Deir Ezzor Water Establishment announces starting maintenance and restoration of Sham Road stations

The Public Establishment for Drinking Water and Sewage in Deir Ezzor, in cooperation with UNICEF, has maintained and reconstructed the five stations of Al-Sham Road in Deir Ezzor, which feed the entire neighborhoods of the city.

Arab gas pipeline inside Syria ready for transmitting gas from Egypt to Lebanon: Oil Minister

Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources Bassam Tou'ma has affirmed that the Arab gas pipeline inside Syria is ready for transmitting the Egyptian gas to Lebanon, pointing out that Syria will get a quantity of this gas for allowing it to pass through its territories pursuant to the signed agreements.

In a statement to SANA, Tou'ma said that the Arab gas pipeline has undergone maintenance, being part of the internal gas network, after it was exposed to dozens of terrorist attacks and looting acts by the terrorists and now it has become ready for working.

He made it clear that according to the memo, which was signed between Syria and Egypt in 2000, and was joined by Jordan in 2001, each one of these countries has to set up part of the Arab gas pipeline that goes through its territory and should do the necessary  maintenance works.

He pointed out that only 600 meters long part of the pipeline within the border area between Syria and Lebanon needs to be inspected in coordination between the two countries.

Rehabilitation of the destroyed part of the power line linking Jordan and Lebanon via Syria needs SYP 12 billion

The rehabilitation of the destroyed part of the power line linking Jordan and Lebanon through Syria will cost 12 billion Syrian Pounds and will take between 2-4 months to be accomplished, according to the Syrian Minister of Electricity Ghassan Al-Zamel.

Al-Zamel told SANA that 87 km of this power line, starting from the Jordanian-Syrian borders to Deir Ali Area, south of Damascus, was exposed to vandalism by the terrorists, pointing out that this distance is the main part of the 144.5 km long line that connects the north of the Jordanian Capital Amman to Deir Ali Area in Syria.

Syria’s participation in Expo Dubai is an opportunity to present civilized image of Syrian history, culture, economy and people

The Syrian pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020 is preparing to welcome visitors to the exhibition and present a comprehensive view of Syrian history, culture, arts, and economy. The main focus of the exhibition will be on presenting Syria as an active and influential element in the history, culture, arts and economy of the world.

Syria's participation in the exhibition, which will last for six months from the first of next October until the 31st  of March next year, aims to build bridges of fruitful cooperation with the participating and visiting parties for this important international exhibition. The Syrian pavilion will be a window displaying a rich civilization that contributed to laying the foundations that link our contemporary world and seeks to rise again and claim its place in the world.

Contracts and export deals signed at the conclusion of the “Made in Syria” specialized exhibition for clothing and textiles

Damascus  (ST):  The activities of the “Made in Syria” specialized export exhibition for clothes and textiles “Autumn and Winter 2021-2022” organized by the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Industry and the Association of Syrian Exporters of Clothing and Textiles, concluded on the grounds of the Fairs City in Damascus with the participation of more than 180 national companies.