Some Companies Take Part in the 2019 Plastex Exhibition

Damascus - Syrian International Plastic Exhibition "Plastex 2019" was opened on Tuesday at the grounds of the exhibitions city, with the participation of dozens of Syrian companies and companies from seven Arab and foreign countries.

The four-day  exhibition, organized by the International Mashhadani Group for Exhibitions and Fairs, constitutes  a platform for plastic manufacturers to showcase their products and services, including a wide range of finished products, raw materials for the plastics industry, chemicals, industrial machinery, auxiliary industrial equipment, thermal and hydraulic control systems and production lines.

Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Dr. Samer Al-Khalil said that the exhibition is a good place to meet businessmen and companies in order to reach the best results at the level of each sector, pointing to the return of many companies that were parked during the crisis to contribute to reconstruction, especially with the right environment for investment in various sectors.

Member of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Industry of Damascus, Akram Hallaq explained the urgent need for these specialized exhibitions, which show the development of all industries that match foreign products and attract the consumer.

Syrian-Iraqi Industrial Cooperation

Baghdad- Iraqi Minister of Industry and Minerals Dr. Saleh Abdullah and Al- Syrian Ambassador to Baghdad Sattam Jadaan Al-Dandah Jubouri discussed here on Sunday ways of promoting industrial cooperation between the two brotherly countries and investment opportunities available in Iraq.

A statement by the Iraqi Ministry of Industry and Minerals received a copy by SANA correspondent in Baghdad: "The Iraqi Minister stressed during the meeting on the depth of fraternal relations linking Iraq and Syria," pointing to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals to boost relations with neighboring countries and other countries to benefit from the potentials and the expertise available to it in the establishment of new industrial projects in Iraq.

Syrian Engineers Decide to Return Brilliance to their Electric Establishments

(ST) - The Military Construction Implementation Establishment (MTA2) has recently completed the rehabilitation of the first stage of the power sub-station M1 in the third class that feeds the largest part of the third industrial class and a part of the second industrial class. The sub-station was fed by Aleppo General Electricity Company and the General Establishment for the Transfer of Electric Power in Aleppo. The station started operating on Saturday 16/3/ 2019 and ensures the stability of feeding facilities in the industrial city of Aleppo. The whole project was studied and executed by national cadres.

To know more about this important project, the Syria Times e-newspaper met, the project manager, Eng. Asef Ghanem who said :” My visit to Aleppo was at a request of a government establishment to evaluate the damage of the electricity caused by the war in the province and especially in Sheikh Najjar industrial area and the possibility of restoring these damages. What I saw there was very sad and painful, the debris everywhere and all the factories and facilities there were ruined.

I entered one of the sub-stations which had been put into operation just one year  before the beginning of the war in Syria. It was designed with high technology and provided with the latest equipment. The sub-station is almost destroyed now. One of the managers there asked me if it could be repaired and returned to work again, especially that all the foreign experts who saw it said that it was impossible to be repaired again, as he assured  me. I told him we will try and restore  it as it was.”

The Journey of challenges and success in reaching the goal

“The challenge was great,  there was no materials or equipment to compensate for the damaged parts of the sub-station, but our goal was to bring life back to that important economic area.

In December last year we began to rehabilitate the power station. Two and a half months of continuous work, despite all the challenges. Thanks to our engineers and technicians, all the existing faults have been repaired and the damaged parts have been replaced. Despite all the technical difficulties that faced the work, sub-station was put in service. Last Saturday, thanks God, hundreds of factories in the area have now returned to work.

“Yes, the Syrian creativity has achieved the miracle again. We have reconstructed what was destroyed by the war. We have restored the most important pillars of the industry, namely electricity,” Eng. Ghanem concluded.

The Sheikh Najjar industrial area is the largest and most modern industrial city in the region where thousands of factories in various industrial fields  such as textile industry, food industry, pharmaceutical and chemical industries have been constructed.

Interviewed by Amal Farhat

Cabinet Discusses the Reality of Industry Sector

Damascus- The Cabinet discussed on Sunday means of developing and ensuring the requirements of the Industry Ministry and demanded the Ministry to benefit from the outputs of the industrial research centers to modernize the production lines, improve the product quality to be competitive locally and externally, and link the future outlook for the development of the industry and the plan for the development of cities and industrial zones.

The Cabinet stressed in its meeting, chaired by Eng. Emad Khamis, the importance of following up the completion of the comprehensive service and development plan for the Aleppo Governorate in all economic, tourism and urban aspects, which cost about 85 billion SP.

Syrian Businessmen Visit Iran to Promote Economic Relations

Tehran-Iranian Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade Reza Rahmani underlined the need to strengthen and expand trade relations between Syria and Iran.

During his reception to a delegation representing Syrian businessmen chaired by Abdel Nasser Fattouh, vice president of the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce, in the presence of Dr. Adnan Mahmoud, the Syrian ambassador to Tehran, Rahmani pointed out that the strengthening of trade and economic relations between the two countries enjoys the support of Iranian officials.