A Permanent Home for Syrian Handicrafts in Abkhazia Soon

Sukhumi, Abkhazia- The delegation of the General Federation of Syrian Craft Associations agreed with the Chamber of Industry and Trade of Abkhazia to establish a permanent house for Syrian products of 100 square meters in Abkhazia to be an outlet for the export of handicrafts to the countries of the Russian Federation and Europe as Abkhazia as an important destination for European tourists.

Syria Participates in Exhibition of Information and Communication Technology in Tehran

Tehran- The International Exhibition of Media and Communications Technology (ICT), with the participation of Syria, was opened here on Tuesday at the International Conference Room of the Iranian Radio and Television.

The exhibition, in which lighting, sound and jamming devices were displayed, covered all aspects of ICT and the techniques and systems used to address the content and digital content of radio and television.

"Planted in Syria" Festival a Platform to Introduce, Market Syrian Agricultural Production

 DAMASCUS, (ST)- The Syrian Exporters Union has announced holding the "Planted and Made in Syria" Festival and Exhibition from December 10th to 20th in Damascus. The event is to be held in cooperation with  Damascus and Damascus Countryside Chamber of Industry.

Head of the Agricultural Sector Department at the Exporters Union Eyad Mohammad said in a statement to SANA that the festival is an important platform to introduce the Syrian agricultural products which are witnessing notable development in terms of quality and quantity. He noted an increase in agricultural exports over the past two years, particularly those wanted by other countries' markets.

Syria, Iran to Enhance Investment Cooperation and Production

Tehran- The Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development of Iran, Amir Amini, confirmed the importance of the long-term economic cooperation agreement between Syria and Iran and the need to enhancing cooperation in various economic, investment and production areas.

During a meeting here with the Syrian-Iranian Parliamentary Friendship Committee, chaired by Dr. Hussein Ragheb al-Hussein and the Vice-Chairman of the Syrian-Iranian Parliamentary Friendship Committee, he stressed the Iranian position in supporting and strengthening relations with Syria, pointing out that the Syrian-Iranian partnership is strategic.

Syrian-Iranian Parliamentary Friendship Committee: A New Phase of Economic Cooperation to Start Soon

Iranian Minister of Economy and Finance, Dege Bessende, stressed the need to strengthen and upgrade the Syrian-Iranian economic relations.

"The promotion of economic relations between the two countries necessitates the expansion of cooperation in the field of banking relations between the two countries," Mr. Bessende said during a meeting with the Syrian-Iranian Parliamentary Friendship Committee. "The export of Iranian goods and goods would play a pivotal role in the reconstruction of Syria.