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Barada Company's sales exceed one billion pounds in 4 months

The value of sales of the General Company for Metallurgical Industries (Barada) exceeded one billion Syrian pounds during the first four months of this year.

The Company is preparing to conclude contracts for the supply of new raw materials to develop its products.

The Company's director, Engineer Ali Abbas, said that the value of the company's sales since the beginning of this year until the end of last April amounted to 1.085 billion Syrian pounds,, including refrigerators, gas ovens and fans of various sizes, in addition to water coolers, laser cookers, vacuum cleaners and electric ovens.

Al-Qaderi calls for enhancing friendship and cooperation between countries of the world to serve workers' issues

Secretary General of the International Federation of Arab Trade Unions, Head of the General Federation of Trade Unions in Syria, Jamal Al-Qaderi has stressed that the world is witnessing a conspiracy targeting all the countries that refuse to subjugate to the will of imperialism and that are proceeding in the path of development. He pointed out that this conspiracy aims at undermining the sovereignty and independent policies of these countries and their right to use their own resources in the service of their peoples.

In a statement during the opening ceremony of 18th Conference of the International Federation of Trade Unions being held in the Italian Capital, Rome, Al-Qaderi said that today, the world is experiencing unprecedented and extraordinary circumstances as world imperialism continues to target freedom and progress forces in this world by all possible savage weapons.

1st Conference on Investment in Renewable Energy will be an opportunity to attract investors: Electricity Minister

The 1st  Conference on Investment in Renewable Energy and Electricity, due to be held in Damascus next week, will provide an opportunity for exchanging experiences, attracting investors and encouraging them to carry out projects in this field and use renewable energy in generating and distributing electricity, according to Minister of Electricity Ghassan Al-Zamel.

In a statement to SANA, Al-Zamel said that the conference, scheduled to be held on May 15 and 16, will discuss the future of electrical energy, investment opportunities in the electricity sector, funding mechanisms and countries' experiences in the development of the electricity sector.  

More than two billion pounds spent on infrastructure projects in Hassia Industrial City

Homs (ST): Dr. Bassam Al-Mansour, Director General of Hassia Industrial City, revealed that more than two billion pounds have been spent on vital infrastructure projects in the city since the beginning of this year, with the aim of providing the best services to investors.

Syria takes part in a round table debate on Euro-Asian partnership

The International Union of Non-Governmental Organizations (the Eurasian People's Assembly) and the University of Belgorod State Technological University of Russia (BSTU) held a round table debate in Moscow on the Euro-Asian partnership with the participation of Syria.

The event was held under the title "Euro-Asian partnership..New Protocols for Cooperation in the Countries of the Mediterranean and North Africa".

Syria's Ambassador to Russia Riad Haddad stressed that discussions on the Euro-Asian partnership are important to enhance preparations for establishing a new world the features of which are currently being drawn as a result of the brave decision made by the Russian Federation to stop NATO expansion and put an end to western hegemony through a military operation in Ukraine that aims at protecting the people in Donbass and uprooting Nazism from Ukraine and the world.

He pointed out that peoples of the countries of the Middle East see no better alternative than partnership with Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union to establish balanced relations based on respecting others, particularly after the West has presented itself as an example in destroying countries and looting their resources.