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Damascus Cables Profits Exceed 6.770 billion pounds during the first quarter of 2022

The value of profits achieved by the General Company for Cables Industry in Damascus during the first quarter of this year exceeded 6,770 billion Syrian pounds, while the company sold during the same period 859 tons of various types of cables worth 23,744 billion pounds, with an implementation rate of 99 percent.

According to the production and marketing report of the company,  Damascus Cables produced 948 tons of various cables with a value of 30.074 billion pounds, at an implementation rate of 125 percent.

Eng. Arnous confirms supporting positive intervention festivals to serve interests of citizen and economy

Prime Minister, Engineer Hussein Arnous, visited on Wednesday evening the Ramadan Festival “Syria brings us together” held in the old Exhibitions Fairground in Damascus. He toured a number of pavilions and was briefed on discount offers offered by the participating industrial and commercial companies.

In a statement to the reporters after the tour, Engineer Arnous stressed the importance of the festival as it offers a large variety of goods that satisfy the tastes of consumers. The festival  embodies the need for all participants to cooperate in alleviating the economic burdens on citizens, Arnous added, noting the efforts made by the national business sector, exhibitors and the Syrian Trade Establishment in this festival.

Minister of Agriculture discusses withWFP the establishment of new agricultural projects

On April 13th, the Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform, Eng. Muhammad Hassan Qatana, met with the Deputy Country Director of the World Food Program of the United Nations in Damascus, Ross Smith.

The two sides discussed the implemented projects and the priorities of cooperation for the next stage, especially in the areas of plant and animal production, agricultural research and rural development and difficulties.

Minister Qatana pointed to the great interest that the organization attaches to the water sector and the need for diversity in the distribution of financial resources in accordance with the policies of the Ministry of Agriculture, so that cooperation includes all areas that serve the agricultural sector and producers and contribute to improving their income and increasing production.

Profits of Homs Sugar Company reached SYP.400 million in three months

HOMS, April.13, (ST)-The General Manager of Homs Sugar Company Yasser Ayyoub revealed on Wednesday that during the first quarter of this year, the company achieved profits of 400 million Syrian Pounds from its sales of yeast, alcohol and oil. 
He added that the value of sales during the same period exceeded 4.4 billion pounds from its production of yeast, medical alcohol, refined cotton oil, soap and the rest of the by-products of cake, carbon and industrial alcohol.

Russia says it is ready to sell oil to ‘friendly countries in any price range’, reports Interfax

MOSCOW, April.13, (ST)-Russian Energy Minister Nikolai Shulginov told Izvestia newspaper that Moscow is ready to sell oil and oil products to "friendly countries in any price range", Interfax news agency said on Tuesday.

Shulginov said crude prices in the range of $80 to $150 a barrel were in principle possible but said Moscow was more focused on ensuring the oil industry continues to function, Interfax said.