The Role of Geology in the Reconstruction Phase


Damascus - The Third Geological Survey of Syria, organized by the General Organization of Geology and Mineral Resources in cooperation with the Syrian Geological Society, entitled "The role of geology in the reconstruction phase" started here on Monday with the participation of a group of researchers and specialists from the sectors of geology, mineral resources, water, housing and construction.

The three-day conference aims at exchanging views and ideas, benefiting from experiences, presenting expertise and learning about scientific developments in the field of geology and mineral resources, presenting suggestions and solutions for mechanisms of investing national wealth, discussing incentives for investment in the mineral wealth sector and highlighting the role of the sector in supporting the national economy.

"Made in Syria" for men's clothing … A Platform to support the Syrian product

Damascus- The four-day "Made in Syria" specialized exhibition for men's clothing formed a platform for the promotion and marketing of Syrian textile products and signing contracts with businessmen from several countries visited the exhibition and briefed on the development witnessed by textile industries in Syria.

The second session of the exhibition, which was concluded on Monday, was organized by the Syrian Exporters Federation (SEF), the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Syrian Exporters Federation for Clothing and Textile at the exhibition city, witnessed an increase in the number of participants who reached about 100 merchants and industrialists in addition to the diversity of the exhibits.

ACSAD Calls for Benefiting From Syria's Experience of Self-Sufficiency of Wheat

Tunisia - The Director of the Arab Center for the Studies of Arid Zones and Drylands (ACSAD) Dr. Rafik Ali Saleh called on the Arab countries to benefit from the Syrian experience in achieving self-sufficiency of the wheat crop as it was able to cover its local needs and producing surplus of materials.

 This came during his participation in the activities of the Second Media Conference to Promote the Achievements and Activities of Joint Arab Action Organizations and Institutions, which was held in Tunis for three days. Dr. Saleh presented a work paper containing the role of ACSAD in the sustainable agricultural development processes in Arab countries.

Dr. Saleh pointed to the role of the ACSAD in the field of high-yield wheat and barley varieties, which are grown in hundreds of thousands of hectares in the Arab countries and are characterized by resistance to drought and disease and give good productivity at 300 mm rainfall annually.

He pointed out that the center provided the Arab countries with animals such as sheep and goats, and the means of expansion in artificial insemination in order to increase the productivity of local breeds.

Dr. Saleh explained that the center carried out a project to improve the services of palm orchards in 12 Arab countries through the establishment of typical guidance fields that contributed to the increase of productivity up to 35 percent and improve the quality of the product at a cost of about US $ 2 million.

New Government Measures to Upgrade Industrial Institutions, Encourage Investment

Damascus, (ST) - The industry sector is the most important engine of the national economy and the largest sectors contributing to GDP and the process of comprehensive development of the value added and an important source of foreign exchange, which makes this sector of great importance to the government in support of producing public institutions to develop their work and increase productivity.

The government adopts a package of new measures to upgrade public industrial institutions according to specific mechanisms of action, supporting the private sector, facilitating transactions of industrialists and simplifying them, granting them loans, encouraging investment in the industrial sector, attracting capital from abroad and resettlement this capital by providing the requirements of establishing industrial projects.

Syria is an Honorary Member of Yalta Forum

Moscow- The co-chair of the Organizing Committee of the Fifth International Economic Yalta Forum, Andrei Nazarov, announced that Syria will participate this year as an honorary member of the Forum.

During the Forum Program Committee meeting in Moscow, Mr. Nazarov, who is also co-chair of the Russian business forum "Delovaya Russia", said that "the number of foreign delegations at this year's forum will rise from 70 to 100 delegation, expecting that the forum will see considerable and competitive discussion.