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Joint Cooperation Discussed with a Delegation from the Republic of Crimea

Lattakia - A delegation from the Russian Republic of Crimea visited Lattakia province in order to identify possible areas of cooperation, especially in the field of training cadres and scientific research, especially in the agricultural sector.

The delegation, chaired by Director of the National Scientific Center of the Russian Academy, Dr. Yuri Bogotar Vladimirovich, concluded on Thursday a visit to rural women's products showrooms and the Foronloq Reserve and the environmental restaurant and the Silk Center.

In a statement to SANA, Mr. Vladimirovich said that the visit of the delegation comes to know more about Syria and to find common ground on which to build bilateral projects in all fields and discuss aspects of cooperation in the agricultural sector, scientific research, higher education and rehabilitation of cadres expressing his admiration for Syria and agricultural development in it. He also expressed his country's desire to develop relations of cooperation and friendship with Syria.

Some 52 Economic and Environmental Workpapers at the Syrian Geological Conference

Damascus - The geological sciences and their applications play a pivotal role in the studies of the earth, exploring its wealth and put it in the service of economic and social development.

Syrian geologists have a clear impression in the completion of a huge range of vital and strategic projects such as irrigation projects, dams, land reclamation, oil and gas extraction and mineral resources, housing and construction projects, infrastructure and vital facilities.

Signing the Minutes of the Meeting of the Syrian-Lebanese Agricultural Follow-up Committee

Damascus, (ST)- The minutes of the Syrian-Lebanese Agricultural Follow-up Committee meeting were signed at the Ministry of Agriculture in Damascus on Tuesday.

The minutes, signed by the Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform, Ahmed Al-Qadri, and Lebanese Minister of Agriculture, Hassan Al-Laqis, included "the efforts of the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture with the relevant authorities to re-activate the agreements signed during 2010 and to commission the joint committees between the two countries to study memorandums of understanding or executive programs in the areas of agricultural cooperation and submit it to the Ministers of Agriculture in both countries to be signed and put into implementation."

The two sides agreed to form a joint technical committee in the fields of plant protection, scientific research and plant production, and submit a report to the ministers of agriculture to develop facilitation steps in this area during one month.

The two sides called, in the minutes, to take the necessary action to send a certificate of re-export of agricultural products imported to Syria through Lebanese territory.

Syrian Wide Participation in the Russian-Arab Business Exhibition

MOSCOW - The twelfth session of the Arab-Russian Businessmen Council continued its work for the second day in Moscow, in conjunction with the continuation of the exhibition "Arabia Expo" with a Syrian participation that included products of various industries.

Russian Deputy President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dmitry Potalco, welcomed the Syrian participation, pointing out that the wide participation of Syrian products in the exhibition "Arabia Expo" confirms that Syria has regained its strength and the recovery of its economy.

Syria, Lebanon to Develop Agricultural Cooperation

Damascus - Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform Ahmed Al-Qadri met here on Tuesday his Lebanese counterpart, Hassan Al-Laqis. The two sides discussed ways of developing and promoting agricultural relations between the two countries.

Mr. Al-Qadri confirmed the necessity of establishing a common vision for developing cooperation in all agricultural domains between the two countries. He pointed out that the close cooperation between the two ministries in the area of agricultural scientific research constitutes one of the components of agricultural production in Syria and Lebanon.

The Minister pointed to the existence of joint agreements between the two countries in the field of agriculture aimed at standardizing the mechanisms of importation, registration of veterinary medicine, plant protection, quarantine and pesticides. He expressed his readiness to provide Lebanon with various types of plantations and benefit from its expertise in Syrian agricultural fields.