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Economic Cooperation with Russian Delegation Discussed

Damascus- A delegation of Russian businessmen, currently visiting Syria, discussed with the Damascus and Damascus countryside Chambers of Commerce and Industry, in two separate meetings, ways to enhance economic and trade cooperation and overcome obstacles.

The delegation of Russian businessmen represents 11 regions in Russia and seeks to establish partnerships with the Syrian side, according to the head of the delegation, Igor Matveev, talked about the existence of possibilities and broad areas of cooperation between the two countries, pointing out that these meetings provide room for the promotion and development of joint trade.

"We are very optimistic about this visit and we are working to invest all opportunities available to enhance and contribute to the consolidation of relations between the two countries," the head of the Russian delegation said.

For his part, the head of the Damascus Chamber of Commerce, Ghassan Al-Qalaa called for the establishment of a commercial banking company to pay the value of goods exchanged between the two countries and find a permanent means to ship goods by sea rather than land lines, stressing the importance of mutual visits between the businessmen of the two countries and the participation of Russian companies in Damascus International Fair.

A number of members of the Board of Directors of the Damascus Chamber of Commerce expressed their readiness to cooperate and develop relations with Russian businessmen in light of the eastward direction in Syria's trade and economic relations, calling on the Russian side to work to reduce the indicative prices of Syrian goods exported to Russia to enable them to compete.

For his part, the Chairman of the Chamber of Industry of Damascus and its Countryside, Samer Al-Dibs, pointed to the need to establish strategic industrial companies between businessmen from both countries and the diversification of economic, trade and investment cooperation.

While a number of members of the Board of Directors of the Chamber called for the development of cooperation, especially in the food industry and to facilitate the entry of Syrian goods to Russia and grant them the necessary exemptions and the creation of branches of Russian companies in Syria.

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Agriculture Minister Takes Part in FAO Conference in Rome

(ROME)- The General Conference of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has held its 41st session in Rome to discuss a number of important issues that characterize the state of food and agriculture in the world, most notably migration, agriculture and rural development with the participation of representatives from 194 countries including Syria.

The Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform Eng. Ahmed Al-Qadri delivered a speech today before the conference stressing that Syria entered the recovery and reconstruction phase through government support and to invest every inch of liberated territories of terrorism, despite the extensive damage and procedures of forced illegal unilateral coercive measures adopted by some countries against Syrian people that led to higher input production costs..

Eng. Al-Qadri pointed to the negative effects of the terrorist war against Syria, which hindered the achievement of agricultural renaissance because of the destruction of the work system in productive institutions and research centers, indicating that the Syrian government is conducting its constitutional duty towards the peasants in order to support their stability and provide their livelihoods.

The Minister of Agriculture presented several issues, the most important of which are the problem of climate change, the succession of drought seasons, the negative impacts of the drought and the importance of finding suitable solutions, noting the work with FAO through the implementation of a number of development projects and the necessity of developing cooperation to serve the development of the agricultural sector and support the stability of farmers in their villages and improve their standard of living.

On the sidelines of the conference, Mr. Al-Qadri discussed with the Director of the Emergency, Rehabilitation and Operations Department of the FAO, Dr. Dominic Burgin, the enhancement of cooperation between the Ministry and the Organization to serve the agricultural work in Syria.

During the meeting, Mr. Al-Qadri called for the Organization's contribution to ensure the support of farmers who return to their areas, taking into account the reality of the agricultural sector and the extent of the damage caused by terrorism.

For his part, Mr. Burgin stressed the organization's readiness to participate in preparing the data and studies showing the extent of need for project development and intervention programs to improve the livelihoods of farmers, pointing out that coordination will be conduct with the organization's office in Damascus to prepare these studies.

Participants in seven-day conference, which kicked off in the 22nd of June, discuss topics such as the case of agriculture, food, migration, rural development, and the International Code of Conduct on the use of fertilizers and sustainable management and the promotion of health patterns and prevention of all forms of malnutrition.

