Syria invites Indian companies to carry out investments in the country

The Syrian Ambassador in New Delhi Riad Abbas on Saturday urged the Indian companies to carry out investment projects in Syria and to benefit from the available investment opportunities provided through  the country's reconstruction process to the countries that supported the Syrian people during the crisis they have experienced.

In a statement during a meeting on international trade relations and the ways to eliminate the obstacles facing their enhancement, Abbas explained the situation in Syria, noting the repeated attacks by the US, Turkish and Israeli occupation on Syrian territories and the support provided by these forces of aggression for the terrorists who target the Syrian people and their resources.

Syrian-Indonesian talks on energy cooperation

Jakarta (ST): The Chargé d'Affairs of the Syrian Embassy in Jakarta Plenipotentiary Minister Abdel Moneim Annan, discussed with Eddie Krianto, Vice President of the National Oil and Gas Company in Indonesia "Pertamina" cooperation between the two countries in the field of energy.

During the meeting, Annan gave an explanation about the reality of the oil and gas sector in Syria and the work and tasks of the Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources and its institutions, pointing out that the aim of the meeting was to discuss prospects for cooperation between the two sides in this field and what the Indonesian company could provide in terms of technical assistance in the field of rehabilitating the infrastructure of the oil and gas sector in Syria, after it was subjected to severe damage as a result of the attacks of terrorist organizations during the past years.

For his part, Krianto stressed the need for cooperation between the two sides in the various fields of energy, including liquefied gas, expressing Indonesia's readiness to hold "virtual meetings" with Syria at the current stage with the aim of conducting more discussions and deliberations on technical details and possible prospects and areas of cooperation.

It was agreed during the meeting on the agenda for the next meeting between the two sides, provided that a date for holding it would be set in consultation between the two sides through official diplomatic channels.


Syrian-Emirati talks to enhance cooperation in fields of water and energy

The Minister of Water Resources, Dr. Tammam Raad, discussed with the Minister of Energy and Infrastructure in the United Arab Emirates Suhail Al Mazrouei ways to enhance joint cooperation between the two countries in various fields, especially water and energy.

During a meeting between the two sides on Wednesday at the headquarters of the Trade Center in Dubai on the sidelines of the meetings of the 5th  Arab Water Forum, Raad stressed that the Syrian government, despite the unjust war, unilateral coercive measures and the systematic sabotage of infrastructure by terrorist organizations, still supports irrigation projects and provides water for irrigating agricultural crops for free. It also sustains the construction of dams and irrigation networks, and supervises and fully supports the drinking water sector.

Models of Syrian shoes and leather products attract businessmen to conclude export deals at Sila International Fair

Damascus (ST): Thousands of models of shoes and leather industries with different shapes, models and colors manufactured with the most up-to-date machines, equipment and the best expertise provided by the companies participating in the Sila International Export Fair for Shoes and Leather Industries, are currently being displayed on the Fairgrounds  in Damascus to attract Arab and Syrian businessmen visiting the exhibition to conclude export deals for these products to foreign markets.

Syria, Iran to open joint food store in Damascus

DAMASCUS, (ST)_The ways of enhancing economic cooperation relations and trade exchange between Syria and Iran were reviewed on Monday by the Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Amro Salem and the Advisor of Iranian Defense Minister and Chairman of economic cooperation with the axis of resistance Mustafa Ithbati and the accompanying delegation. 
According to Syrian News Agency ( SANA), Salem asserted the need to remove the obstacles that face cooperation and to carry out projects the cover the needs of the markets in the two countries.