"Made in Syria" Family Shopping Festival in Lattakia Exhibits Wide Variety of Products with Competitive Prices

LATTAKIA, (ST)- Activities of the monthly “ Made in Syria” Family Shopping Festival kicked off yesterday in Lattakia province  with the participation of more than 125 industrial and commercial companies specialized in engineering, health, food and textiles industries.

The economic event, which  is held by Damascus and Damascus Countryside Chamber of Industry, represents one aspect of  the chamber's positive intervention in the market through introducing different kinds of basic materials directly to the consumer and marketing local production.

"The festival created a state of competitiveness in the market due to the number of participating companies and the offered discount rate that exceeded 30% “ Ali Yousef, Member of the Executive Bureau of the Supply Sector in Lattakia said in a statement to SANA correspondent.

Deliberations of the Joint Syrian - Iraqi Ministerial Committee Concluded

Damascus - The ninth session of the Joint Syrian-Iraqi Ministerial Committee yesterday concluded its work by signing the minutes of the meetings which covered various sectors of economic, trade, investment, energy, health, tourism and other fields.

The Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade, Dr. Mohammad Samer Al-Khalil, the head of the Syrian side, stressed the importance of continued efforts exerted by the two sides to reopen the border crossings between the two countries to restore commercial activity and better flow of goods to the benefit of the two brotherly peoples.

He pointed out that the negative consequences of the terrorist war on Syria "hindered the possibility of economic integration desired, which is a target for both countries," noting that in the years before the war there were many documents of cooperation between the two countries and reached 44 documents, some of which is need to be activated.

Some 90 Local, Arab and Foreign Companies Take Part in the Exhibition and the International Conference "Syria Health 2019"

Damascus - With the participation of about 90 local, Arab and foreign companies specialized in medical equipment and pharmaceutical industry, the exhibition and the international conference "Syria Health 2019" organized by Expo Cham for International Exhibitions and Conferences took place on the grounds of fairs city in Damascus.

The exhibition, which runs until the 13th of April, aims at shedding light on the requirements of rehabilitating the health sector in Syria and encouraging investment in it.

The scientific conference focused on the work of the governmental hospitals in Syria during the terrorist war that Syria has experienced to and the consequences of unilateral coercive economic measures and the resulting medical deficiencies and their continued work despite all these difficulties and the health care system in Syria.

Al-Assad University Hospital will participate in the conference through delivering six lectures on liver diseases and surgery, the reality of liver transplantation in Syria and future prospects, in addition to a scientific day to talk about the medical, scientific and professional reality in the hospital.

Joint Cooperation Discussed with a Delegation from the Republic of Crimea

Lattakia - A delegation from the Russian Republic of Crimea visited Lattakia province in order to identify possible areas of cooperation, especially in the field of training cadres and scientific research, especially in the agricultural sector.

The delegation, chaired by Director of the National Scientific Center of the Russian Academy, Dr. Yuri Bogotar Vladimirovich, concluded on Thursday a visit to rural women's products showrooms and the Foronloq Reserve and the environmental restaurant and the Silk Center.

In a statement to SANA, Mr. Vladimirovich said that the visit of the delegation comes to know more about Syria and to find common ground on which to build bilateral projects in all fields and discuss aspects of cooperation in the agricultural sector, scientific research, higher education and rehabilitation of cadres expressing his admiration for Syria and agricultural development in it. He also expressed his country's desire to develop relations of cooperation and friendship with Syria.

Some 52 Economic and Environmental Workpapers at the Syrian Geological Conference

Damascus - The geological sciences and their applications play a pivotal role in the studies of the earth, exploring its wealth and put it in the service of economic and social development.

Syrian geologists have a clear impression in the completion of a huge range of vital and strategic projects such as irrigation projects, dams, land reclamation, oil and gas extraction and mineral resources, housing and construction projects, infrastructure and vital facilities.