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75 Local Companies Take Part in Food Expo

Damascus- The exhibition of Food Industries, Packaging and Food Expo kicked off recently at the Damascus Exhibition City with the participation of 75 companies from major national food companies as well as companies from Lebanon, Iran and the United Arab Emirates. The exhibition will continue until the 9th of July.

The Minister of Industry Eng. Mohamed Maan Zeine El Abidin pointed out to the importance of the exhibition to promote and market the products of the national food industries which did not stop despite the challenges and difficulties encountered these industries. They became strong with the diversity of their products and upgrading their specifications and quality. He pointed to the support provided by the government to the industrial sector through facilities, exemptions and incentives.

For her part, the Director General of the General Establishment for Food Industries Reem Hella Le explained the importance of the participation of her establishment and its partners and in the exhibition to introduce the Syrian public sector food products, which is manufactured in high standard specifications and at lower prices, which compete with the quality of similar products in the private sector.
For his part, the Director of Damascus Chamber of Commerce Dr. Amer Kharbotli pointed to the support of the industrial and commercial chambers for these initiatives and exhibitions that promote the national products.

For his part, General Manager of the Delta Group for Economy and Business, Ghayath Shamma, explained that the exhibition, which has been going on for 15 years, is an essential support for the national food industries and their production requirements through promotion, marketing and export to foreign markets.

The exhibition specializes in the industries of food oils and fats, pasta, cereals, canned foods, confectionery, milk and cheese, raw materials for these industries, meat, poultry, fish and its products, baby food, ice cream, sugar products, tea, herbs, coffee, sweets, mineral water, food, juices and packaging machines.

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More than 88 thousand tons of grape production in Homs

Homs, (ST)- Homs Directorate of Agriculture estimated the governorate's production of the grapes during the current season with more than 88 thousand tons of the total cultivated area, which is more than 194 thousand dunums, achieving an increase of 30 thousand tons from last year.

Director of Agriculture, Engineer. Nazih Al-Rifai, said that the number of grapevines in the province reach 12 million trees, including more than nine million fruitful trees.

It is worth mentioning that the province of Homs ranked first in the production of grapes in terms of production and area.

Amal Farhat - Homs


Fakyani: The volume of the total spaces by the participating countries increasing

DAMASCUS-The Director General of the General Organization for International Exhibitions and Markets (OIEM), Ghassan Fakyani, said in a statement to local press that preparations for the success of the Damascus International Fair are continuing at the level of the OIEM through the completion of maintenance works and logistics services related to providing infrastructure that achieves the ground for the success of the fair. At the same time, the public bodies complete their procedures regarding the reservations, materials and products that they intend to participate in the largest economic and social event that has been going on for decades.

However, the demonstration of last and the current years are gaining specialty in its success because it takes place under conditions of war in addition to the unfair economic sanctions and the siege imposed on Syria. This success is, therefore, born out of the womb of this suffering, which emphasizes the cohesion of the economic, social and service structure of the components of the national economy in all its components.

“The volume of support provided by the government to ensure this success confirms the high economic identity of the Damascus International Fair between international economic events, in addition to the size of international participation, especially friendly countries,” he added.

The volume of the total spaces reserved by the participating countries was increased while the level of local participation exceeded 86 thousand square meters. This figure can be increased in the coming days, especially since there are correspondences with other countries and destinations will fix their participation later, Mr. Fakyani added.

In response to our question about the marketing activities accompanying the far, Mr. Fakayani stressed that it is related to the participating public and private companies and parties and the OIEM will provide all required facilities including logistics, infrastructure and other services to the success of any marketing work benefiting both those parties and the exhibition organization through the financial output that could be achieved as a result of marketing actions and this is a decisive matter for us, specially to an establishment sponsors the success of this economic event.

The most important activity in the work of the OIEM, which is no less important than this event, is the activity of organizing specialized exhibitions, which have increased to 35 ones, organized on the ground city and in the provinces also, and under the direct supervision of the General Organization for Exhibitions, most of them were in the field of food industries, pharmaceuticals, construction products, cement, construction, infrastructure, real estate investment, development, communications technology, automobiles and others. Other events will be organized later after the completion of the current Damascus International Fair whether on the grounds of the fairgrounds or in the provinces.


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Syrian-Iranian-Iraqi talks to enhance cooperation in rail links

Tehran - During a tripartite meeting held in Tehran, the Director of the General Organization of Railways, Dr. Najeeb Al-Fares, discussed with his Iranian counterpart, Said Rasouli, and Iraqi Jawad Kazim ways to enhance joint cooperation in the field of linking railways and increasing transit and development of import and export between the three countries.

Mr. Rasouli announced during the meeting that the project of linking the Imam Khomeini port on the Iranian side of the Gulf waters with the port of Lattakia on the Mediterranean Sea was discussed, pointing out that the project of linking the Iranian cities of Shalmgeh and Basra, 32 kilometers, will begin after about three months. The implement and funding will be from Iranain side. The project will be completed by linking Shalmgeh port of Imam Khomeini and linking Basra with the port of Lattakia.

For his part, Al-Fares noted that Syria recognizes the importance of linking the three ports among those countries, which will contribute to strengthening trade relations between them.

The Deputy Minister of Roads, Khairullah Khadmi, who attended the tripartite meeting called to accelerate the start of the project to link the cities of Shalmgeh and Basra, whereas the agreement was signed  during the visit of Iranian President Hassan Rowhani to Iraq in March.

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Indian Housing Minister: Ready to Contribute to Reconstruction in Syria

New Delhi- Indian Housing Minister Hardeep Singh Pori has confirmed his country's readiness to contribute to the reconstruction process in Syria, noting the strong relations between the two friendly countries.

During his meeting with Syrian Ambassador to India, Dr. Riyad Abbas, Singh stressed that his country looks forward to cooperating with Syria and providing all assistance in the reconstruction process in the field of infrastructure, smart cities, sanitation and other development projects.

For his part, Dr. Abbas expressed his appreciation for the Indian government and the people for the support of Syria in the face of the terrorist war and welcomed the participation of India in the reconstruction process.

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