The General Council of the Craftsmen Union: The need to open markets for craft products and external promotion of the Syrian products

The General Council of the Craftsmen Union has recommended the necessity of promoting the craft sector and overcoming the obstacles facing it.

During the meeting held at the Sahara Tourism Complex under the title (With our hands we contribute to the reconstruction and building of Syria) on December 7, the participants called for expansion of the establishment of craft development projects, work to open special markets for handicraft products for direct sale to the consumer, and the opening of external exhibitions for craft products in cooperation with friendly countries.

Several rebuilding projects have been implemented during the current year in most governorates

Several projects have been completed and others are still under completion funded by the budget allocated for reconstruction for the year 2020, amounting to 25 billion Syrian pounds, which was approved within the ministries ’emergency plan.

The Deputy Minister of Local Administration and Environment Eng. Moataz Kattan stated that the aforementioned budget was distributed among the governorates according to need and priority for the approved projects and included various sectors.

In Damascus, the rebuilding of the classrooms, a textile laboratory and the scientific departments of the Textile Institute were completed, with a cost of 20 million Syrian pounds.

Syrian-Russian talks held in Moscow to enhance economic and financial cooperation

Moscow (ST):  A Comprehensive session of  talks was held in the Russian Cabinet building, co-chaired by Deputy Prime Minister of Russia , the head of joint Syrian – Russian Committee ,Yury Borisov, and Minister of Presidential Affairs , Mansour Azzam.


The talks centred on  means of enhancing bilateral cooperation and putting agreements and Memoirs of Understanding already signed between Russia and Syria into effect, in addition to the preparations for holding the meetings of the bilateral joint committee later this month which will be crowned by expanding the commercial and economic cooperation between the two countries by the end of December.

Sales of the United Company for Industry and Trading have exceeded 4 billion Syrian pounds in the past ten months

The sales of the United Company for Industry and Trading “al-Khumaseyyeh” from the beginning of this year until last month have exceeded 4 million Syrian pounds with an increase value of 2.8 billion compared to the sales of last year.

The company produces a variety of cotton goods, including medical gauze, military uniforms, tents, shades fabrics and bed sheets that meet the needs of the local market, according to the company’s Director General Mustafa Hilal.

Despite difficulties, due to the shortage of manpower, particularly in the technical side, and old machines, the company’s staff has spared no effort to restore and increase the company’s production capacities through rehabilitating the machines and equipment in all the company’s sections.

General Establishment of Foreign Trade to hold auction to sell 500 cars of different kinds

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The General Establishment of Foreign Trade has announced an auction to sell some 500 cars of different kinds, including tourist cars, vans, field cars and trucks as well as various vehicles.

In a statement on Monday, the establishment said that the auction will be held between December 20th, 2020 and January 7th 2021.

The establishment pointed out that the cars will be exhibited in various places and at different time periods in order to help clients to see and examine the condition of the cars.

The auction will take place in the closed hall of Al-Jalaa Sports Complex, the establishment said, clarifying that the auction book of conditions can be obtained by visiting the establishment’s branch in Damascus or its branches in other provinces or on the establishment’s website.