Over 15,000 Industrial Facilities in Service in Aleppo

ALEPPO- The number of industrial and handicrafts facilities in service in Aleppo province increased to 15,197 facilities during 2018, SANA reported.

Speaking to SANA, Director of Aleppo Industry Department Khalaf Shawakh said that during 2018, 129 textiles industry projects have been licensed with a cost estimated at SYP 3.687 billion, in addition to 32 food industries projects with a cost of SYP 589 million and 39 engineering industries projects with a cost of SYP 505 million.

Arab Trade Unions Underline Joint Work for the Reconstruction of Syria

DAMASCUS- Participants in the consultative meeting of Chairmen of Arab Trade Unions  and annual meeting of general-secretaries of Arab vocational unions have asserted the necessity of joint action to contribute to the reconstruction of what have been destroyed by the terrorist war on Syria and return of displaced people to their country, according too SANA.

The participants’ assertion came during their meeting held in Damascus on Friday under the title “Role of Arab Vocational Unions in the Reconstruction of Syria”.

Agricultural Sector Revitalized in Deir Ezzor and Life Returns to Euphrates Lands

DEIR EZZOR – The agricultural sector in Deir Ezzor province is witnessing a renaissance and the production wheel starts running after a hiatus of several years due to the terrorist attacks which mainly targeted infrastructure and water projects, in parallel with the return of tens of thousands of its inhabitants to their houses and farms, according to SANA.

Agriculture is the citizens’ main income resource and the defeat of Daesh terrorists, and the restoration of security and stability to almost all Deir Ezzor’s areas as well as the governmental support to provide basic living conditions have positively reflected on people and the agricultural sector in general.

Syria, Crimea to Establish a Shipping Company

Simferopol- Deputy Prime Minister of the Crimean Republic, Georgi Mradov, announced on Friday that a shipping company has been established to link the Crimea Republic to Syria and will start its work soon.

"The company was established and a number of technical issues remained, including the presentation of our colleagues from Syria, who will participate in the management of the new company, identifying the fleet and the work systems," he was quoted as saying by the Sputnik agency.

Syria, Crimea Establish Joint Shipping Company

SIMFEROPOL, (ST)- Crimea's Deputy Prime Minister Georgy Muradov has announced that a Syrian-Crimean shipping company has been established and it will start work soon.

Sputnik news agency quoted Muradov as saying recently that "the comapny has practically been created and only some remaining technical issues need to be solved, including introducing our Syrian colleagues who will be our partners in managing the new company, as well as specifying the fleet and identifying the work systems."

"After that, the first shipment will be sent to Syria," he added, pointing out that the company will start work in the early months of this year.