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149 companies participate in the Ramadan Market in Aleppo

Aleppo (ST): With the participation of 149 companies, the activities of the Ramadan Market, which is being held by the Aleppo Governorate in cooperation with the Aleppo Chamber of Commerce and the City Council, opened on the grounds of the Chamber of Commerce Festivals Market on Al Muhallaq Road.

760 Production Facilities in The Industrial City of Sheikh Najjar, Aleppo

Industrial production is on the rise in the industrial city of Sheikh Najjar in the countryside of Aleppo. More industrial facilities are back to work after being rehabilitated side by side with new industrial divisions, thus, the number of producing factories has reached 760, including textile, engineering, food, chemical and software industries.

The investment volume in the industrial city has amounted to 330 billion pounds, where the productive facilities are distributed over three industrial zones. The industrial city is keen to provide facilities to the industrialists with regard to water, electricity, sewage networks and communications.

Ways to confront repercussions of global economic crisis on local market

Laying down practical solutions to mitigate the global economic repercussions on Syria was the focus of a meeting held on Wednesday at the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection with the participation of representatives of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, craftsmen and directors of Omran Institutions and Syrian institutions for trade, grain, and bakeries and the Authority of Competition and Anti-Monopoly Prevention.

The meeting discussed topics related to the mechanisms of pricing products and commodities and their flow in the markets.

Profits of the Establishment for Chemical Industries hit SYP.18.3 billion

DAMASCUS, April.5, (ST)- The outcome of the final budget of the General Establishment for Chemical Industries showed that the total profits of its companies for the last year reached up to 18.3 billion Syrian pounds.
According to the establishment’s production report that was issued today, the Arab Medical Company (Tamiko) achieved the highest profit value which  reached SYP. 7.1 billion, while the profits of the General Company for Shoes hit SYP. 3.3 billion, and the profits values of the General Company for the Paints Industry (Umayya) hit SYP.2.8 billion. 

The Lebanese government denies the bankruptcy of the state and continues its negotiations with the International Monetary Fund

On April 4thLebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati denied what was reported by some media outlets that  his deputy, Sa’adah Al-Shami, spoke about the bankruptcy of the state and the Bank of Lebanon, in parallel with the continuation of negotiations between Lebanon and the United Nations institutions to help it overcome the current economic and financial crisis. 

The statement quoted from Al-Shami came during a meeting held yesterday by the committee in charge of economic bodies with the head of the International Monetary Fund mission, Ernesto Rigo Ramirez, with the aim of discussing the financial recovery plan that is being negotiated between Lebanon and the Fund.