Syrian-Iranian Housing Cooperation

Damascus, (ST) -The Public Works and Housing Minister Hussein Arnous discussed on Thursday with the Iranian Ambassador to Syria Javad Torkabadi the potentials of cooperation between the two countries in the reconstruction phase and the development of joint action in the areas of public works, roads and supporting the housing sector in Syria.

Mr. Arnous said that “what the Ministry needs is supporting mechanisms to strengthen the work of companies and the Ministry also seeks to compensate for the lack of mechanisms through loans.

Syrian- South African Electricity Cooperation

Damascus, (ST) - The Minister of Electricity, Eng. Mohamed Zuheir Kharbotli, discussed here on Thursday with Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa, Sean Byneveldt, and ways of developing cooperation in the field of energy and electricity sector.

Mr. Kharbotli underlined the importance of developing the bilateral relationship between the two countries and working on exchanging experiences and cooperation in the projects of the electricity sector including generation and automation of electric meters and other fields.

The minister pointed out that the strategic vision of the ministry includes a large number of many projects in the next phase, stressing the importance of the contribution of companies in the Republic of South Africa in the reconstruction phase.

The Ambassador of South Africa pointed to the need to strengthen relations and enhance relations between Syria and South Africa, stressing that his government is ready to involve in the reconstruction process in Syria through the construction of power plants and rehabilitation of power stations and all electrical equipment and billing system.

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Cham Wings Runs Flights to Yerevan

 DAMASCUS, (ST) - The first flight of the Cham Airlines Company to Yerevan Airport started on Thursday.

"The operation of flights on the Damascus-Yerevan route will facilitate the movement of travelers between the two friendly countries in both directions and strengthen the ties of commercial, cultural and social communication," the company's commercial director Nizar Sulaiman said in a statement to local press. He added that "The Company will officially fly next Wednesday to Yerevan” .

 Mr. Sulaiman pointed out that the company is continuing to expand its stations abroad to serve the Syrian citizens and to alleviate their suffering in travel, especially in the light of unilateral economic unfair sanctions imposed on the Syrian people.

Joint Syrian -Iraqi Chamber of Commerce and Industry Opened

Baghdad, (ST) - The headquarters of the Iraqi-Syrian Chamber of Commerce and Industry was opened here yesterday in Baghdad. This step was taken to support and strengthen economic relations and coordination to increase the volume of trade and investment exchange

In a statement to Syrian Arab Television, Syrian Ambassador to Baghdad Sattam Jad’an al-Dandh said that the foundation of this chamber comes in response to the desire of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the two countries to develop and develop commercial and industrial relations between them.

Syrian- Iraqi Tourism Cooperation

 DAMASCUS, (ST) - The Ministry of Tourism held a dinner banquet at the Dama Rose Hotel for the representatives of 75 Iraqi tourist companies interested in religious tourism and a number of Syrian companies. The Syrian Transport and Tourism Company hosted the delegation in order to enhance relations between Syrian and Iraqi tourism companies.

 In a speech during al –Iftar banquet, the Minister of Tourism Eng. Bishr Yaziji explained the importance of visiting and hosting this number of Iraqi companies and the decisions issued by the Ministry of Tourism regarding improving the quality of tourist services provided to visitors in general and the organization of religious tourism in particular, in addition to the measures taken with regard to security and safety in transport, hotels and all services provided to visitors.