Al-Khalil: The Syrian-Jordanian meetings led to measures that serve bilateral issues

Amman (ST): The Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade, Dr. Muhammad Samer Al-Khalil, head of the Syrian delegation to the Syrian-Jordanian ministerial meetings, explained that the Syrian side presented the reality of issues between the two countries in various fields and the difficulties it faces and the proposed mechanisms to overcome them, describing the meetings as very important.

National Microfinance: Loans of up to 30 million pounds, with interest starting from 6%

Damascus (ST): After its transformation from the National Microfinance Corporation to the National Microfinance Bank with a capital of 33 billion Syrian pounds, the bank developed a package of loans that it offers in quantity and quality, either without interest or with encouraging benefits starting from 3 percent annually and up to 13 percent, thus achieving greater demand by citizens for its various products.

Syrian, Jordanian ministers discuss cooperation in trade, transport, electricity and agriculture

Amman, (ST) - The Syrian-Jordanian ministerial meetings that started yesterday were  resumed in the Jordanian capital Amman today to discuss ways to enhance bilateral cooperation between the two countries in the fields of trade, transport, electricity, agriculture and water resources.

SANA reporter in Amman stated that, the final meeting will be held this afternoon at the Jordanian Ministry of Industry and Trade, and will discuss the results of the bilateral meetings.

Syria, Jordan hold talks on reactivating economic relations

Syria and Jordan on Monday held expanded ministerial meetings in Amman to discuss ways of enhancing cooperation in the areas of trade, transport, agriculture, electric power and water resources.

According to the Jordanian Petra News Agency, these meetings aim at reactivating economic relations between the two brotherly countries and resuming trade exchange for the benefit of both sides.

The Syrian Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Mohammad Samer Al-Khalil, Minister of Water Resources Tammam Raad, Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform Mohamamad Hassan Qatana and Minister of Electricity Ghassan Al-Zamel took part in these meetings alongside their Jordanian counterparts.

Syria participates in the International Scientific Conference of the Federation of Arab Trainers Syndicates

The Syrian participants in the 1st international scientific conference of the Federation of Arab Trainers Syndicates, which was organized by the Federation via the (Zoom) platform on the Internet discussed issues related to the ethics of the training profession, training strategies and modern professional skills.

The conference was held under the title (Foreseeing the future of training in light of digital development, reality and ambition.

The conference aims to define the role of training internationally, Arab and locally in reaching the top of performance, achievement and productivity in all fields.