Sila Expo Declares Revival of Syrian Leather Industry

DAMASCUS- The International Expo for Leather Industry and Footwear “Sila” which kicked off at Damascus Fairgrounds on Feb. 5th was an occasion to declare the revival of shoes and leather industry in Syria after eight years of suffering from many difficulties which have faced the industrialists and artisans in this sector, according to SANA.

The four-day expo in which about 150 Syrian, Arab and foreign companies participated was a platform for promoting not only the products of the participants, but the products of all leather industries in Syria.

150 Syrian, Arab and Foreign Companies Take Part in Leather Industries Expo

DAMASCUS- With the participation of more than 150 Syrian, Arab and foreign specialized companies in the leather and footwear industry,  the 8th edition of Sila Shoes Expo kicked off at Damascus Fairground, according to SANA.

The four-day expo, organized by Arab Federation of Leather Industries in cooperation with Ministry of Industry, displays a wide variety of shoes, bags, clothes and the requirements of manufacturing them and the services related to these industries.

135 National Companies Take Part in 81st “Made in Syria" Shopping Festival

DAMASCUS-  The 81st round of monthly shopping festival “Made in Syria” kicked off on Thursday evening at al-Jalaa Sports Hall in Mazzeh in Damascus with the participation of 135 national food, textile and chemical industries companies, according to SANA.

Head of Damascus and its Countryside Chamber of Industry Samer al-Debs confirmed that the industrialists participants continue to offer discounts and special offers on all their products with maintaining the good quality.

Syria, Iran Sign 11 Cooperation Agreements

Damascus, (ST) - Syria and Iran signed here on Monday 11 agreements and memorandum of understanding and an executive program to enhance cooperation between the two countries in the economic, scientific, cultural, infrastructure, services, investment and housing sectors at the end of the 14th session of the Joint Syrian-Iranian Higher Committee held in Damascus

The most prominent cooperation papers signed were the long-term strategic economic cooperation agreement and a memorandum of understanding for the meetings of the Joint Higher Committee signed by Prime Minister Imad Khamis and Dr. Ishaq Jahangiri, First Vice-President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Businessmen sign dozens of cooperation agreements between their companies

Damascus, (ST)- The meeting of the Syrian Business Roundtable held recently at the Sheraton Hotel in Damascus resulted in reaching dozens of understandings and agreements and exploring investment and partnership opportunities through networking between different business sectors.

Orfali Group for Consultations and Training, which organized the meeting, explained that for the first time in Syria, such a meeting was held, that included roundtable meetings. More than 60 businessmen and businesspersons succeeded in networking between their companies by exploring opportunities for cooperation and integration to establish understandings and deals that enhance the strength and effectiveness of the local business environment.