Economic experts: Cabinet decision to activate electronic payment system is important

Damascus (ST): The decision taken recently to activate the electronic payment system by the cabinet is considered an important step, especially with regard to paying the prices of purchased estates and cars.

Deputy Governor of Syrian Central Bank Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim Hamra said that one of the most important objectives of such decision aims at spreading banking awareness among citizens and creating the appropriate atmosphere for electronic system, noting that the e payment has become an urgent need.

Commercial and non-governmental activities participate in the "Our Lira is our pride" initiative in Al-Hasakah

A group of commercial and private activities participated in the markets of the cities of Hasaka and Qamishli in the campaign of "Our Lira is our pride" by offering some products for sale at the price of one Syrian Lira (pound).

The Central Bank of Syria, Hasakah branch, witnessed a turnout by citizens wishing to obtain the Syrian pound. 

In order to support the initiative in which the people of the province participated, the bank is currently giving five metal pounds to every citizen who wishes to take part in this initiative, Director of the Bank Najah Adam said.

The Export and Production Support and Development Authority signs a cooperation agreement with the Arab Exporters Union

On January 21, the Syrian Export and Production Support and Development Authority signed a cooperation agreement with the Regional Office of the Arab Exporters and Importers Union in Syria.

The agreement aims to establish direct contacts between Syrian and Arab businessmen in  various economic, commercial, industrial and service fields to stimulate inter-trade and open new markets to Syrian products.

Cabinet: Fortifying national currency positively reflects on living and economic conditions

The cabinet discussed the role and mission of each Ministry in applying the executive mechanism of the legislative decrees No. 3 and 4, issued by President Bashar al-Assad, on punishing those who deal with any currency than the Syrian pound.

In its weekly session held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Engineer Imad Khamis, the cabinet affirmed that the two decrees target those who are manipulating the Syrian Lira, adding that they don’t target sectors of businesses, investments or foreign trade.

A symposium about supplying construction and mineral materials to Syria

TEHRAN, (ST) - A symposium held at the headquarters of the Iranian Trade Development Organization in Tehran addressed ways to facilitate the export of construction and mineral materials to Syria in the presence of representatives of government and private sector agencies in Iran.

The supervisor of Arab and African affairs in the organization, Farzad Pelten, said today that the symposium discussed issues related to Iranian-Syrian trade relations and the process of exporting constructional, metal and plastic materials to Syria, in addition to studying the obstacles facing exporters in this regard.

Raghda Sawas