Repair of the railways affected by terrorism in Hama

Hama,(ST)- Maintenance workshops and technical teams in the Hama branch of the General Organization of Syrian Railways and the General Company for Railways Construction have repaired the railways damaged by terrorism and put them into service again.

Engineer Saleh Al-Salman, director of the Hama branch of railways, said in statements to SANA that most of the railways located within the Hama branch, in addition to their equipment and supplies have been sabotaged and looted by terrorists. He indicated that heavy damage and losses have been caused to the upper and lower parts of the lines and their accessories, including residential and service buildings, stations, cables for communications, and the rest of the electrical equipment and towers, along the network.

Al-Salman stated that several projects have been completed recently to repair the damaged railways and their annexes, including a 440-meter-long strategic bridge in Horbenafso.

He went on to say that the General Railways Organization is preparing a plan to repair the railway network lines, facilities and equipment to restore the station buildings that have been completely damaged, in parallel with, preparing the electrical networks necessary to ensure permanent operation of the track switches that are currently being operated manually.

"Producers 2020" Fair continues on display in Takieh Suleimanieh

Damascus (ST):  "Producers 2020" Fair continues its activities in Takieh Suleimanieh in Damascus with the participation of 77 companies from Aleppo specialized in handicrafts, food and furniture manufacturing. 

The fair, which will last until November 6th, constitutes a platform for marketing the products of workshops that were destroyed by terrorist acts and requalified by its owners to contribute to the national economy through breaking the  blockade and lowering prices. 

An initiative to support war-affected children in Homs countryside

Homs, (ST)- With the aim of providing psychological and social support to children and adolescents, the Homs Culture Directorate and the Karim Association, in cooperation with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), are implementing an initiative to support the war-affected children in Homs countryside.


About 50 volunteers set out to a number of villages in the northern and eastern countryside of Homs to carry out a series of activities that contribute to mitigating the negative effects of the war on children in that area.

Producers from Aleppo prepare opening (Producers 2020) exhibition in Tekkiye Sulaymaniyah in Damascus

The exhibition halls in Tekkiye Suleymaniye in central Damascus combine dozens of Aleppian producers who arrange and organize the products of their factories and workshops of food, leather, clothing, sweets, industrial tools, antiques, and silverware on the shelves and tables of the pavilions of the "Producers 2020" exhibition, which will be launched today.

The participating Aleppian producers were able, after providing the necessary facilities, to restore work and production to their factories that were destroyed or looted by terrorists. They were able to establish their new projects to launch their first products through the "Producers 2020" exhibition. The participants hope to establish partnerships with merchants and businessmen to market their products internally and externally. They seek to prove themselves as entrepreneurs in various fields consistent with the strategy of small and medium enterprises as an effective way to break the siege and confront unilateral coercive economic measures on Syria and achieve part of the food and production sufficiency.

77 participants from Aleppo take part in “Producers of 2020"exhibition in Takiah Suleimaniyeh

Aleppo (ST): The participants in the exhibition “Producers 2020” have completed preparations to take part in the exhibition organized by the Arab Group for Fairs and Conferences under the title of “The Producer is a Real Hero” scheduled to open at the Takiah Suleimaniyeh, Damascus on November 2nd.

About 77 producers from Aleppo are going to take part in the exhibition displaying various products including food industries, furniture, clothes, plastic industries and handicrafts.

The coordinator of the event Joseph Finon said that the exhibition is considered an important opportunity for the participants to display their products to show the quality of Aleppo products and their role in supporting national economy and confronting external challenges and the blockade being imposed on Syria.