Lebanese-Syrian Agricultural Committee to Activate Joint Work

Beirut, (ST)- The Lebanese-Syrian Agricultural Committee held a meeting in the town of Tinayel in the Bekaa region under the chairmanship of Lebanese Agriculture Minister Ghazi Zu'aiter in the presence of the Secretary-General of the Syrian-Lebanese Higher Council Nasri Khoury and a joint delegation from the Lebanese and Syrian sides.

During the meeting, the Syrian and Lebanese sides reached the necessary mechanisms to start activating the work of the Joint Agricultural Technical Committees, especially the export of Lebanese agricultural and animal production to the Syrian markets.

Prime Minister: The Participation of Businessmen and Industrialists at the Damascus International Fair Can Establish Broader Economic Relationship

Damascus, (ST) - Prime Minister Imad Khamis met with businessmen and industrialists from Arab and friendly countries participating in the 59th session of the Damascus International Fair from Libya, Egypt, Yemen, UAE, Lebanon, Sudan, Iran, Algeria, Iraq and Sweden.

During the meeting, businessmen and industrialists reviewed the problems and obstacles facing the trade exchange process and the development of working mechanisms between their countries and Syria, mainly "solving the shipping problems between Syria and Iraq, activating the businessmen council between Syria and Sudan, setting determinants to facilitate the entry of foreign companies to the Syrian market, establishing commercial communication office between Syria and Libya and solve the problem of transferring funds to traders and the development of a second plane to transport passengers from Libya and open the border between Syria and Jordan to facilitate trade exchange.

Syrian-Sudanese talks to Boost Economic Cooperation

Damascus, (ST) - Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection, Dr. Abdullah Al Gharbi, and Sudanese Assistant Minister of International Cooperation, Taher Adam, and the accompanying delegation discussed here on Sunday ways to activate economic cooperation relations and trade and agricultural exchange between the two countries.

Dr. Al Gharbi confirmed Syria's keenness to activate any work that serves the issues of the peoples of the two countries and contributes to raising them and their wealth and investment of their energies and to return joint Arab action to its alleys.

Cooperation Agreement Signed with Abkhazia Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Damascus, (ST) - The Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Abkhazia here on Sunday signed an agreement to enhance cooperation in the field of trade.

The agreement, which was signed by the President of the Federation Mohamed Ghassan al-Qalaa and Abkhazian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Gennady Gagolia. The agreement provides for strengthening cooperation and developing relations in economic, scientific and technical aspects, increasing contracts between companies from both sides and encouraging companies to cooperate with each other.

Syria, DPRK to Strengthen Economic Relations and Activate the Agreements

Damascus, (ST) - Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Dr. Mohammad Samer Al-Khalil discussed here on Friday with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Economic Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (ROK), Ry Myung-san, the economic relations between the two friendly countries and means of boosting them and boosting the economy of both sides.