Premier Khamis tours Data Center in Baramkeh established for providing IT services

Damascus – Prime Minister Imad Khamis inspected in a field visit the Data Center implemented by the Syrian Computer Society (SCS) in al-Baramkeh area in Damascus with the aim of providing services to the public and private sector in all provinces in the field of information security and preservation according to the best international standards adopted, SANA reported.

Premier Khamis was briefed on an explanation of the importance of the services provided to the public and private institutions and on the timetable of the Center to be completely in service with all the technical equipment provided, in addition to the plan of establishing similar centers in the other provinces.

He pointed out to the key role of SCS in spreading the IT culture and building information systems, considering that establishing this advanced center in terms of services and equipment in light of the war of terrorism expresses the strong will of the Syrian people.

Damascus International Fair wraps up activates with singing a number of agreements

Damascus - Activities of the 59th session of Damascus International Fair wrapped up on Saturday as a number of agreements were signed with Arab and Foreign countries.

Agreements for importing 200 buses were signed with Belarus, two protocols for commercial cooperation in the field of food materials and electrical equipment were signed with Iran, in addition to singing contracts to export 50,000 tons of vegetables and fruits to a number of Arab and Foreign countries, SANA reported.

Local Administration and Environment Minister Hussein Makhlouf told the reporters in a statement that the agreement with Belarus came in the framework of enhancing the trade and economic cooperation ties between the two countries, appreciating the Belarusian government’s supportive stances towards Syria in facing the crisis.

Ina relevant context, Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Minister Abdullah al-Gharbi said in a statement that an agreement was signed for exporting vegetables and fruits to Arab and foreign countries.

Al-Gharbi pointed out that the huge turnout at the fair stresses that the cycle of the economic wheel in Syria has run and as we have militarily triumphed we will achieve victory economically.

The total number of the visitors who toured the ten-day Fair reached 2,247 million, according to the General Establishment for Exhibitions and International Markets.

Finance Minister: The Strength of the Syrian Economy Helped Financial Institutes Continue to Working

Damascus, (ST) - The Banking, Insurance and Finance pavilion at the 59th session of Damascus International Fair offers the services and advantages of public and private banks and insurance companies from transfers, account opening, deposits of all kinds, bank guarantees, ATM cards and ATM services to citizens.

Syrian- Iraqi Industrialists to Establish Joint Companies and Enhance Trade Cooperation

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Chairman of Damascus Chamber of Commerce and Industry Samer Al-Debs and members of the chamber discussed here on Thursday with the President of the Federation of Iraqi Industries Ali Sabeeh Al-Sa’idi and the accompanying delegation ways to develop cooperation between the two sides and facilitate the flow of Syrian industrial exports to the Iraqi market.

Mr. Al-Debs confirmed the importance of enhancing trade and industrial cooperation between Syria and Iraq, saying that the Iraqi market is "the strategic depth of the Syrian industry” that requires the two sides to develop this cooperation through trade and industrial partnerships and increase Syrian exports to Iraq.

Syrian-Iranian Forum to Increase Economic, Trade Cooperation

Damascus, (ST) - Participants in the Iranian-Syrian Economic Forum held by the Iranian Embassy in Damascus Monday focused on the economic and trade fields in which cooperation between the two countries can be increased.

Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Dr. Mohamed Samer al -Khalil stressed that during the past year Syria exported Syrian products to about 80 countries in the world, pointing out that Syria maintained the presence of Syrian products in the international markets, noting that Damascus International Fair played an important role in restoring economic life and the signing of new contracts between Syria and many countries.