Syria Takes Part in Arabia Expo-2019 in Moscow

MOSCOW, (ST)- Syria and several other Arab countries are taking part in the Russian-Arab Business Exhibition (Arabia Expo-2019) which kicked off on Monday in Moscow.

The economic event, which lasts till April 10th, aims at providing further impetus to Russia's relations with the Arab world and at boosting cooperation between Russian and Arab companies, According to Russia Today website.

The exhibition will be accompanied by holding the 12th Arab-Russian Business Council at the Central Exhibitions Hall in Moscow.

Prime Minister visits a number of popular markets in Damascus

Damascus - Prime Minister Imad Khamis visited a number of popular markets like al-Thawra, old Hal Souk, Midhat Basha, Dwila’a and Shamdin.

During the tour, Khamis inspected the trade movement in the souks and listened to a brief by citizens about the situation of services there.

Later, the Prime Minister visited al-Zablatani industrial region that comprises a number of workshops specialized in textiles.

Khamis also made a tour in Ish al-Warwar area and met the families there whom demands concentrated on improving the services, particularly electricity, roads and transport.

Meeting a number of officials at Damascus governorate, Khamis called for the necessity of putting a comprehensive plan to promote the service, developmental and investment situation of Damascus city and providing the citizens’ needs.

Some 120 Export Food Companies Take Part in Syria Food 2019

Damascus- with the participation of about 120 national food industrial companies, the Exhibition of Export Food Industries in Syria Food 2019 kicked off on Wednesday at the ground of the Fairs City. The four –day event is held by Damascus Chamber of Industry and the Syrian Exporters Federation in cooperation with the Federation of Chambers of Industry, Commerce and Agriculture.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform, Eng. Abdul-Karim Al-Lahham, explained the importance of the exhibition as a starting point for the producer and consumer and to identify the requirements of foreign markets and to provide a product that competes with specifications to attract new consumers.

Empowering Women is a Support for the Economic and Social Development

Damascus,(ST)-Within the framework of empowering and supporting rural women economically and socially, Wadi Al-Nadara area, in the western countryside of Homs, hosted last Saturday the second workshop on the “Production of Agricultural Mushrooms”, which was held by the Homs Business Women Committee in cooperation with Homs Chamber of Commerce.

The Syria times e-newspaper attended the workshop and met Mrs. Afaf Al-Hassan, head of Homs Business Women Committee, who said: “Enabling women and supporting their activities is a priority and the primary objective of all the activities that the Committee has been working on since its establishment as women are essential partners in the process of the economic and social development.

Exhibition for Real Estate Investment and Urban Development

DAMASCUS – Activities of the International Syrian Exhibition for Real Estate Investment and Urban Development will be held on 23rd of April.

The exhibition, which will continue until the 27th of April, aims to showcase and market the projects of investors and real estate development companies, focus on local investment opportunities, identify a variety of properties, and provide an opportunity for participants, real estate experts and investors to communicate directly and discuss challenges and difficulties, raise ideas and issues of common interest and build partnerships.

Specialized economic exhibitions of building systems and its equipment (energy, water technology, industry and electricity) will be held in conjunction with the Exhibition of Real Estate.