Syria, Belarus discuss economic cooperation

MINSK,  (ST)_ Syrian Ambassador to Belarus, Mohammad al-Omrani, discussed with Minister of Defense Industries and Head of the Belarusian side in the Joint Syrian-Belarusian Intergovernmental Committee for Trade, Economic and Technical Cooperation Dmitry Bantus cooperation relations between the two countries.
The two sides' talks focused on efforts being made to develop these relations in the economic and trade fields through the Intergovernmental Committee meetings scheduled to be held in Minsk next year and ways to enhance them in the interest of the two friendly countries and peoples.

The monthly marketing festival (Made in Syria) continues its activities at Tichrin Sports Hall

Damascus (ST): The activities of the 110th session of the monthly marketing festival (Made in Syria) organized by Damascus Industry Chamber and its Countryside continued at Tichrin Sports Hall in Al-Baramekah with the participation of 130 industrial companies.

Assistant Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Jamal Eddin Shua'ib affirmed that the festival has been an important platform for Syrian companies to display their products at  low prices, calling on all the companies and establishments of the Ministry of Industry to take part in the festival.

26 bakeries damaged due to terrorism have been rehabilitated to secure citizens’ daily needs of bread in Aleppo

The Syrian Establishments of Bakeries in Aleppo continues to rehabilitate the bakeries that have been damaged and destroyed by terrorism. Bread production lines have been repaired and put into service with the aim of securing citizens' needs.

The number of bakeries that were put into service has increased from 12 to 26 in the countryside and city of Aleppo since its liberation from terrorism in 2016.

Head of the Aleppo branch of the Bakeries Establishment Jihad Al-Samman, told SANA reporter that the establishment’s plan for this year included re-operating damaged bakeries, establishing new ones and setting up new bread production lines in all liberated areas, particularly the highly populated ones.

Rebuilding of 52 health centers and hospitals in Aleppo since its liberation from terrorism

 Terrorism has targeted the city of Aleppo and all sectors that contribute to providing services to citizens, especially the health sector.

Four years ago, the Syrian Arab Army liberated the city of Aleppo from terrorist groups that had destroyed and sabotaged a large number of hospitals and health centers.

Director of Aleppo Health Dr. Ziyad Hajj Tahasaid that 52 health centers, hospitals, and medical points have returned to service and work after rebuilding them.

Industry in Syria's Aleppo four years after liberation from terrorism

The Industrial City in Sheikh Najjar in Aleppo has for a long time been  a major contributor to the development of the Syrian industrial and economic sectors through its various products. More than 675 industrial facilities have returned to work and started production in this city, proving that the Syrians' determination to confront terrorism and its supporters as well as sanctions has grown stronger.

Four years after liberating Aleppo from terrorism by the Syrian Arab Army, the number of industrial facilities working  in Sheikh Najjar industrial city has reached 675 with new facilities continuously joining production in this city to elevate the industrial sector and help it restore its glory as the biggest contributor to Syria's economy.