The return of 18543 industrial facilities to production

Damascus, ST- The private industrial sector has started to regain its activity as a result of government supportive steps, which have been provided by legislative and financial facilities, especially to those facilities affected by the crisis.

The Ministry of Industry recorded the continuation of the rehabilitation and development of 82,117 industrial enterprises and crafts, some of which have returned to production and the others are still in the process of rehabilitation.

The economic committee in the Prime Ministry studies the imported materials list

In its 8th meeting during the last two weeks, heading by Prime Minister Eng. Imad Khamis, the economic committee in the Prime Ministry discussed the negative effects of the exchange rate on citizens, ways of controlling the markets and securing basic materials. 

Also, the economic committee discussed the imported materials list adjustment to support the local industry and to provide more of foreign exchange.

The discussion focused on the possibility of importing ceramic, leather and household items to encourage the local industry.

Genuine leather handicraft, lasting print of creativity

The genuine leather handwork is considered one of the most prominent handicrafts in the city of Damascus that has been passed from one generation to another over hundreds of years.

In the Centre of Old Damascus, there are several workshops where Damascene handicraftsmen are still making genuine leather handbags and other leather objects manually preserving the traditions of their fathers and forefathers.

Sales of the carpet factory in al-Sweida increased 147% last month

Sales of the carpet factory in Sweida last month rose to 147 % of the marketing plan.

Director of the factory, Eng. Khuzama Hamza, told SANA today that 4740 square meters of carpets were marketed during the last month, with a sales rate of 147% of the marketing plan at an amount exceeding 45 million Syrian pounds.

Hamza attributed the demand for buying the products of the factory to the quality and diversity of inscriptions and colors and to the need for carpets with the advent of winter, pointing to the high volume of sales during the current year to 20,000 square meters.

Berlin is the new destination for Cham Wings Airlines… The first flights scheduled to be during December

As part of its plan to expand its network of regional and global stations and meet the needs of passengers, Cham Wings Airlines announced today that it will fly its first flights from Damascus International Airport to Berlin Airport in the German capital via Beirut International Airport starting from the fourteenth of this month.

The new station of Cham Wings Airlines comes as part of its strategy to link Damascus with Europe's largest and most dynamic cities, where it will run initially two flights a week at encouraging prices, and it will allow the weight of 30 kilograms per passenger, noting that with the addition of Berlin on the map, flights to Arab, regional and international destinations have exceeded 20.