Locals of Negev: We will not allow Israeli occupation to uproot us from our land

 “We will die on our land in the Negev and will not leave it. We will remain here even if there is no roof over our heads or even if they arrest all our men and women. We will not allow the tragedy of the Palestinian Nakba to be repeated as long as we are still alive.” This is the case of the people of the Negev in the occupied Palestinian territories in 1948 who continue the battle to defend their existence rooted in their land that the Israeli occupation is trying to uproot and displace them from.

Zionism has sought to exploit literature to promote its false ideas

Within the framework of its cultural invasion against the Arab nation, Zionism has sought to distort literature and use it as means to disseminate its evil and false ideas. This extremist movement used literature to achieve its goals through adopting false stories and spreading allegations to justify the Zionist occupation of Palestine and the displacement of the Palestinians.

Means of confronting this Zionist literature and its promoters was the main theme of a symposium held on Tuesday at the Arab Cultural Center in Damascus under the title “Confronting the Cultural invasion, Zionist Literature as an Example”.

The symposium, in which a number of Arab writers and researchers took part, sheds light on the role that can be played by Arab intellectuals to strongly fend off the content of the Zionist literature and on Zionism’s trends in Literature and on Zionism’s attempts to penetrate Arab literature and falsify facts.

3357 settlement units draw the features of a tight cordon to separate south occupied Jerusalem from Bethlehem

Occupied Jerusalem (ST):  "3557 settlement units", some may see it as just a passing number within the daily news related to Palestine, but in fact it constitutes a new goal that the Israeli occupation authorities seek to implement with all its capabilities south of occupied Jerusalem and in the city center to separate it from Bethlehem in the West Bank and isolate its neighborhoods from each other amid the silence of the international community about the crimes of ethnic cleansing and forced displacement that Palestinians are subjected to and its content with timid statements confirming the illegality of settlement and calling on the occupation to stop it, away from any practical step to compel it to do so.

Palestinian prisoners in Israeli occupation jails prove that they have a will of iron

With an unrelenting will and firm determination, the Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli occupation prisons continue their steadfastness in the face of their jailers, proving to the whole world that their  determination and will is their weapon in order to restore their freedom.

Day after day, the Palestinian captive movement is recording heroic victories achieved by the determination and blood of the prisoners in the occupation prisons. The latest of which was the victory achieved by the 40-year-old prisoner Hisham Abu Hawash who forced the occupation authorities to release him after his 141-day hunger strike in protest against the occupation’s crimes against the prisoners.

Shaaban: The American presence on our land is an occupation that will be resisted by all possible means

Dr. Buthaina Shaaban, Special Adviser to the Presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic, confirmed that the United States of America is in Syria to support terrorism and steal the wealth of the Syrian people, and that the so-called “Caesar Act” is a clear American violation of human rights and has a detrimental impact on the economic and living conditions of Syrian citizens.

In an interview with Chinese media comprising the Chinese News Agency "Xinhua" and China Central Television "CCTN", in addition to the Chinese People's Newspaper, Dr. Shaaban stated that the United States is present in northern Syria to support terrorism, not to fight it, and that Syria condemns the US crimes perpetrated against the Syrian people and the US theft of Syrian resources. Syria affirms that the US presence on the Syrian land is an occupation that will be resisted by all possible means. Shaaban added that the war in Syria exposes the lies and allegations of the West, wondering if the United States is keen on the rights of Muslims in China, then why does the US practice economic terrorism against the Muslim-majority of the Syrian people?