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Syria, Indonesia review ways of developing commercial relations

JAKARTA, April.12, (ST)- The Charge d’Affairs of the Syrian Embassy in Jakarta Abdel Men’em Annan discussed on Tuesday with  the Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce Arshad Rashid  ways of boosting commercial relations between Syria and Indonesia. 
Annan made it clear that the goal of the meeting with Rashid is to hold active dialogue on the ways of developing cooperation between the two countries, referring to the investment law and the available investment projects in Syria.  

Ambassador Dioub presents to an Iranian delegation the priority projects for investment in Syria

On April 10thSyrian Ambassador to Tehran Dr. Shafiq Dioub  discussed with a delegation that includes representatives of various Iranian commercial, industrial and craft sectors ways to enhance and develop economic, commercial and investment cooperation between the two countries. 

During his meeting with the delegation at the embassy in Tehran, Ambassador Dioub  stressed the importance of benefiting from the new investment law No. 18 of 2021, which aims to create an attractive and suitable investment environment for Arab and foreign investors

Minister Salem meets with the delegation of the World Food Program

On April 10th, the Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Dr. Amr Salem met with the delegation of the World Food Program of the United Nations,(WFP) headed by Ross Smith, the representative and country director of the program in Syria

The two sides discussed ways to develop cooperation  and the implementation of support programs necessary for the work of companies and institutions of the ministry and their needs, especially in areas where the Syrian Arab Army liberated them from terrorist organizations. 

Russia's Gazprom continues to supply gas to Europe via Ukraine

On April 10th, Russia's Gazprom announced that it will continue to supply Russian gas to Europe through Ukrainian territory as usual.

TASS quoted company spokesman Sergei Kupriyanov as telling reporters: “Gazprom provides Russian gas to be transported through Ukrainian territory, as usual, according to European consumers' requests, which are estimated at 79.6 million cubic meters as of today.”

Several projects for renewable energies in Hissya Industrial City

Hissya Industrial City has reached an advanced stage by investing in renewable energies while providing all facilities to encourage industrialists to set up projects to generate electricity from solar or wind energy on the rooftops of the hangars in their facilities.

The director of the industrial city in Hissya, Dr. Bassam Al-Mansour, told SANA that the city administration had taken the lead in establishing renewable energy projects, as it had studied, designed, supplied, implemented and installed lighting for the government complex in the industrial city in Hissya.