ACSAD Holds a Workshop on the Development of Wheat Cultivation in the Arab Countries

Damascus- A workshop on the role of biotechnology in improving the productivity of wheat and drought-resistant crops in the Arab world was held here on Sunday by the Arab Center for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Areas (ACSAD). The workshop was attended by 16 agricultural experts from Syria, Iraq, Algeria, Sudan, Tunisia and Lebanon.

Director General of ACSAD, Dr. Rafiq Ali Saleh, pointed to the great importance of holding this scientific workshop to contribute to the building of Arab capacities in the field of wheat development in the Arab countries.

MoU Between Province of Homs and the province of Khanti Mansisk Signed

Homs-The province of Homs and the province of Khanti Mansisk in the Russian Federation yesterday signed a memorandum of cooperation in the economic and cultural spheres in As -Safeer Hotel of Homs.

The memo provides for strengthening cooperation and encouraging the establishment of economic events, exhibitions and joint conferences and the exchange of scientific, economic and cultural information to activate cooperation between the two sides, in addition to the formation of joint committees in accordance with the laws in force in Syria and the Russian Federation.

International Youth Chamber Launches Opportunities Port Project in Lattakia

Lattakia- The International Youth Chamber of Lattakia Branch launched on Saturday the "Port of Opportunity" project in the Resort of Afamia, due to the strategic importance of the maritime transport sector in the Syrian coast and the importance of empowering young people and qualifying them for the labor market.

Syrian Export Centers in Baghdad and Benghazi to be Opened Soon

 Damascus, (ST) - Damascus Chamber of Industry and Syrian Exporters Federation announced the opening of two Syrian export centers in Baghdad and Benghazi in the coming period to enable consumers in both countries to learn about Syrian industrial products.

 The Head of the Industry Chamber, Samer Al-Debs, said during a meeting of industrialists at the headquarters of the chamber, affirmed the importance of establishing the two centers to enable traders and consumers in Iraq and Libya to know about Syrian products and conclude agreements to supply the required quantities.

Al Bashak Establishment to Hold the 4th Session of the Syria Reconstruction Exhibition

Damascus, (ST) - Al Bashak Establishment for Trading and Exhibitions announced the start of its promotional campaign for the Syria Reconstruction Exhibition in its fourth year in 2018 during a ceremony held on the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of its establishment at the Orient Hotel in Damascus.

Director General of Al-Bashak Establishment Tamer Yaghi said in a speech during the ceremony that the fourth session of the Syria Reconstruction Exhibition requires the rapid launch of reconstruction.