Brazilian Parliamentary Delegation Briefed on Investment Opportunities in Syria

DAMASCUS- Brazilian parliamentary delegation visiting Syria was briefed on the reality of the investment projects, opportunities and facilitations provided by the Syrian Investment Agency.

Receiving the delegation on Saturday, Head of Syrian Investment Agency, Madian Diab, said that the Authority provides investment requirements and the necessary services and facilitations for investors, SANA reported.

He added that there are many important and promising opportunities for investors.

Government Delegation in Aleppo to Inspect Economic and Services Situation

ALEPPO– Upon the directives of President Bashar al-Assad, a government delegation headed by Prime Minister Imad Khamis started on Friday a work visit to Aleppo to inspect the economic and services situation in the province.

According to SANA, the delegation comprises 16 ministers and will start its first meeting on Friday evening at the Aleppo Governorate building to review the Organizational Chart of Aleppo city.

The delegation will tour the industrial city of al-Sheikh Najjar, the industrial zones, and a number of irrigation projects, silos, youth housing projects, and public and private sector facilities, which resumed work and production.

Aleppo Chamber of Industry to Kick off Khan al-Harir Expo in Damascus and Baghdad

ALEPPO – Aleppo Chamber of Industry concluded on Thursday its preparations for Khan al-Harir exhibition which will be held from 2 to 5 February in Damascus Fair Grounds and from 7 to 11 February in Baghdad.

SANA reported that the event which is named “Made in Syria” is organized by the Ministries of Economy, Foreign Trade and Industry, in cooperation between the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Industry, Aleppo Chamber of Industry and the Local Production and Exports Support Agency.

Unprecedented Turnout at “Made in Syria” Exhibition Recently Opened in Baghdad

Baghdad-  “Made in Syria” exhibition, recently opened in Baghdad, witnessed unprecedented turnout on Wednesday evening with the attendance of Iraqi citizens, businessmen, traders and representatives of Iraqi companies.

A media source at department of commercial exhibitions of the Iraqi Ministry of Trade expressed satisfaction with the Iraqi public’s interest in the exhibition, SANA reported.

The source hoped that there will be permanent centers for marketing the Syrian products.

Developing the work of the General Assembly of the Syrian-Iraqi Company for Land Transport

Damascus, (ST)- Transport Minister, Ali Hammoud, discussed here with Undersecretary of the Iraqi Ministry of Transport Ahmed Karim Abdul Ayoub the results and decisions reached by the meeting of the General Assembly of the Syrian-Iraqi Company for Land Transport, which was held over two days in Damascus.