Indian Embassy in Damascus Celebrates Anniversary of Launching IETC Program, Stresses Deep Syria-India Friendship

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The Indian Embassy in Damascus on Friday held a reception ceremony at the Sheraton Hotel marking the anniversary of launching the Indian Economic and Technical Cooperation Program (IETC).

The Indian Ambassador to Syria Man Mohan Bhanot said in a speech that "celebrating the anniversary of launching  IETC program here in addition to the participation of Syrian trainees in this program to know about their experiences and suggestions on ways to develop the IETC stresses the continuity of the Indian-Syrian friendship and the strong deep relations between the two countries.

The ambassador hailed Syria's participation in IETC program through 90 Syrian trainees sent annually to India to receive training in several fields at Indian institutes.

He pointed out that more than 1100 Syrian trainees have benefitted from the program till 2016-2017.

Industry Minister: Public Companies’ Production Estimated at SP 176.486 billion, Hama Iron Company to Start Production Soon

Damascus, (ST)- In cooperation with the Indian Apollo Company, The Hama Iron Company will start production soon after the completion of the ongoing rehabilitation works being carried out at the company, Industry Minister Ahmad al-Hamu said.

In a statement to local press, the minister clarified that the ministry is currently working on implementing its plan, approved by the Cabinet last September, which focuses on developing the productive and marketing capabilities of companies and overcoming the difficulties facing these companies, both with regard to the supplying of raw materials and the developing of products and achieving the highest value added, in addition to making best use of the machines, equipment, workers and technical expertise in those companies.

Some 21 Syrian Companies Take Part in "Gulfood"

Damascus, (ST)- Syria participates effectively inthe World Food Exhibition "Gulfood” 2017, which kicked off on Sunday in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Director of the Exports Development Authority Al Mahdi Al Dali said that Syria's participation is represented by 21 food companies, pointing out that the exhibition is a great opportunity for the promotion of industries and national products. He said the exhibition opens new markets and allows participants to hold commercial deals that activate the overall production process especially because the food industry is Syria is one of the main sectors that enjoys high level of competitiveness.

The FAO Food Price at near two-year high in January

 The FAO Food Price Index (FFPI) averaged 173.8 points in January 2017, up 3.7 points (2.1 percent) from the revised December value. At this level, the FFPI is at its highest value since February 2015 and as much as 24.5 points (16.4 percent) above its level in the corresponding period last year. The strong rebound in the January value of the FFPI was driven by a surge in international sugar quotations and sharp increases in export prices of cereals as well as vegetable oils. Meat and dairy markets remained more stable.

China's Participation in Reconstruction in Syria Discussed

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Syria and China on Thursday discussed  bilateral ties and China's participation in the process of reconstruction in Syria.

During a meeting with China's Ambassador in Damascus Qi Qianjian, Prime Minister Imad Khamis thanked Beijing for supporting Syria at different international gatherings, stressing that "today we are amid a global war on terrorism, with takfiri terrorists on the one side and all peoples of the world that began to suffer from terrorism on the opposite side."

"We are confronting terrorism in parallel with exerting political efforts to attain security and stability to the Syrian people," said Khamis.