106 tourism facilities in Damascus and Hama with a cost of SYP 30 billion

Damascus, (ST) - The Ministry of Tourism, through its directorates in Damascus and Hama, has granted licenses to 106 tourism facilities in the two aforementioned provinces with an investment value of SYP 30 billion.

The ministry stated to SANA that Damascus Tourism Directorate has granted 89 tourism qualification licenses to two and three star facilities in the province , with an investment value of approximately SYP 24 billion.

The ministry indicated that the capacity of the aforementioned facilities is 6,728 dining chairs and 169 hotel beds, and they provide many job opportunities for graduates of the tourism sector.

The Ministry has also granted, through Hama Tourism Directorate, 17 employment and building licenses to tourist facilities of different levels at a total cost of SYP 6 billion and a total capacity of 97 hotel beds and 1,600 chairs, and these facilities provide 650 job opportunities.

Industrial cities in Syria have witnessed notable growth in 2020 despite sanctions

Industrial cities in Syria have achieved considerable growth despite the difficult circumstances in the country and the unfair unilateral coercive economic measures imposed on the Syrian people.

Some 120 industrial facilities joined production in Adra Industrial city in Damascus countryside, Sheikh Najjar industrial city in Aleppo and Hisyah industrial city in Homs in 2020, creating 13488 new job opportunities.

Director of Services and Industrial Cities at the Ministry of Local Administration and Environment, Eng. Mayada Ahmed, told SANA that work and investment never stopped in the three cities despite the challenges that emerged as a result of the war on Syria.

She pointed out that 789 investors were given new sections in the three industrial cities for the production food, engineering and building materials.

On their 56th Day, Syrian framers stress they will remain the builders of the homeland

Damascus, (ST)-The Farmers General Union has affirmed that the Syrian framers will remain the builders of the homeland who contribute to its renaissance, and who reinforce its stability and resilience.

In a statement  that SANA received a copy of it, on the 56th anniversary of the Farmers Day, the Union said that this occasion comes this year while the features over defeating Takfiri terrorism and its supporters thanks to the solidarity of the Syrian people and the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army.

The statement added that the resilience of the farmers and their limitless giving, particularly throughout the years of the war despite of what they have faced of challenges, have conveyed a brilliant image on their confidence in Syria’s victory in the fierce war waged against it.

Restarting alcohol factory in Homs, with a production capacity of 11 tons per day

The medical alcohol laboratory of  Homs Sugar Company has returned to work again with a production capacity of 11 tons per day after a one-month break.

In a statement to SANA, the General Manager of the Homs Sugar Company, Eng. Abdo Al-Mahmoud, indicated that the factory was restarted after it stopped due to the loss of the raw material in manufacturing, which is melas. It was replaced by raw red sugar, and about a thousand tons of it were secured to restart the plant.

Mahmoud  said that it was due to the efforts of the  local cadres, that  factory was restarted with a production capacity of 11 tons of medical alcohol in addition to one and 200 kg of industrial alcohol and one and a half tons of carbon gas, which is the daily production capacity of the factory.

Hisyah Industrial City’s revenues estimated at SYP2 billion since the beginning of 2020

HOMS- Hisyah Industrial City in Homs has managed to achieve revenues estimated at about 2 billion Syrian Pounds since the beginning of 2020, according to the city’s Director, Dr. Bassam Al-Mansour.

 The total number of investors in this industrial zone has reached 880 .14 new investors have started their projects there, Al-Mansour told SANA economic bulletin.

He said that the value of investments in Hisyah Industrial City has grown to 131 billion and 693 million Syrian pounds carried out by 271 industrial facilities with a capital of about 59 billion and 373 million Syrian Pounds. He pointed out that 609 facilities are under construction with an estimated capital of 72 billion and 320 million Syrian pounds. These facilities have provided about 24,000 job opportunities.