Premier Khamis affirms the need for boosting economic relations with Iran

Damascus - Prime Minister Emad Khamis said on Wednesday that the victory in Aleppo and in all Syrian land is an overthrow to the US-West project in the region and a victory for the resistance axis.

Khamis, meeting Iranian Assistance foreign Minister for the Arab-African Affairs Hussein Jaberi Ansari, stressed the need for having “ a new vision in the economic relations between Syria and Iran on the public and private levels,” SANA reported.

Finance Minister, Aleppo Governor Discuss Ways of Bolstering Economic Activities in Aleppo

 Aleppo, (ST) – Finance Minister Ma’moun Hamdan said that the government is ready to respond to any suggestion or innovative ideas or solutions that could return Aleppo to its glory and help its economy recover.

During a meeting held in Aleppo Municipal which was attended by representatives of economic activities and directors of public sector banks, Mr. Hamdan said that Aleppo is an economic, industrial, and important reservoir that can contribute greatly to national economy.

The Minister underlined that the government will spare no efforts for Aleppo or any other province, adding “we’re moving towards reconstruction that will require massive resources.”

Establishing the "Syrian Trade House" in Russia

DAMASCUS, (ST)-  The General Association For Supporting Domestic Production and Export Promotion signed a memorandum of understanding with the Russian company, "Adygya yourak" for the establishment of a permanent exhibition of Syrian products specialized for export as the " Syrian Trade House" in the Russian city Mabkub.

In a statement to local press, the Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade said that this step comes within the framework of the ongoing work to support the local production especially craft industry including national industries, pointing out that the establishment of specialized exhibitions for products of all kinds is an efficient method for external promotion.

Syria- India Discuss Ways of Cooperation in the Reconstruction Phase

New Delhi, (ST) - Minister of Public Works and Housing Eng. Hussein Arnous discussed here with Nama Nagiswar Rao, Director of the Indian Company "Madokon", ways and areas of cooperation between Syria and India in the reconstruction phase. The Indian Company is specialized in infrastructure, housing, energy projects and resource exploration.

During the meeting held recently at the Syrian Embassy in New Delhi, the minister confirmed that the Syrian government has taken a direction policy eastward to the friendly and brotherly countries regarding the reconstruction phase, especially those countries that stood positively with Syria during the current crisis.

FAO Opens New Sub-Regional Office in Lebanon

Beirut – Current crises in Syria, Iraq and Yemen are the prime culprit behind the doubling of undernourished people in the Near East, FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva said on Tuesday as he visited Beirut, where FAO is opening a new sub-regional office.

Lebanon and 14 other countries in the Near East and North Africa region achieved the Millennium Development Goal of halving hunger rates by 2015, but food security problems have grown in absolute terms due to civil conflicts in the region.