“ Made In Syria “ Shopping Festival Kicks Off in Lattakia

The monthly shopping festival “ Made In Syria “ kicked off on Sunday with the  Participation of about 100 national industrial companies from  several provinces and different sectors  at Alma Hotel in Lattakia province.

The economic festival’s 95th session is held by Damascus and its countryside Chamber of Commerce.

Talal Kalaji, chairman of the festival’s organizing committee said in a statement to SANA correspondent “The   festival, which will last till the eighth of this month,   offers discounts on many products within the framework of competitiveness with local markets”

22 companies in the shopping festival (Home- Sweet Home) in Homs

Homs,(ST)- The shopping festival (Home- Sweet Home), which was held in the headquarters of the officers club in Homs, seeks to be a marketing outlet for food, detergents and some cosmetics and decorations offered by 22 national companies at competitive prices.

The festival kicked off yesterday and it will last until the sixth of this month. It offers products at discounted prices in order to secure those products for citizens and break the monopoly of traders for these materials.

Al-Khumasiya Co. markets new products and its production of medical cotton is enough for Syria

The United Company for Industry and Commerce “Al Khumasiya” has marketed many products during the first ten months of this year at a total value of 1,330 billion Syrian Pounds, an increase by 745 million SP.  from the same period last year.

A report issued by the company showed that production of raw fabrics, medical bandages and medical cotton has increased by 94 % compared with the same period last year.

The Company's General Manager Mustafa Hilal told SANA that the increase in production and sales came after supplying the company with dozens of workers and updating  the out of work looms.

Despite the production and marketing figures, the Company is suffering from obstacles and difficulties related to securing spare parts due to unilateral coercive measures and poor marketing of stored products, the General Manager said.

Hilal underlined the need to support the company's products, especially medical cotton, because its annual production of 250 tons which cope with the Syrian standard and its high quality is enough for Syria's need.

Inas  Abdulkareem

The Syrian High Council for tourism agrees to environmental park design

In cooperation between the Tourism Ministry, Damascus Governorate and headed by Prime Minister Eng. Imad Khamis and in order to keep the land green,  to improve the land scape scene, to encourage popular tourism and to work for securing alternative housing for youths , the Syrian High Council for tourism adopted an environmental park design in Kiwan, Damascus.

The council has agreed to build environmentally friendly tourist sites. This will result in the increase of the commercial and tourism complexes in the countryside and encourage internal and external tourism.

An Investment Delegation From Oman Visits Lattakia

An investment delegation from Oman, led by Dr. Mohammed Al-Khaledi, Head of “Nass” Group for Real Estate and Tourism Investment has inspected the tourism investment opportunities available in Lattakia province.

During their recent visit to Lattakia, the delegation toured several investment sites on the coast of Lattakia, as well as Kassab town and “Qasyah” landfill site which Lattakia governorate wants to invest through establishing a solid waste treatment factory there.