrorist organization and its operators.

One of the reports that exposes the close relationship between Erdogan and the "Moslem Brotherhood" indicated the frequent and regular meetings held by leaders of this organization under the Turkish regime's auspices. The report also clarified that the Turkish regime provided a safe haven for nearly 20,000 Moslem Brotherhood affiliates who fled Egypt and who were later used by Erdogan in implementing his own ambitions.

Erdogan's ambitions and attempts to cover up the political and economic crisis in his country, led him to invest in terrorism and terrorist organizations such as the "Muslim Brotherhood" and "Daesh" in order to fulfill his dreams at the expense of the blood of innocent people in Syria, Iraq and Libya.

Hamda Mustafa