Russian Izvestia: Damascus International Fair will Establish a New Phase of Economic Cooperation Between Russia and Syria

 MOSCOW - The 60th session of the Damascus International Fair, is one of the biggest events in the Middle East region and will constitute a new phase in economic cooperation between Russia and Syria and the event will witness signing significant bilateral agreements between the countries, the Russian newspaper “Izvestia” stressed.

 In its issue on Wednesday, Izvestia published an article entitled "Exhibition of Available Opportunities", in which the newspaper explained that the Russian pavilion at the exhibition this year will occupy an area of more than 500 square meters and will include a forum for Syrian and Russian businessmen including a plenary session on " Syrian- Russian Commercial and Industrial Dialogue on topics such as agriculture, trade, industry, energy, infrastructure reconstruction, transport, communications and others.

Fly Baghdad Company Launches its First Flights to Damascus International Airport

 Damascus-The first Arab private plane belonging to “Fly Baghdad” Company landed Monday evening at the Damascus International Airport coming from Najaf Airport, carrying some 140 passengers.

 Ground Operations Manager at Fly Baghdad Compay, Ghazwan Ramadan, confirmed upon the arrival of the plane to Damascus International Airport that the journey today paves for the return of air traffic to Syria, indicating that work has been started to launch regular flights from Iraq to Syria and vice versa at the rate of 4 weekly flights, from Baghdadto Damascus and from Damascus to Najaf with Boeing "700-737" aircraft, "AG149".

Further Economic Cooperation with China Expected, Damascus International Fair to Reflect Beijing’s High Activity

DAMASCUS- Chinese companies are ready to actively participate in the reconstruction phase in Syria with the country’s going ahead in restoring stability and aspiring for economic recovery.

Economic and Commercial Counselor of Chinese Embassy in Damascus told SANA that his country attaches great importance to Chinese-Syrian economic and trade cooperation and encourages Chinese companies to actively participate in the reconstruction phase in Syria.

According to SANA, Counselor Cui Bin considered that Damascus International Fair in its 60th edition as an important platform and opportunity to enhance economic and trade cooperation between Syria and China.

10 Belarusian Companies to Participate in Damascus International Fair, Ambassador says

DAMASCUS-Ambassador of Belarus in Damascus Aleksandr Ponomarev announced that ten Belarusian companies specialized in manufacturing machinery, food, medical equipment, medicines and chemicals intend to participate in the upcoming 60th edition of Damascus International Fair, SANA reported.

Speaking to SANA, the ambassador considered the Belarusian companies’ intended participation a “significant opportunity” for them to close contracts with Syrian counterparts and import Syrian agricultural products.

Ponomarev affirmed his country’s willingness to offer expertise in the industrial field so as to contribute to the activation of productive projects and the provision of job opportunities, pointing out that the Syrian-Belarusian Joint Governmental Committee for trade, economic and technical cooperation will be held next September to develop a roadmap to upgrade trade and economic cooperation between the two countries.

Dakar Hosts an Exhibition for Syrian Products

DAKAR-An exhibition for Syrian products was held in the Senegalese capital of Dakar, which included various types of goods representing national production known for its quality and competitive value.

According to SANA, this exhibition is a good economic and commercial step as it opens new horizons for Syrian exports in the Senegalese market and its extension to markets of West Africa.