Syria, Sudan Discuss Exchanging Agricultural Products

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Minister of Agriculture Ahmad al-Qaderi and Undersecretary of the Sudanese Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Babikir Osman Mohamed Ali discussed on Monday agricultural cooperation between Syria and Sudan.

According to the Syrian News Agency (SANA), the two sides agreed on implementing the signed cooperation agreements on agricultural scientific research and animal health. They also agreed on increasing the exchange of agricultural products and exporting Syrian Veterinary Medicines to Sudan.

Import and Export Departments in the GFTO to be Expanded

DAMASCUS- A decision was made, at the Cabinet, to expand the import and export departments at the General Foreign Trade Organization (GFTO), and to establish a joint work between them and the Syrian Trading company with a view to develop their work in line with the growing commercial role.

During the meeting, which was chaired by Eng. Emad Khamis the Prime Minister, it was approved to grant the GFTO a loan worth 50 billion Syrian pounds for the expansion of the import process. The company was also asked to activate the export of local products, especially cement, medicines, handicrafts, barley and porcelain.

The GFTO was directed to develop a sophisticated incentive system for its workers and to continue their training and rehabilitation and to assess their cadres and their need of manpower to repair the shortfall.

The Prime Minister stressed that the stage requires that public sector institutions should be the best economic indicators under exceptional circumstances, stressing that these institutions have been and will remain the main guarantor and supporter of food security.


Russian experts: Syria is one of Russia's most important partners in the Middle East

Moscow- The Vice-Chairman of the Committee of International Relations of the Council of the Russian Federation, Anadriya Klimov, stressed that the ties between Syria and Russia since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries have always been of equal cooperation and true friendship.

Mr. Klimov said in an interview with the SANA correspondent in Moscow that Russia, which has taken upon itself to fulfill the obligations of the former Soviet Union, is carrying out these obligations towards Syria. He said that the seventy-five years of these relations confirm that the ties between us are not transient and temporary, but they lean on solid practical and historical basis.

“Russia is currently contributing and in agreement with the Syrian government in the reconstruction process in Syria, noting that the next session of Damascus International Fair constitutes an important step on this road and breaking the siege and isolation and the sanctions policy practiced by some regional and western countries against Syria,” Mr. Klimov pointed out.

In a similar interview, the Director General of the Institute for Research and Foreign Policy Initiatives, a member of the Social Chamber of the Russian Federation, Veronica Krasninikova, confirmed that Syria is one of the oldest and most important partners in the Middle East region, noting its readiness to continue cooperation with Syria and contribute to the reconstruction of economic and social infrastructure. He also expressed confidence in the success of the upcoming Damascus International Fair.

For his part, Director of the Institute of Russian Interests in Foreign Countries, Sergey Pantilev, said that Russian-Syrian relations are characterized by a strong partnership, pointing out that some regional and Western countries are interfering in the internal affairs of Syria to achieve its geopolitical interests.

He expressed the hope that the economic relations between Russia and Syria will be steadily and firmly established, indicating that Russian companies will accept to participate in the Damascus International Fair effectively.

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Approval of a Number of Investment and Development Projects in Lattakia and Tartous

Damascus- The special meeting held at the Cabinet approved the establishment of 11 investment projects in the provinces of Tartous and 4 projects in Lattakia. These projects are to be implemented from the private sector according to incentives in the framework of launching a package of development projects aimed at activating the culture of investment in the local councils because it forms the backbone of economic development.

In a meeting held today under the chairmanship of Eng. Emad Khamis, Prime Minister in this regard, 15 projects were approved in Lattakia and 24 projects in Tartous. These projects are financed by the investment budget of each governorate. The project was attended by the governors of Daraa, Sweida and Quneitra.

Investment projects at the level of the two governorates included the establishment of a concrete factory, a project for the production of protected agriculture supplies, veterinary and agricultural medicines, beach fish, a project for sorting and packing fruits and vegetables, a plant for the manufacture of medicinal and herbal compounds and flowers, a project for the extraction of sea salt, a storage plant for grain, plastic fruit packing plant and an eco-tourism project.

Projects at the level of administrative units included "projects for the production of agricultural mushrooms, construction of buildings, commercial and investment shops, storage and cooling units, bee breeding and small mills.

Eng. Khamis explained the importance of laying the sound foundations for the local councils to take their developmental role in each governorate. He stressed that these projects are considered as an essential step for achieving development and contribute to creating jobs and creating local development at the level of regions and administrative units.

The meeting was attended by Ministers of Agriculture, Internal Trade, Consumer Protection, Local Administration, Environment, Transport, Finance, Economy and Foreign Trade, Chairman of the Planning and International Cooperation Authority, Secretary General of the Cabinet.

In a statement to reporters, Lattakia Governor Ibrahim Khider al-Salem pointed out that the 15 projects approved will benefit the administrative units and the local community.

For his part, the governor of Tartous Safwan Abu Saadi said that the development and investment projects in the province will constitute a significant developmental leap, pointing to the granting of aids to the administrative units in order to launch development projects and complete meetings with businessmen in the province to be implemented.

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Belarusian PM Discusses with al-Moallem Ways to Strengthen Economic Relations

Minsk- The Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus, Sergei Rumas, discussed with Walid al-Moallem, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants in Minsk, the steps to be taken during the next phase to enhance relations between the two countries in the economic field and upgrade them to the level of political relations between them.

Viewpoints were identical on the meetings of the 7th session of the Joint Syrian-Belarusian Committee due to be held in Damascus soon constitute a suitable opportunity which should be an appropriate opportunity to benefit from them and what to be discussed of topics and issues in order to enhance the economic relations between the two countries and to increase trade exchange to achieve a partnership between them benefiting from the strategic location enjoyed by both countries in order to serve the common interest of the two countries and the two friendly peoples.

During the meeting, Mr. Rumas stressed the importance of activating the agreements, memorandums of understanding and executive programs signed between the two countries and activating the work teams emanating from the joint committee.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Mohammed Ayman Sousan, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, Mohammed Al-Omrani, Director of the Special Office at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, Muhannad Alloush, Charge d'Affaires of the Syrian Embassy in Minsk and the delegation accompanying the Foreign Minister. The Belarusian side was represented by, Yuri Sokolka, Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus in Damascus, Assistant Minister of Industry of Belarus and a number of officials of the Prime Minister and Foreign Ministry of Belarus.

On the sidelines of his visit to Minsk, Mr. al -Moallem also held a television interview with the first channel on Belarusian state television, in which he spoke about the political situation in Syria, the fight against terrorism, the meetings of Astana and the Syrian-Belarusian relations.

The President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko met yesterday with al -Moallem and discussed with him the bilateral relations between the two friendly countries and the prospects of enhancing cooperation and consultation and exchange of visits between them to serve their mutual interests in addition to the latest developments in Syria, the regional and international arenas.

Al -Moallem also held a formal talk with Belarusian Foreign Minister, Vladimir Mackey, and reviewed the reality of the bilateral relations between the two friendly countries and ways to raise them to the level desired by the two countries.

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