Deir Atiya 1 Gas Well Put into Service

 Homs-The Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources on Friday put the Deir Atiya 1 well gas into service with a production capacity estimated at 150.000 cubic meters of gas daily after being rehabilitated and repaired again.

 The Deir Atiyyah 1 well is part of the investment project of fields north of Damascus with a depth of 3741 meters deep, which has been drilled since 2009 and closed during the crisis in Syria.

MoU Signed between the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce and its Indonesian Counterpart

Jakarta-A delegation from the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce and the Federation of Indonesian Chambers of Commerce and Industry signed on Monday a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen bilateral relations.

The memo, signed on the sidelines of the Expo 33, concluded on Sunday to prepare the foundations for the development of trade relations between Syria and Indonesia through exchanging visits between businessmen in both countries and exploring opportunities.

Syrian-Iranian Businessmen Forum in Tehran: Establishing Productive and Commercial Partnerships in all Sectors

Tehran- A Syrian businessmen delegation led by the Secretary General of the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce, Eng. Mohammad Hamsho, met here with the Advisor to the First Vice-President of Iran, the Chairman of the Committee for the Development of Syrian-Iranian Economic Relations, Hassan Dannaei and Chairman of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture. Economic, commercial and investment, Massoud Khansarawi.

 During the meeting, Mr. Hamsho and Mr.Khansarawi stressed the importance of improving the economic, trade and investment relations to the level of political relations between the two countries and overcome obstacles that hinder joint cooperation and establish productive and trade partnerships in all sectors.

Syria Participates in the Meetings of the Arab-Italian Chamber

Rome-Damascus Chamber of Commerce took part in the meetings of the Board of Directors and General Assembly of the Arab-Italian Chamber and the Forum of Economic Cooperation between the Arab States and Italy in Rome.

 In his speech before the meeting of the Chamber representing the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce, the chairman of Damascus Countryside Chamber of Commerce Waseem Qattan stressed the need to develop cooperation between the Arab Chamber of Italy and the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce and raise the volume of trade exchange and expand the economic relations between Syria and Italy.

President of Crimea in Damascus for Talks on Trade and Economic Cooperation

DAMASCUS, (ST)-President of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov, visiting Syria, discussed with Syrian officials the steps and agreements on the basis of which economic relations between the two countries will be built.

President Aksyonov and the accompanying delegation, which comprised a number of ministers, head of companies and some advisors, held two rounds of talks with Syrian officials during which the two sides agreed on establishing a "Syrian trading house in the Republic of Crimea"  as well as a joint maritime fright company. They also agreed on facilitating financial and banking procedures between the two countries.

The possibility of creating partnerships in the areas of tourism, hotel training, culture, oil, agriculture, construction and building were also discussed during the talks besides the facilitations that can be offered to the Syrian traders and industrialists in Crimea.