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45% of factories in the industrial Tal Kerdi area resume production process

DAMASCUS COUNTRYSIDE, ( ST)_ We challenge circumstances and resist terrorism through resuming work in the factories that were rehabilitated after the liberation of the industrial Tal Kerdi area in Damascus countryside by the Syria army from terrorist groups, technical directorate of one of the factories in the area Eng. Islam Moayyad said. 

Syria and Jordan discuss the way of activating commercial exchange

DAMASCUS, (ST)_The Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Talal Al-Barazi held on Thursday talks with a delegation representing the Jordanian Chamber of Commerce.
The talks dealt ways of activating commercial exchange and transit movement.
Al-Barazi asserted that Syria is ready to offer all forms of support and facilities to activate economic cooperation to facilitate the flow of goods from and to Jordan.

Law No. 8 is a banking vision that provides poor families with adequate income, according to academics

Law No. 8 of 2021 for microfinance banks constitutes a radical transformation in the sector of small and micro-enterprises in terms of sponsoring them since the inception of their idea until their establishment of these projects with the necessary financing and encouraging benefits, whether there are guarantees or not. It also aimed at training those wishing to establish projects.

The new law would be an attractive factor for the target group represented by the limited and no income people in order to start their own project and improve their financial conditions. It’s noteworthy that the law granted microfinance banks a wide range of services, powers, exceptions and exemptions with the aim of achieving sustainable development.

"Sela International Export Exhibition" displayed Syrian product of good quality and lowly priced

DAMASCUS, (ST)_The Arab businessmen and people who have visited "Sela International Export Exhibition" for shoes, leather goods and production requirements for 2021 Spring and Summer , which was launched at the fairgrounds in Damascus three days ago, have recommended the quality and the prices of the exhibits.

 They stressed that the Syrian product is of good quality and lowly priced thus competing with similar products in the neighboring markets.

Agricultural Sector Development Forum highlights present situation and future of agricultural production in Syria

The first session of the Agricultural Sector Development Forum titled “Challenges and Opportunities”, discussed the current situation of the Agricultural sector, the future vision to enhance its performance, the role of farmers’ association in boosting the agricultural production and the role that can be played by specialized unions and international organizations in the development of Syria’s agricultural sector.

Minister of Agriculture Mohammad Hassan Qatana stressed the need to reach a strategy for organizing and developing agricultural production and cooperative investment.

He noted the relative advantage of the Syrian agricultural sector given the country’s strategic position and diverse agricultural and climatic environments, clarifying that benefitting from this advantage and applying the programs of agricultural scientific research will support economic and agricultural development in Syria. He pointed out that the agricultural lands in Syria extend to an area of 18.5 million hectares.