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Some 212 Arab and Foreign Companies Take Part in 3 Exhibitions of ICT and Construction

DAMASCUS- More than 212 companies and agents of international companies representing 48 Arab and foreign countries will hold three specialized exhibitions in information technology, telecommunications and construction next Tuesday at the Grounds of Damascus International Fair.

The exhibition will be held in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and Technology, the Exhibition of Heating, Air Conditioning, Water and Renewable Energies (HVACW), the Infrastructure Building and Construction Exhibition (Build up) Furniture, Decoration and Home Furnishings Suite (Lifestyle)

The three exhibitions, which will continue until the 29th of this month, aim to create an effective platform for direct communication between national, Arab and foreign companies, according to one of the company's managers, Hala Sharbaji, who pointed out that the specialized exhibitions contribute to shed light on the latest developments related to new products, in the field of construction, informatics and smart cities in addition to exchanging experiences, promoting and marketing the products of companies and concluding business deals.

Mrs. Sharbaji pointed out that dozens of companies and agents from Germany, France, Italy, China, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt and Jordan have proved their participation in exhibitions.

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Ministry of Industry Sign Marketing Contracts Worth 172 billion SP

DAMASCUS- The value of marketing contracts signed by the Ministry of Industry since the beginning of the current year and up to the fifth month has amounted to 172 billion Syrian pounds, including many public and private entities to market the entire production of industrial institutions and companies.

The Ministry of Industry said in a report obtained by SANA that the Cement Corporation comes at the forefront of industrial enterprises in terms of marketing with a total value of more than 113 billion pounds followed by the Food Corporation for a total amount of 14 billion pounds, then the engineering institution of 22 billion pounds and textile 13 billion pounds Chemicals amounting to seven billion pounds and the sugar company three billion pounds and about two billion in the rest of the companies.

The report pointed out that the ministry and its institutions will double this figure during the coming period at the level of discharging the stores and marketing the new production, especially since most of the production provides the needs of the local market and the need of public bodies for the necessary products, especially food and textile.

"The value of accumulated assets in industrial companies was reduced by 17.4 billion SP during the first five months of this year. The largest share of the General Establishment of textile industries was 13 billion SP, mostly cotton yarns, textiles, paper towels and other textile products," the report pointed out.

The ministry said in a statement that these measures come within the framework of the marketing of stocks to secure liquidity for companies to be able to increase industrial production and caring about quantity and quality and to strengthen its presence in the local market and to ensure the need of various commodities, as well as to eliminate the assets of facilities in a balanced manner and increase production capacities in those companies.

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Prime Minister Meets with the Members of Economic Federations to Support Exports and Investment

Damascus- The five economic federations, "Trade, Industry, Tourism, Agriculture and Craftsmen", attended on Thursday a meeting chaired by Prime Minister, Eng. Emad Khamis, as the main partners of the government in formulating policies and strategies related to economic development in light of Syria's terrorist war, sanctions and economic siege.

The federations presented their vision in the field of financial and monetary policy, energy security and combating smuggling. It was emphasized to continue granting incentives, exemptions, loans and facilities, rehabilitation of the infrastructure of the affected industrial zones, supporting production and exports and completing the investment law.

The presidents of the federations were asked to develop a strategy to develop the work of the federations within their sectors, to conduct an evaluation of their work and to find more effective work bases for the next phase that enhances the culture of collective action and cooperation between the public and private sectors and contribute to overcoming difficulties in the implementation of national plans and priorities adopted to achieve development.

The ministries concerned were also entrusted with coordinating with the federations to develop a joint a work plan to support export, import, investment and production, to face the economic siege imposed against the Syrian people and to provide for the requirements of reconstruction. The Federation of Peasants and Chambers of Agriculture were also assigned to put a vision to develop the agricultural reality and forest resources and promote the horizontal spread of family farming.

The Prime Minister pointed out the importance of cooperation and joint action between all components of the national economy from the public and private sectors to meet the challenges of war and siege and to strengthen the steadfastness of the state and the citizen. He also indicated that the government is open to all partners from the private sector and continues to support exports, grant exemptions and loans and support the production process.

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