Syrian-Indian Construction Cooperation

 Damascus,(ST)- Minister of Public Works and Housing Eng. Hussein Arnous discussed with a delegation from the Modcon Company of India ways of cooperation in the field of the activities of the ministry and its works.

 The Minister welcomed the entry of Indian companies to work in the field of infrastructure and construction of residential buildings in cooperation with Syrian construction companies, pointing to the distinguished relations between Syria and India.

 He called on Indian companies to invest in Syria and participate in the upcoming Damascus international and reconstruction exhibitions, which allow Indian businessmen to view the investment opportunities in Syria.

Prime Minister: Improving Workers Situation a Priority for Government

DAMASCUS-Prime Minister Imad Khamis affirmed on Sunday that improving the situation of workers and upgrading the services provided to them in various fields are of among the government's top priorities.

Khamis, speaking at the 8th session of the General Federation of Trade Unions (GFTU), appreciated the efforts and sacrifices of Syrian workers during the years of the terrorist war, saying that they were a true companion and a basic supporter to Syrian Armed Forces, conveying to them President Bashar al-Assad’s greetings on the occasion of the International Labor Day, SANA reported.

Economy Minister: Small and Medium Enterprises Will Provide State Treasury with New Financial Resources

 Damascus, (ST) - Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Dr. Mohammed Samer Al-Khalil discussed with the Board of Directors of the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA) the upcoming plans for the work of the Authority.

 During the first meeting of the Board of Directors of the SMEDA, Al-Khalil said that the government's role is to support small and medium-sized enterprises and turn them into a regulated sector due to their specificity and ability to enter and improve the national economy and provide the state’s budget with new financial resources .

Food Expo for Food and Packaging Industries next Monday

Damascus,(ST) -  The Delta Group for Economy and Business has completed its preparations for the launch of the 13th session of the Food Expo 2017 on Monday at the Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus. Some major national companies for industries will participate in the four day- event.

 General Director of the exhibition Ghiyath Shamma said in a press statement yesterday that the exhibition, which is held annually in Damascus for 13 years, is considered an industrial gain for the local food industry, whose major companies are keen to participate in it and offer the latest food products and raw materials needed by this industry because this exhibition ensures the internal marketing of these products as well as export opportunities.

Using Real-Time Satellite Data to Track Water Productivity in Agriculture

 Rome - Measuring how efficiently water is used in agriculture, particularly in water-scarce countries, is going high-tech with the help of a new tool developed by FAO.

 The WaPOR open-access database has gone live, tapping satellite data to help farmers achieve more reliable agricultural yields and allowing for the optimization of irrigation systems.

 WaPOR was presented this week during a high-level partners meeting for FAO's Coping with water scarcity in agriculture: a global framework for action in a changing climate. It allows for fine-grained analysis of water utilized through farming systems, generating empirical evidence about how it can be most productively used.