Belarusian and Czech Companies Hope to Sign Several Contracts During Damascus International Fair

 Damascus-Participants in the Belarusian and Czech pavilions at the Damascus International Fair focused on the importance of enhancing cooperation with Syria in various fields, represented by chambers of industry and trade.

 Belarusian Slava Shepchuk said in a statement that her country has expanded its participation in the Fair this year, expressing hope that the Belarusian companies can sign a number of contracts with Syria.

 Mrs. Shepchuk said that 10 Belarusian companies are participating in the Fair and are working in various sectors such as manufacturing machinery, foodstuff and medicines.

The General Establishment of Exhibitions Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the Sudanese Company for Free Zones and Markets

Damascus - The General Establishment for International Exhibitions and Fairs signed here a memorandum of understanding with the Sudanese Company for Free Zones during the 60th Damascus International Fair.

The MoU aims to activate trade and economic relations between the two sides and to continue cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit, especially with regard to participation in international trade fairs held by both parties in addition to national products exhibitions in both countries.

In a statement to reporters, Mr. Fares Kortalli, Director of the General Organization for International Exhibitions, said that according to the memorandum of understanding, the exchange of expertise in the field of public and specialized exhibitions is underway, pointing out that Sudan is an important market for Syrian trade.

The Syrian-Sudanese relationship is very old and Syria participated in the Khartoum International Fair in last January and is preparing to participate more widely in its next session.

In a similar statement, the Director of the General Administration of Exhibitions, Conferences and Tourism of the Sudan Company for Free Zones and Duty Frees in Sudan, Omar Ibrahim Omar Al-Haj, pointed out the importance of signing the memorandum of understanding in terms of framing the work in the field of participation in exhibitions and activating the agricultural exports which are famous for Sudan and increasing trade exchange which did not stop despite the crisis in Syria as well as expanding the scope of training and rehabilitation between the two sides.

Mr. Omar Al-Haj noted the importance of Sudan's participation in the Damascus international Fair, which is characterized this year by increasing international participation, good organization and the large number of visitors, adding that raising the flags of 48 countries in the Fair yard carries a message to the whole world.


Sh. Kh.

President of the Federation of Indian Export Institutions: Our companies are able to participate in reconstruction in Syria

Damascus - Director General of the Syrian Investment Authority, Medyan Diab met here on Monday with a delegation representing businessmen and representatives of Indian companies chaired by President of the Federation of Indian Export Institutions, Janesh Kumar Quetta.

Mr. Diab, during the meeting, affirmed that Syria has many positive advantages for investment as a result of the diversity of the national economy and its sectors, as it is one of the most promising markets after the end of the crisis, with its potentials and diversified resources and because it is an access gateway to the markets in the region. The introduction of its equipment for the project and its output in addition to customs exemptions.

He presented the delegation with a film representing the Investment Authority, its functions and the investment map in Syria. It shows the strategic way of the Authority and how to simplify procedures before investors and the features of the investment law.

For his part, the head of the Indian delegation pointed to the importance of providing more facilities for investors wishing to invest, especially in terms of procedures, noting that the Indian companies for contracting and engineering and in the fields of solar energy able to participate in reconstruction.

For her part, Deputy Minister of Economy for Economic Development and International Economic Relations, Rania Ahmed, pointed out that the sectors represented by the delegation are large and varied in the fields of energy and renewable energy, and called on the delegation to visit the pavilions of the Damascus International Fair affiliated to the Syrian Investment Authority and the Planning and International Cooperation Authority to learn more about investment opportunities in Syria.

Mrs. Ahmed pointed out that there is a suitable ground for the establishment of all forms of projects, namely the free zones in industrial cities, especially the Hessya Industrial City because of its advantages and geographical location.

The Indian delegation includes businessmen, managers and agents of companies and experts working in the fields of energy, renewable energy, cable industry, tractor industry, heavy machinery, oil companies and others in the rehabilitation and maintenance of plants and manufacturing of fire systems.


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Czech Companies to Resume Trade Relations with Syria

Prague - Spokesman of the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic, Miroslav Deru, expressed the Chamber's desire to resume intensive contacts and traditions that were existed in trade relations between Syria and the Czech Republic.

Mr. Deru said in a statement to the Czech Press Agency that the Economic Chamber, as well as the Czech companies, have a great desire to resume trade relations and carry out projects between the two countries, indicating that the Chamber is currently preparing for a visit by the Czech businessmen to Syria.

He underlined that Syria was one of the closest allies of Czechoslovakia in the Middle East and that its name today has a good reputation, pointing out that the Czech companies can contribute to the reconstruction of Syria, especially in the railways, infrastructure of roads, airports, agricultural machinery, construction of production lines in the field of products Milk, water filters and equipment for the pharmaceutical industry.

It is noteworthy that 19 Czech companies are now participating in the Damascus International Fair, which is twice the number that participated in last year's session.


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Agreements with Iraqi, Kuwaiti and Russian Companies Signed

Damascus - The Syrian Exporters Federation (SEF) signed here on Monday several agreements with Iraqi, Kuwaiti and Russian companies within the Syrian products export pavilion, which includes the export of a number of agricultural products "Vegetables and Fruits" to the markets of the above-mentioned countries.

Concerning the agreements, a member of the SEF, Iyad Mohammed, told SANA that he signed four agreements with partners from Russia, Iraq and Kuwait to supply Syrian agricultural products, including vegetables and fruits, to their markets.

For his part, Adnan Raya, owner of the Raya Trading and Supplies Establishment, headquartered in Tartous province, signed an economic cooperation agreement to supply Syrian fruit and vegetables with a Russian company.

Mustafa JoJo Trading Company also signed a contract to supply the cherry material to Russia as a desired product in the Russian market.

In a statement to SANA, Mr. Mohammed confirmed that the current session of Damascus International Fair is witnessing a great economic movement and new agreements are signed every day in addition to the presence of a lot of agents for foreign companies came to see the products of the Fair that can be exported, especially regarding the fresh agricultural product, pointing out that the Syrian product has competitive advantages desired by many countries.

He pointed out that the sorting and packaging operations that are carried out for Syrian agricultural products in accordance with the latest methods used globally.

For his part, Eng. Farqad Al-Beer, the owner of the new generation of Iraqi commercial agencies, pointed to the continuous cooperation with Syrian companies and the importation of goods from Syria for many years.

Mr. Kamal Kweider, a Kuwaiti businessman, underlined that high quality of the Syrian agricultural products that are globally desirable. This encouraged my company to sign a cooperation agreement for importing Syrian agricultural products, pointing out the need to promote and market these products internally and externally.

Mr. Bashar Kamleh, who is authorized by a group of Russian companies to sign agreements with the Syrian side to import vegetables and fruits, pointed out that the Syrian product is actively present in the Russian markets, stressing that the Syrian product will remain in all markets of the Russian Federation and the European Union.


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