Syria, Crimea to Establish a Shipping Company

Simferopol- Deputy Prime Minister of the Crimean Republic, Georgi Mradov, announced on Friday that a shipping company has been established to link the Crimea Republic to Syria and will start its work soon.

"The company was established and a number of technical issues remained, including the presentation of our colleagues from Syria, who will participate in the management of the new company, identifying the fleet and the work systems," he was quoted as saying by the Sputnik agency.

Syria, Crimea Establish Joint Shipping Company

SIMFEROPOL, (ST)- Crimea's Deputy Prime Minister Georgy Muradov has announced that a Syrian-Crimean shipping company has been established and it will start work soon.

Sputnik news agency quoted Muradov as saying recently that "the comapny has practically been created and only some remaining technical issues need to be solved, including introducing our Syrian colleagues who will be our partners in managing the new company, as well as specifying the fleet and identifying the work systems."

"After that, the first shipment will be sent to Syria," he added, pointing out that the company will start work in the early months of this year.

Syria, Iran Sign Initials of Long-Term Strategic Economic Cooperation Agreement

 TEHRAN, (ST)-Syria and Iran on Sunday Signed the initials of the long-term strategic economic cooperation agreement.

The agreement was signed by Mohammad Samer al-Khalil, Syria's Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade and head of the Syrian side in the Joint Ministerial Economic Committee and by Iran's Minister of Roads and Urban Development Mohamed Eslami, who also heads his country's delegation to the joint economic committee.

During the signing session, Al-Khalil said that the relations between Syria and Iran are excellent and "we seek boosting economic cooperation up to the level of cooperation in other fields.

Syrian-Iranian Talks Focus on Long-Term Strategic Economic Cooperation

TEHRAN, (ST)- Syria and Iran on Saturday held a round of economic talks co-chaired by Syria's Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Mohammad Samer al-Khalil and the Iranian Minister of Roads and Urban Development Mohammad Eslami.

The talks focused on expanding cooperation in all economic domains and investment.

The two sides reached a deal concerning a draft agreement on long-term strategic economic cooperation.

A-Khalil stressed that both Syria and Iran have real will and determination to boost economic ties, pointing out that economic cooperation between the two countries should be given priority, particularly in the light of the unilateral coercive measures imposed by the West on the two countries as to weaken their abilities.

Khamis meets industrialists in al-Qaboun area, enhancing investments discussed


Damascus - Prime Minister Imad Khamis on Wednesday met a number of industrialists in al-Qaboun area to listen to their demands to set solutions that take into consideration preserving public and private properties of the facilities’ owners in framework of developing the area in terms of regulations and investments, SANA reported.

The meeting was held in presence of Minister of Local Administration and Environment Hussein Makhlouf, Minister of Public Works and Housing Hussein Abdul-Latif and Chairman of the Board of Damascus Chamber of Industry Samer al-Dibis and about 50 industrialists.

Participants in the meeting agreed on classifying the factories and facilities in the area by Damascus Chamber of Industry into those which are ready to be put into service and start production and those which are partially destroyed and whose owners are willing to rehabilitate them and the factories and facilities which are completely destroyed whose owners are willing to rebuild them.