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Premier Arnous: Syria has stocks of oil derivatives and sufficient reserves of wheat

The Prime Minister, Engineer Hussein Arnous, confirmed that Syria has stocks of oil derivatives, noting that a ship carrying one million barrels of oil docked today, Thursday, the 28th of April 2022, in Baniyas port.

Engineer Arnous clarified during the sixth session of the Council of the General Federation of Trade Unions that Syria has a sufficient reserve of wheat until the start of the new season.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the issue of electricity will be better in the near future after the entry of new stations into service.

Regarding transportation, the Premier pointed out that 100 buses for transport are under receipt, and that contracts have been concluded for 500 buses more.


The 12th Eurasian Economic Forum kicks off in Russia with the participation of Syria

Moscow (ST): The 12th Eurasian Economic Forum kicked off in Yekaterinburg, Russia with the participation of Syria.

Syria's ambassador to Moscow, Dr. Riyad Haddad, said in a speech during the "Dialogue on Equal Footing" conference at Ural State Economic University that talking about international law in light of its absence and non-implementation is meaningless, pointing out that the policy that the West seeks is the policy of power and therefore they  seek to turn the world into a jungle.

Haddad pointed out that Syria and Russia enjoy long-term scientific and educational relations, noting that thousands of Syrian graduates from Soviet and Russian universities are now working in their country, and that many Syrian students are currently choosing to study in the Russian Federation.

Rehabilitation of King Uthaina Primary School in Palmyra

Palmyra (ST),  Homs Education Directorate has completed the restoration and rehabilitation of King Uthaina Primary School for basic education in Palmyra, which was damaged as a result of the attacks of the terrorist organization (ISIS)  before it was defeated from the area by the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army.

The manager of school buildings in Homs, Abdullah Mugharebel said that the restoration work of the school, which is located on an area of about 2000 square meters, included the eastern and western building blocks, during which 16 classrooms were rehabilitated in addition to administration room and toilets, as well as the maintenance of the school seats and furniture, pointing out that the school is ready to receive students.

Mugharebel indicated that this year, Mahhmoud Mutlaq school will be renewed and rehabilitated, and a plan has been drawn up to restore the Queen Zenobia school, which will improve the educational reality in Palmyra’s schools and push the population back to their homes in the city.


Najla Khoury

Syrian-Iranian talks to activate trade exchange and industrial and agricultural cooperation

On April 24th, the Board of Directors of the Syrian-Iranian Joint Chamber of Commerce discussed with the head of the Office for the Development of Economic Relations between Syria and Iran ways to activate trade exchange and cooperation in the industrial, agricultural, health, pharmaceutical and tourism fields

The two sides also discussed joint investments and logistical services between the two countries. 

With the participation of more than 50 companies, Made in Syria Festival (Welcome to Eid) opens in Kafr Batna, Ghouta

Damascus (ST): The activities of the Made in Syria Festival “Welcome to Eid” in its 137th session kicked off with the participation of more than 50 national industrial companies.The event  is being held by the Damascus Countryside Governorate in cooperation with the Damascus Chamber of Industry and its countryside and the Damascus Countryside Chamber of Commerce in the city of Kafr Batna in Eastern Ghouta in the Sultan Palace hall at the entrance to the city.