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Syria’s Oldest Wool Carpets Factory:

Syria Times visited the government -own wool carpets factory in al-Qadam suburb, 5kms southern Damascus.

“This factory is the oldest wool carpet factory in the region. It was a privately  owned factory which was later nationalized after the 8th of March Revolution in 1963. Syria is the only state in the world which produces one hundred percent wool-made carpets. The Syrian government has two wool carpet factories, onein Damascus and the other in Sweida.” Engineer George Saffar, the Director of the Damascus Wool Carpet Factory said to Syria Times during a meeting in his office.

More than 1.7 billion Syrian pounds the cost of damages of the electricity system due to terrorism in Halfaya

Hama, ST- The Electricity Company of Hama estimated the damages of the electricity system in the city of Halfaya in the countryside of Hama as a result of the terrorist groups' attacks to be more than one billion and 744 million Syrian pounds.

Engineer Mohamed Al-Raidi, Director of Hama Electricity Company, explained that damages were caused to the transfer centers and their accessories in various capacities and to the requirements of medium voltage such as grids, towers and insulators and the requirements of low voltage networks and columns in addition to the cables and the subscriber cables and counters, pointing out that the detection of the damages was done by specialized committees.

Installing 15 electrical transformers in villages and towns in the northern Hama countryside liberated from terrorism

Hama, ST- The General Electricity Company of Hama installed 15 electrical transformers of various capacities in a number of villages and towns in the northern governorate countryside that were damaged by terrorism.

The director of the company, Eng. Mohamad Al-Raidi, explained in a statement to Sana that the accomplished works are part of the efforts made to equip and rehabilitate the electric transfer centers that were damaged and  looted  by the terrorists, and to restore electrical power  to the areas of Souran, Taibat al-Imam, Ma`rdis and Kawkab. He added  that 5 transformers were installed in Souran.

600 factories return to the Industrial City of Sheikh Najjar, Aleppo

The number of industrial establishments and factories in the Industrial City of Sheikh Najjar in Aleppo reached about 600, despite the damage the city suffered from terrorism and the looting of production lines and machines.

The Director of the Industrial City of Sheikh Najjar Engineer Hazem Ajan said rehabilitation process of infrastructure and industrial facilities in the 4412 hectares- City started with the liberation of Aleppo in 2016.

He added that the government supported more than 127 service projects of with a total value of more than 7.5 billion pounds. The projects included water and potable water projects, where two stations for industrial water pumping have been reused in an emergency manner and the reuse of 3 electrical transfer stations.

Citrus is the Orange Gold of Syrian Farmers

”Syrian citrus has become one of the most important agricultural activities in recent years. Therefore, governmental plans focus on the expansion of this activity relying on  clear strategic orientations to increase its contribution to the national economy” Eng. Mais Shehadeh , Head of the Agriculture Economy Department at Lattakia’s Agriculture Directorate ,  said in a statement to Syriatimes e- newspaper.