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150 companies participate in the festival (Made in Syria) at Al-Galaa Sports Hall

More than 150 industrial companies from different governorates have participated in 114thsession of the “Made in Syria” Family Shopping Festival.

Damascus Chamber of Industry organized the festival at the Al-GalaaSport Hallin Damascus on March 1st

The head of the festival's organizing committee, Talal Qalaji, stated that the 8-day festival aimed to provide all the products that the consumer needs, with discounts on foodstuffs ranging from 20 -30%  and for clothing with discounts of  50 -70%.

The festival witnesses the participation of the National Microfinance Corporation, which displays its products and services.

The Director of the National Microfinance CorporationMunir Haroun said  that the Corporation’s  goal is to contribute to the development of projects through financing and to provide legal, financial and marketing advice by all available means.

Muhammad Muzal, director of food company promotion, said that his company has been offering discounts ranging between 20 and 30 percent since the festival’s first session, and it continues to do so during the current session.

O. al-Mohammad

After recovering from terrorism, HoshNasri village witnesses a clear improvement in public services

The terrorism that struck the village of HoshNasri in the Damascus countryside could not break the will of its people and their insistence on rebuilding the infrastructure and service institutions that were destroyed and sabotaged in coordination and cooperation with the Municipal Council.

Opening and paving roads, rehabilitating water, electricity and sewage networks, opening a furnace and outlets for Syria Trade, a center for serving citizens and others, were the most important work that the Municipal Council worked to implement since the liberation of the village until now.

Syrian-Iranian Business Opportunities and Approaches Forum kicks off in Tehran

The Syrian-Iranian Business Opportunities and Approaches Forum kicked off on Monday at the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Tehran.

The Forum will tackle several issues that will lead to increasing the Syrian-Iranian exports, including the cancellation of costumes on the goods exported to Syria which are estimated at 4%, in addition to reducing the ban on exporting 80 commodities to the level of one-third.

The 114 session of the "Made in Syria" Family Shopping Festival kicks off tomorrow in Damascus

DAMASCUS,(ST)_The 114 session of the "Made in Syria" Family Shopping Festival will kick off tomorrow [Monday] in Al-Jalaa Sports Hall in Mazzeh district in Damascus.  
The 8-day festival is organized by the Chamber of Industry in Damascus and its countryside with the participation of more than 150 industrial companies from all Syrian governorates.

Re-boosting Syrian-Jordanian economic relations

The re-boosting of economic relations between Syria and Jordan depends basically on rearrangement of the Syrian-Jordanian relations and the removal of trade obstacles and moving the wheel of import and export between the two countries, the head of the Jordanian Chambers of Commerce, Nael Raja Al-Kabariti affirmed.

Al-Kabariti stressed the importance of lifting the financial restrictions related to transit, especially that the fees currently present in transport from the Syrian and Jordanian sides go beyond logic and increase the burdens and costs. Therefore, work must be done to re-activate relations to revive trade.