Syria Participates in the 48th International Charity Bazaar in Vienna

Vienna, (ST) - The 48th International Charity Annual Bazar was opened at the United Nations Center in Vienna with the participation of the Syrian Embassy and a large number of international organizations and diplomatic missions accredited. The revenues of the Bazar is allocated to charity works and children all over the world

The Syrian pavilion at the bazar witnessed a significant turnout and presence.

ACSAD Supports Domestic Crops Project in Syria

DAMASCUS, (ST) - The Governor of Lattakia Ibrahim Khedr Salem distributed a number of agricultural tools and seeds of winter vegetables on a group of farmers in the province of Lattakia, as a present of the Arab Center for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands (ACSAD), and in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform in Syria.

This step comes within the ACSAD’s plan to support the project of domestic cropsin the Syrian countryside, in order to ensure self-sufficiency for farmers, which is implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture in Syria, where the center will provide the project of up to 30 million Syrian Pounds.

Increasing the Volume of Syrian Exports to Iran

Damascus,(ST) - Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade, Dr. Adib Mayaleh bets the opportunities to activate production and increase Syrian exports to the Iranian market. During his meeting with the President and members of the Joint Syrian-Iranian Business Council, Dr. Mayaleh confirmedon strengthening investment cooperation between the two sides to take advantage of participatory law in Syria for the implementation of investment projects.

He also asserted the importance of the founding of a Syria - Iranian Board for quality control, and the need for mapping out a work strategy by the Council and in coordination with the Ministry of Economy, in order to achieve the desired results of any meeting to be held with the Iranian side during the coming period to stimulate trade between the two countries.

Artisan Tourist Village Project

Chairman of General Federation of Craft Associations (GFCA) Yassin Sayyed Hassan said that the coming period will witness the establishment of artisan village that contains hundreds of Syrian craftsmen and have a multi-faceted activity including the tourist side to be listed on the Syrian tourist destinations.

Chairman of the GFCA pointed out that work is underway to integrate with the Ministry of Economy to ensure an area of land to be allocated for artisan zones to be added to about 100 similar areas spread in the majority of provinces and cities, most recently in the town of Qirdaha, Lattakia to assemble crafts of local handicrafts and professions and framing their production to be exported.

Russia to Import Syrian Vegetables, Fruits

MOSCOW – Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that Russia will be importing vegetables and fruits from Syria, and that this importation has already started, the Syrian News Agency SANA reported.

Rogozin made this statement on Friday during the signing of the “green channel” agreement for exporting Syrian vegetables and fruits to Russia, with the Deputy Prime Minister noting that Syrian vegetables and fruits are of a very high quality and that Syrian farmers are very interested in marketing their products in Russian markets.