Syrian Businessmen: We Seek to Expand Trade Exchange with Crimea

Yalta - A member of the Board of Directors of the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce, Abdul Rahim Rahal, said that the Syrian delegation participating in the Yalta Forum represents the public sector and businessmen from all sectors in Syria.

"We have a number of agreements with the Crimea and the establishment of the Syrian-Syrian Commercial House," Rahal said in a statement to SANA correspondent in Moscow. "Our relations with the Crimea are very solid and strong and we seek to overcome all difficulties in the field of expanding trade and economy between the two countries.

Crimean Republic to Export Oil Products to Syria

Moscow - Russian President of the Crimean Republic Sergey Akseyonov announced today his country's intention to export wheat and oil products to Syria.

"There are plans to supply wheat, petroleum products, energy tools, Kirch factory products and rebuilding railway lines in the Syrian Arab Republic," Akseyonov told Sputnik. The talks are moving in all directions."

Mr. Akseyonov pointed out that the companies were identified either from the Crimea or from the part of the mainland from Russia, which wants to supply products to Syria and said: "We are currently in the process of organization, including the transfer and we have partial delivery of goods by land to our ports and then will be shipped."

Some 500 Companies Take Part in the Aleppo International Fair

Aleppo - The second version of the Aleppo International Exhibition will take place today in the sports city of al -Hamdaniyah with the participation of about 500 companies from various industrial, commercial and service sectors.

Mustafa Nizam,The Commercial Manager of Nizam Exhibitions, which organized the exhibition in cooperation with Syriatel, told SANA that the objective of the Aleppo International Exhibition is to promote Syrian industries and products domestically and internationally and to encourage the use of the Syrian product in addition to supporting countries' Investors and businessmen directly on the Syrian industries and make way for companies and national institutions to share experiences.

Syria Participates in the 5th Yalta International Economic Conference

Yalta - The fifth international economic conference was opened in Yalta with the participation of 89 countries, including Syria.

Syria is represented by a delegation chaired by Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade, Dr. Mohammed Samer Al-Khalil and a number of businessmen.

During the opening, the President of the Crimea Sergei Axyonov delivered a speech in which he pointed to the results realized on the ground during the past five years, which showed the achievements in this period, indicating that the conference at its current session coincided with the fifth anniversary of the return of the Crimea to its home, Russia.

President of Yalta, Andrey Nazarov, spoke about the success of the conference year after year, whereas the number of conferees reached more than 4,500 participants representing 89 countries this year.

Some 78 Industrial Facilities Entered into Production in 2018

DAMASCUS- A report by the Ministry of Industry revealed that about 78 medium and large industrial establishments in Hessia, Sheikh Najjar and Adra industrial cities entered the production stage in 2018, 34 facilities are in Adra Industrial City and 34 in Sheikh Najjar and 10 in Hessia.

The report indicates that this figure will develop later to more than six times due to the ability of these cities to attract investments, especially with the license of 533 facilities in these cities, which will enter production later, 191 facilities in the industrial city of Adra and 276 facilities in the city of Sheikh Najjar and 66 in the city of Hessia.