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Executive Steps to Expand Using Renewable Energies Discussed

DAMASCUS- Under the chairmanship of Eng. Emad Khamis, the Prime Minister, a meeting was held at the Ministry of Electricity and discussed the executive steps of the state strategy to expand using renewable energy in all its forms.

The steps are focused on amending the legislation governing all renewable, solar and wind energies including manufacturing, production, investment, marketing and delivery within 15 days to be presented to the Cabinet for appropriate decision, as well as granting long term loans and incentives for the establishment of renewable energy production plants.

The steps include encouraging household holdings of renewable energies, reviving the solar heater loan, granting it to long-term citizens, developing the solar pump industry, and setting a plan for adopting solar energy in public bodies and schools and in the capacities used in agriculture such as pumps for agricultural wells and fuel stations.

The National Energy Research Center (NREC) was asked to develop a national strategy and incentives to expand the use of these energies and focus on the efficiency of the use of energies and revive the national plan for energy conservation and announce the launch of projects for partnership with the private sector in the field of renewable energies and attracting investors from home and abroad.

The Prime Minister stressed that the completion of a strategy for renewable energies is a major step to self-reliance and energy security in the face of the siege and sanctions on the Syrian people, pointing out the importance of its adoption to be a key input and contribute to secure the need of Syria's energy in the future.

In a statement to reporters after the meeting, the Director General of the Energy Research Center at the Ministry of Electricity, Dr. Younis Ali said that during the meeting, the focus was on modifying the renewable energy legislation to be more flexible and encouraging the private sector to implement projects in this field.

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Prodex Exhibition for Laboratory Equipment

DAMASCUS_ The second session of the International Exhibition of Laboratory Equipment, the manufacture and sale of the production lines Prodex 2019, was launched yesterday on the grounds of the exhibition city in Damascus.

The five-day exhibition was attended by about 45 Syrian and Chinese companies and agents of Japanese, Italian, German and Lebanese companies, displaying dozens of production lines, machinery, and factories.

The company's executive director Mohammed Al-Asawdeh said that the new session of the exhibition, which includes 45 companies, including 15 foreign companies through agencies and 5 Chinese companies, as well as 25 Syrian companies, offering the latest technology, machinery and equipment to repair what destroyed by the war including machines and production lines, which contributes to the modernization of the industrial sector and develop the competitiveness of its products and push the Syrian industry forward.

He called on the industrialists to visit the exhibition to see the latest industrial machines with a wide choice in this field and to discuss with the exhibitors and choose what suits their capabilities and the needs of their factories of the latest global technology.

The opening of the exhibition, organized by the even Gates Group in cooperation with the Syrian-Chinese Business Council, was attended by the Minister of Industry, Eng. Mohammad Maan Zain Al Abidine Jazbah, a number of members of chambers of industry and trade, the Chargé d'affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Damascus.

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Sales of Homs Sugar Company Exceed Two Billion S.P in Six Months

Homs, (ST)- Sales of Homs Sugar Company amounted to about 2 billion and 147 million SP during the first half of this year from its products of sugar, yeast, soap, oil and alcohol.

The company's director, Eng. Abdo Al-Mahmoud, said that more than 11,000 tons of white sugar were produced from refining raw red sugar, pointing out that the plant is in a good working condition after it was restarted mid-May last year when it was forced to stop for about two years until the discharge of the company's entire stock of white sugar.

Mr. Al-Mahmoud stressed that the oil factory was operated during the months of March and April last year where 230 tons of raw sunflower oil were refined, resulting in 203 tons of refined sunflower oil filled in packages with a capacity of 16 kg.

He confirmed that a contract had been signed with one of the public bodies to sell all the refined quantities. He pointed out that the plant is currently discontinued cotton oil until the quantities of cotton seeds supplied to the company by Al-Waleed Factory.

 The company's director pointed out that during the mentioned period, 3192 tons of soft yeast were produced and supplied to the governorates of Homs, Tartous, Lattakia and Hama. In addition to 94 tons of soap were produced during the same period.

It is worth mentioning that Homs Sugar Company consists of four factories, namely: "sugar, yeast, alcohol and oil", one of the oldest companies of the public sector in Homs.

Amal Farhat - Homs

Some 80 Arab and Foreign Companies Take Part in "Interconex" Exhibition

Hama- The Interconex construction exhibition, which is currently held at Dar Al Assad for Culture in Hama, witnessed the participation of 80 companies representing 12 Arab and foreign countries to showcase the latest and scientific technologies in the field of construction and reconstruction.

The companies in the exhibition are specialized in the production, trade and supply of building materials, clothing and reconstruction supplies.

The Director of the Fajr Group for Exhibitions and International Conferences, Firas Erdos, told SANA that these exhibitions will activate the role of national and friendly actors in overcoming the effects of the terrorist war on Syria by providing the requirements of reconstruction and construction and presenting the latest equipment in this field with standard specifications and suitable prices.

He pointed out that the construction exhibition coincides with the motor exhibition "Autogear", which offers the latest designs of cars manufactured and assembled in Syria in the presence of representatives of major companies in the world of the automotive industry and spare parts with the presentation of promotional competitive offers during the exhibition, which witnessed this year a large turnout by various civil, Industrial and commercial sectors.

While the participant, Fadi Khadra, said that the exhibition is an opportunity to introduce the latest products and local industries to meet the need of the market indicating that the national industry products in terms of equipment and building materials are characterized by quality and prices suitable for various sectors and represents a need for reconstruction during this period.

The participant, Fadi al –Sawass said that the exhibition, which continues until the 11th of July, is a wide window for public and private companies from inside and outside the province to provide the latest scientific knowledge in the field of production specialized in the field of reconstruction, pointing out that the establishment of the exhibition at this level and wide participation is a real indicator of recovery of economic development in Syria.

The opening of the construction exhibition held by Al-Fajr Group for International Exhibitions and Conferences in cooperation with the General Secretariat of Hama Governorate, Engineers Syndicate in Syria and Hama Chamber of Industry.

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Syria Participates in the AICC’s Meetings

Rome- During the meetings of its Board of Directors and the General Assembly of the Chamber, the Arab-Italian Chamber of Commerce (AICC) with the participation of Syria discussed here today the development of trade exchange and economic cooperation between Italy and the Arab Chambers of Commerce.

The head t of the Chamber of Commerce of Damascus countryside, who is representative of the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce in the meeting, Waseem Al-Qattan, expressed during the meeting hope for the restoration of Syrian products markets in Europe in general and Italy in particular and that the next phase will see real increases in the level of cooperation at all levels of trade and economic investment, calling the members of the AICC to participate in the Damascus International Fair in its current session.

The head of the Damascus Chamber of Commerce pointed out that “Syria is moving towards reconstruction with the return of many factories and the opening of new ones besides tens of thousands of small workshops that are working in the field of textiles, handicrafts, food and others, stressing that Syria has important export possibilities and has managed to restore its markets in more than 120 countries around the world and export hundreds of goods despite years of harsh war.

It is worth mentioned, that the Damascus Chamber of Commerce in October participated in the meetings of the Board of Directors and General Assembly of the Arab-Italian Chamber and the Forum of Economic Cooperation between the Arab States and Italy in Rome.

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