Premier: Adoption of Serious Steps to Revive Development Process Necessary

DAMASCUS, (ST) - The Higher Investment Council (HIC), chaired by Prime Minister Imad Khamis, held a meeting between the government and partners in the economic and development process from both the public and private sectors to discuss the investment projects that are to be discussed at the first investment forum to be held on Monday. The forum aims to provide necessary facilities to push the development process ahead and revive the investment movement to strengthen the economy.

Government Delegation Inspects Ongoing Preparations to Launch Damascus International Fair

DAMASCUS – A government delegation, headed by Prime Minister Imad Khamis, inspected on Wednesday the current preparations by various government bodies to launch the 59th Damascus International Fair due to be held next August, according to SANA.

Premier Khamis listened to detailed explanation of the accomplished works in connection with the booking of spaces for participants, the preparation of pavilions, cultural events and accompanying exhibits, the transporting of citizens to and from the exhibition, the countries that confirmed their participation and the situation of cleanliness, maintenance, green spaces, electricity and networks.

Wheat Production Estimated at 2 Million Tonnes in 2017: Minister

HASSAKA, (ST)- Agricultural in Syria is one of the major sectors that has managed to continue working despite the terrorist war imposed on Syria and it is one of the vital sectors that enjoys government support, Minister of Agriculture Ahmad al-Qaderi has stressed.

His remarks came during a meeting with officials concerned in the agricultural situation in Hassaka province. The meeting focused on increasing the support provided to the agricultural sector  through preparing a plan for the recovery of this sector being a basic supporter of national economy.

Syria, Iran Discuss Agricultural Cooperation

Damascus (ST) - The Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform Ahmed Al-Qadri discussed with Iran's ambassador to Damascus Javad Turkabadi the prospects for joint cooperation between the two countries in the agricultural areas.

Mr.  Al-Qadri reviewed some ideas for cooperation, including the establishment of a plant for the production of foot-and-mouth vaccines and a poultry slaughterhouse with refrigerators to facilitate the marketing of poultry products, especially chicken and helping to establish a fodder factory.

Abu Rabah 16 Gas Well Becomes Operational, Providing 350,000 Cubic Meters Per Day

HOMS– The Abu Rabah 16 gas well in al-Furuqlus area in the eastern countryside of Homs province became operational on Sunday, providing 350,000 cubic meters per day, SANA reported.

While activating the well, Petroleum and Mineral Resources Minister Ali Ghanem underlined the importance of this achievement which is part of the Ministry’s plan for increasing drilling, as three wells have been drilled at an overall capacity of 1 million cubic meters of gas, in addition to activating 12 wells producing around 2.5 cubic meters of gas per day.