Syrian-Russian Talks on Transport Cooperation

 Damascus, (ST) - Minister of Transport Eng. Ali Hammoud discussed with the delegation of Russian industrialists and businessmen how to develop relations and expand cooperation in the transport sectors including air, sea, land and railway.

 Members of the delegation gave a presentation on cooperation in all transport projects with the Ministry of Transport pointing out that the establishment of the Damascus International Fair in its current session represents "a real proof of Syria's economic recovery and the Syrians' insistence on life and steadfastness.

Syrian–Egyptian Tourism Cooperation

Damascus, (ST) – The Minister of Tourism, Eng. Bisher Yazigi, discussed with a delegation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce the forms of tourism cooperation between Syria and Egypt and means of enhancing them, especially with the existence of distinguished tourist areas in both countries.

During the meeting held at the ministry, Mr. Al–Yaziji pointed out that the visit of the Egyptian delegation will be "a spark for the start of work with Egypt on a wide level in various fields to establish a new phase in cooperation with the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce".

Algerian Delegation: 'Our Visit Aims at Standing by Syria'

 Damascus, (ST) - Members of the Algerian delegation participating in the 59th session of the Damascus International Fair stressed that their visit to Syria aims to stand by the Syrian people, strengthen official and popular relations between the two countries and sign trade deals and supply goods to Algeria.

Ministers of Tourism and Economy Discuss with Russian Delegation Cooperation Relations

Damascus, (ST) - Minister of Tourism Bishr Yazigi discussed with the international delegation of Russian industrialists and businessmen means of developing relations and expanding the horizons of cooperation in the sector of tourism and investments.

During the meeting, the Minister of Tourism confirmed the importance of the visit by the Russian delegation, calling on the delegation to visit the Damascus International Fair, which will be opened today with the participation of many companies and businessmen and to visit the pavilion of the Ministry of Tourism to brief on the investment projects.

Some 197 Industrialists from Aleppo to Participate in the Damascus International Fair

Aleppo, (ST) - The Aleppo Chamber of Industry has completed all preparations to participate in the Damascus International Fair at its 59th session, which begins today.

The head of the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Industry and the head of the Chamber of Industry of Aleppo, Eng. Fares Al-Shihabi, said in a statement to local press yesterday that the Aleppo industrialists are keen to participate extensively in the events of the fair because it constitutes an important economic and public demonstration that will highlight the skill and creativity of the Syrian industrialists and their ability to work and produce in different circumstances.