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Ministry of Water Resources to Participate in the Damascus International Fair

Damascus- The Ministry of Water Resources to participate in the 61st session of the Damascus International Fair, scheduled to take place on August 28 within the Syrian national pavilion and on an area of 70 square meters.

Assistant Director of the General Authority for Drinking Water in Damascus and its Countryside, Eng. Issam Al- Tabbaa, explained to SANA that the participation aims to highlight the importance of the water sector in Syria and its role in achieving sustainable development and show the most important achievements in the field of rehabilitation of facilities and infrastructure.

The pavilion will include paintings showing the water installations and models for some vital and important projects, as well as pictures and documentaries on irrigation projects, dams, drinking water and the reality of the central laboratory for monitoring water quality in Damascus.

Mr. Al-Tabaa said that the ministry will go through the exhibition with an awareness campaign for citizens about rationalizing the use of water through leaflets and educational film material in addition to distributing leaflets about the ministry's work and the tasks of its affiliates.

The General Organization for Exhibitions and International Markets announced at the beginning of June that the reserved spaces in the exhibition exceeded 78,000 square meters, including 58886 square meters-built areas and 19847 square meters open spaces whereas the local participation from the ministries of state, bodies, institutions, unions and the private sector occupy the larger space.

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Agritex Exhibition: An Opportunity to Redefine Local Agricultural Products

Damascus- The Agritex Exhibition for Agriculture and Veterinary Supplies at its 18th session is an opportunity for local, Arab and foreign companies specialized in the poultry and agriculture sector to brief on the various plant and animal products currently available in the domestic and foreign markets.
Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform Abdul-Karim al-Lahham pointed out in a statement to SANA the importance of the exhibition, which started its activities on Thursday evening to exchange views and experiences between manufacturers and importers in order to develop the work and the access to a "true and effective" product.
For his part, the company's director Ghazi Atassi said that the exhibition, which continues until June16, is one of the oldest specialized exhibitions in Syria and it is important because it highlights the main sectors in Syria, plant and animal.
It is noteworthy that Syria comes in the forefront of the Arab countries of producing poultry.

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Some 48 Car and Machinery Companies Take Part in the DIF

Damascus- With the participation of 48 companies, activities of the Damascus international Fair (DIF) of cars and machinery "Motor Show" kicked off today evening in the presence of a number of economic and commercial events, agencies and companies selling and buying cars on the grounds of the Fair city.
The exhibition, which will run until the June 17, includes a presentation of car spare parts, accessories, car care materials, all kinds of oils and grease, diagnostic and checking equipment for faults, maintenance equipment, sound systems, all related to the service of cars and the equipment of the car rescue companies, the equipment of the driving schools, the car insurance, the equipment of the gas stations, the laundries and the specialized magazines in the automotive world.
"The exhibition is an opportunity to present the pavilions of the approved car agencies in Syria of various types and offer the services of offices that sell and buy cars, especially modern and used cars, trucks, buses, heavy machinery and railway manufacturing companies," Minister of Transport Eng. Ali Hammoud said in a press statement.
He pointed out that his ministry has allocated a space to accommodate 1000 cars through which citizens can sell and buy their cars and offer them to visitors.
Director of the company organizing the exhibition, Ghazi Atassi, said that 48 companies specialized in cars, machinery, heavy equipment were present today on the land of the exhibition as well as companies specialized in spare parts and accessories.
A number of participants in the exhibition drew attention to the importance of the exhibition as a window to show the Syrian industrial capacity in the field of the automotive industry, its accessories and spare parts, to know the latest technology of cars and to connect those interested in this sector to the leading companies in the world and to promote growth in this industry in addition to covering the requirements of the local market.

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Ratification of a Contract Signed between the Port of Tartous and a Russian Company

Damascus-The People's Assembly (PA), at its 14th session of the 10th ordinary session of the second legislative session, chaired by Hammouda Sabbagh, the PA Speaker, approved today  a draft law, which includes the ratification of the contract signed between the General Company of Tartous Port and the Limited Responsibility Russian company STG Engineering for the management and investment of Tartous port.

The draft law is based on the cooperation protocol of the 11th session of the Joint Syrian-Russian Committee, which held its meeting in mid-December 2018 regarding the administration of the civil section of Tartous Port. The contract was signed by mutual consent on 28/4-2019.

The contract includes that the second party, STG Engineering Company, will be exempted from the customs duties of introducing the machines, equipment and materials used to implement the object of this contract. This exemption also applies to the temporary importation of vehicles required for the project according to the lists provided by the second party. The exemption also includes all types of taxes and fees in force in Syria from the moment of receipt of the subject of the contract until the end of the expansion of Tartous port project and no more than six years the period of expansion.

The contract also provides for the formation of a board of directors consisting of six members, three from the first party and three from the second party, including the president. The council was granted the authority to set the port tariff and amend it contrary to the provisions of the Syrian Ports Investment Law issued by Decree No. 67 of 2002 and the provisions of Law No. 2 of 2005 regarding companies and public establishments of an economic nature that requires the ratification of the contract under a legislative instrument decree..

A number of members of the PA considered the law, which consists of two articles in support of the Syrian economy and national interest and an important step for the next phase of reconstruction, as it achieves the actual need to develop the services of Tartous port and enables it to compete with other ports.

The head of the services committee Safwan al-Qirbi that the contract allows the establishment of large vessels with guaranteed costs from the Russian state within a specified time period of 6 years with guaranteed profits to the Syrian state according to revenue.

Minister of Transport Ali Hammoud explained that the investment contract with the Russian company is ideal for the port to benefit from its strategic position and achieve a profitable return and to be an economic and commercial investment gateway for Syria on the Mediterranean especially in light of the competition we are witnessing with the ports of neighboring countries within 49 years..

Minister Hamoud pointed to a number of benefits included in the contract, mainly the profit of 25% of revenues regardless of expenses. The ratio increases with the increase of production to 35%. He also mentioned that it is also worth pumping $ 50 million to develop the current port
and establish a new port with a production capacity of 40 million tons instead of 12 million tons and 2.5 million containers instead of 400.000 containers currently and with depths of up to 18 m.

The Minister of Transport explained that the contract transfers the port management to the Russian company and not its ownership. The Russian company is not authorized to assign to a third party or to participate in the investment in whole or in part except with the approval of the Ministry of Transport in Syria without providing additional services without obtaining prior approval from the Syrian side, Pointing out that the Syrian side is not responsible for the damages caused to others as a result of the implementation of this contract, the insurance of the port and all its requirements are done with a Syria insurance company and the arbitration is done at the State Council in Syria according to Syrian law.

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Russian Ambassador to Damascus: An Increase in the Number of Russian Companies in the Next Session of DIF

Damascus- Russian Ambassador to Damascus, Alexander Yevimov, confirmed that Damascus International Fair (DIF) is the best opportunity for Russian businessmen to meet with their Syrian counterparts directly, provide their services and discuss common interests.
In an interview with SANA, the Russian ambassador pointed out that Russia proved its participation in the 61st session of the exhibition and expected to increase the number of Russian companies that will attend this year because of the interest of many of these companies to come to Syria and contribute to the reconstruction and implementation of projects.

Mr. Yevimov noted the exchange of economic delegations between the two countries and the participation of Syrian officials and businessmen in various economic forums in Russia, such as the St. Petersburg Forum and the Yalta Economic Forum.

The 60th session of the Damascus International Fair was widely attended by Russian companies, especially those working in the fields of telecommunications, cables, medical technology, heavy industries and air navigation, in addition to the participation of about 100 businessmen independently in the activities of the exhibition.

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