New Destination of the Fly Damas

Damascus, (ST) - Fly Damas Aviation Company announced here on Sunday to fly a flight next Wednesday  from Damascus International Airport towards the city of al- Sulaymaniyah in Iraq.

The company noted in a statement to local press today that the company will fly a weekly trip to the city of Sulaymaniyah as a new destination with the provision of bus transport services from Sulaymaniyah airport to the city of Erbil and vice versa.

HCESP:Investment Expenditure, Agricultural and Industrial Production is a Priority

Damascus, (ST) – The Higher Council for Economic and Social Planning (HCESP)underlined yesterday in its session chaired by Prime Minister, Imad Khamis, the continuation of the government’s plan for social support and focusing investment expenditure on production sector especially industry and agriculture.

Participants stressed on giving priority to import items of basic needs and raw materials and projects which produce items needed in the reconstruction stage, particularly cement, iron, glass, and other building materials.

Some 50 Companies Takes Part in Servex Exhibition 2017

Damascus, (ST) – Activities of the 4th  International Exhibition for the Services of Companies and Businessmen “Servex 2017” start here today. The event is organized by the Mashhadani International Exhibitions and Conferences Group. The three-day exhibition is  held today at the Dama Rose hotel in Damascus with the participation of more than 50 companies.

The Director General of the Group Khalaf Mashhani said in a statement to local press that what distinguishes the exhibition of Servex is that it depends on the presentation of intellectual products and services that can’t be expressed only through a direct meeting with the participants and explaining in detail about these services and build new relationships and mutual trust.

FAO Food Price Index Dips again in April

 Rome-Global food commodity prices fell in April amid expectations of ongoing robust supplies of many key staples.

The FAO Food Price Index averaged 168 points in April, down 1.8 percent from March although remaining 10 percent higher than a year earlier.

The Sugar Price Index led the decline, dropping 9.1 percent on the month as large export supplies from Brazil met with continued weak global import demand.

The FAO Vegetable Oil Price Index fell 3.9 percent on the month, pushed down by weakening demand for palm oil and expectations of bumper soy harvests and plantings in South and North America.

Cabinet Allocates SP 2 Billion to Support Micro Projects

Damascus, (ST) - During its weekly session chaired by Prime Minister Imad  Khamis, the Cabinet discussed a draft decree to reduce customs duties on raw materials and production requirements for local industries by 50%. After the discussion, th eCabinet approved the draft to be completed by the concerned parties for its issuance.