Syria, Iran discuss enhancing cooperation in domain of pharmaceutical industry, medical equipment

Tehran - Syria and Iran discussed means to enhance bilateral cooperation in domain of pharmaceutical industry and the medical equipment needed by Syria.

Assistant Health Minister for Medical and Pharmaceutical Affairs Dr. Habib Abboud, during his meeting with representatives of the Iranian Health Ministry, Pharmacists Syndicate and Iranian pharmaceutical companies in Tehran Wednesday, stressed the importance of focusing on the quality and the international standards of the medicines which are exported to Syria with competitive prices.

Syria, Russia to Enhance Electricity Power Cooperation


Moscow, (ST) - The Minister of Electricity, Eng. Mohamed Zuhair Kharbotli, affirmed the strong relations with the Russian Federation and the desire to develop the electricity sector.

Cabinet Approves Creating Advanced IT Infrastructure for Industrial Cities

DAMASCUS– Working on the optimal investment of capital employed in the infrastructure of industrial cities and zones was one of the recommendations of the Cabinet’s session on Sunday, SANA reported.

In its session, chaired by Prime Minister Imad Khamis, the Cabinet said that such investment will enable the industrial cities to take their productive and economic role and to continue expansion of their services.

The Cabinet called for the creation of an advanced IT infrastructure to serve the industrial cities and zones, assessing the damage they sustained, and improving the quality of services provided to them.

Syria, China Discuss Boosting Construction Cooperation

DAMASCUS, (ST) – Minister of Public Works and Housing Hussein Arnous discussed here on Tuesday with a delegation from the Chinese company "S.E.N.Y" prospects of cooperation in the fields of the ministry's work.             

After presenting an overview of the work of the ministry and its construction companies responsible for the largest part of infrastructure and important state projects, Mr. Arnous stressed that the areas of cooperation with Syria in the reconstruction phase are open to the friendly countries that stood with the Syrian people during the years of the unjust war against Syria.

Syria Takes Part in the International Tourism Exhibition in Madrid

Madrid, (ST) -Syria took part in the 38th International Tourism Exhibition held recently in Madrid with the participation of more than 10,000 tourism companies and offices from 165 provinces and countries.

The head of the tourism delegation and director of marketing and tourism promotion at the Ministry of Tourism, Bassam Barsik, explained to a group of Spanish people who came to the Syrian pavilion congratulating Syria on victory over terrorism and its participation in the international celebrations. Syria, in cooperation with its friends, has been able to restore and reconstruct a large number of tourist attractions, he added.