First Businessmen and Businesswomen Forum: Mapping out Future Vision to Cope with Reconstruction Phase

 Damascus, (ST) - The participants in the First Businessmen and Businesswomen Forum discussed here on Friday the reality of the investment environment in terms of the legislative aspects and the requirements of their development in keeping with the entitlements to enter the reconstruction process and the mechanisms of partnerships between the public and private sectors through the partnership law in addition to a presentation of the experiences of some companies in the field of investment and services.The event was organized by the Orfali Consulting and Training Group at the Sheraton Hotel in Damascus.

Syria-Algeria Discuss Boosting Trade Exchange

 Damascus, (ST) – The Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Dr. Mohamed Samer Al-Khalil discussed here on Friday with Algerian Ambassador in Damascus Saleh Boucha the possibility of enhancing trade exchange and determining the list of goods to flow between the two countries.

 The Minister pointed to the need of some Syrian goods for "preferential treatment to enter the Algerian market, which strengthens its position in the market and makes from them a catalyst for the promotion of trade exchange between the two countries," pointing out what the Ministry is doing in terms of the formation of businessmen councils again, including the Syrian-Algerian Businessmen Council.

Mechanisms of Investment in Free Zones Discussed with Russian delegation

 Damascus,(ST)- Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade, Dr. Mohammed Samer Al-Khalil, discussed here on Monday with a Russian government delegation and a number of directors and representatives of Russian companies headed by Deputy Minister of Energy Kiril Moldtsov the mechanisms of investment in free zones in Syria, especially in Hessia.

 The Minister confirmed that Syrian products should benefit from the system of preferential tariffs for developing countries during their entry into the Russian market to enhance their competitive potential, pointing to the importance of establishing permanent centers for Syrian products in Russia and Russian products in Syria to increase trade exchange between the two countries.

Syrian-Russian Talks on Supporting the Electrical System and Developing the Water Sector

 Damascus,(ST) - Minister of Water Resources Eng. Nabil al -Hassan discussed here on Saturday during a meeting with a Russian government delegation headed by Deputy Minister of Energy Kirill Moldetov on prospects of cooperation and development of joint relations between the two countries in the field of water sector.

 The Minister briefed the delegation, which includes deputy ministers of transport and industry and a number of senior managers and representatives of Russian companies, on the work of the ministry and the damage caused to the sources of water facilities. He noted the need to expand cooperation between the two countries and the rehabilitation of the dams of Euphrates, Ba'ath and Tishreen, as well as rehabilitation of the main water outlet at Al Khafsa station in Aleppo Governorate.

Xiaoyan: Beijing to Supports Efforts for Rebuilding in Syria

BEIJING – China’s Special Envoy for Syria Xie Xiaoyan affirmed that his country would support efforts for reconstruction and rebuilding infrastructure in Syria.

According to SANA, Xiaoyan’s remarks came in a seminar held in Beijing University titled “Rebuild Syria,” during which he called on the Chinese companies to participate in the reconstruction.

For his part, Ambassador of Syria in Beijing Imad Mustafa said that Syria seeks to form a joint strategic vision with China and will not wait for the end of the war to begin reconstruction, noting that the priority in that field will be given for companies from friendly countries.