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Transport Minister: Investment Contract of Tartous Port with Russia … a Strategic Project

Damascus - Minister of Transport Eng. Ali Hamoud said that the investment contract of Tartous Port with the Russian side is a strategic project and will lead to large investments contribute to the re -construction of Syria, achieve very large economic revenues and maintain the existing workers in addition to attract new workers.

Eng.  Hamoud said in an interview with the Syrian channel on the details and terms of the contract that the length of the investment is 49 years, which is the same in all the contracts that are taking place in the world in relation to such large strategic projects and the amount of money injected, especially that Syria is building strategic partnerships with its friends, including Russia, whereas Tartous port will be one of the most important ports on the Mediterranean Sea.

"It was agreed with the Russian side on the management and investment of the port and putting new investments to open a new port commensurate with the geographical position of Syria and leads to large investments contribute to the reconstruction of Syria and the passage of goods through transit to neighboring countries to achieve a very large economic benefit, pointing out that the process of expanding the port to receive vessels whose cargo is more than double the load of existing vessels and the workers will be from Syria,'' the Minister said.

Regarding the Syrian revenues under the contract, Minister Hamoud said: "We have taken 25 percent of the revenues regardless of expenditures. This percentage will increase to 35 percent gradually with the completion of the port implementation."

 He said that by comparing what Syria could enter from the port with its current status and its highest level (mln 16 tones) per year, the income will be $ 24 million annually, but in the case of Russia's investment to the port, Syria will achieve $ 84 million a year, more than three times.

The Minister of Transport stressed that Syria did not abandon the port and it will be managed by a Syrian-friendly superpower, the Syrian state does not accept partnerships with companies from countries that fought the Syrian people who sacrificed and offered the martyrs in order to keep the sovereignty of Syrian decision and to remain free in our decisions and build our partnerships as we want and not as enemies want.

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Syria Takes Part in the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai

Damascus - With the participation of Syria and 2800 Arab and foreign exhibitors representing travel agencies, tourism companies and series of local and international hotels, activities the Arabian Travel Market kicked off on Sunday in Dubai City in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Syria participates in the Arabian Travel Market for the first time through a pavilion that extends over an area of 40 meters that includes participants from Tourism Ministry and a number of bodies from the tourism sector, in addition to a number of companies and hotels from the private sector such as Cham Wings Airlines and the Syrian Company for Transport and Tourism, in addition to a number of tourism and travel agencies.

Deputy Tourism Minister, Head of the Syrian delegation, Eng. Ghiath al-Farrah stressed that Syria's participation in the event is very important as it reflects the recovery of tourism sector in Syria in coincidence with the reconstruction stage in the various fields, pointing out that the Syrian presence "is a kind of surprise to all the visitors of the Arabian Travel Market and the Syrian expatriates in the UAE.

Mr. Al-Farrah underlined the importance of the investment and the available investment opportunities in Syria after restoring security to different tourist destinations.

For his part, Head of the Federation of Syrian Tourism Chambers, Mohammad Khaddour, said that the event represents an opportunity for the Syrian participants to invite economic activities and businessmen and tourists to visit Syria.

Assistant Director of the Syrian Company for Transport and Tourism, Nidal Jabr, said that "participation in the exhibition paved the way to introduce the work process and the tasks of the company, as well as marketing for its activities."

It is worth mentioning that the Arabian Travel Market is a leading global travel industry event in the Middle East and North Africa.

Amal Farhat

2nd Aleppo International Fair an Opportunity to Introduce Local Production

Aleppo province, which is considered as the economic and industrial capital of Syria, is witnessing, like other areas liberated from terrorism, the return of the agriculture, industrial and economic movement.

The current state of stability in most Syrian areas has encouraged Arab and foreign companies to come and invest in the country and take part in different activities in all domains.

The currently held 2nd Aleppo International Fair is witnessing remarkable participation of about  500 companies from various industrial, commercial and service sectors.

In a statement to SANA correspondent, Ali Nizam, the Director of the Aleppo International Fair, highlighted the remarkable development the fair is witnessing in its second edition in terms of the participations and the quality of the national products.

Murad calls for Coordination with Syria to Strengthen Economic Relations

Beirut- Lebanese Minister of State for Foreign Trade, Hassan Murad called for coordination with the Syrian government to strengthen economic relations between the two countries and to alleviate the effects of the unilateral coercive measures imposed on Syria.

"Syria has always been Lebanon's commercial gateway," Murad said in a statement to SANA correspondent in Beirut, noting that Lebanon should be an effective economic station to help Syria.

Arab Economic Forum Recommends Breaking the Coercive Economic Measures Imposed on the Syrian People

DAMASCUS - The Arab Economic Exchange Forum held here on Wednesday at Damascus' Dama Rose Hotel under the title "Together Towards a Common Arab Market", recommended the breaking of unilateral coercive economic measures imposed on the Syrian people and the creation of economic and trade opportunities to achieve this goal.

The participants in the forum affirmed in a statement at the conclusion of their meeting the necessity of activating Arab economic integration, improving the volume of inter-trade, opening new Arab markets, establishing an integrated policy among all economic sectors in support of Syrian exportable products, raising Arab export efficiency in general and showing Syria as an investment zone in terms of its important geographical position.