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Bolstering cooperation with Customs Union states stressed




DAMASCUS (SANA)- ” In a bid   to strengthen economic cooperation with the countries of the Customs Union represented by Russia, Belorussia and Kazakhstan, the needed files on signing an economic cooperation with  the Customs  Union have been recently accomplished."  Deputy Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade for the Arab and International Affairs, Dr. Hayan Salman confirmed.

"since the forces of production and the  market demands of these countries are similar, the exchange process will be done according to the principle of  swap or cash" Dr. Salaman stressed calling for reactivating the activities of the commercial attachés operating within the Syrian embassies abroad to be a link with these countries.

Salman said to SANA economic bulletin that the Ministry's Committee in charge is ready for holding meetings with these countries since that the  agreement will be put into force in the near future, adding that the ministry has discussed with the Kazakh and the Belarusian sides some aspects of cooperation .

In this respect, several meetings with some businessmen aiming at re activating the  Russian, Kazakh and  Belarusian joint Council have been held.

Regarding the feasibility of the comprehensive agreement with these countries, Dr. Salman affirmed that the agreement carries a lot of interests for the Syrian side; so there is no need to fear, pointing out that an agreement is carefully set  to join the free zones in this agreement . Lists were also prepared on the needs of the market from the goods that are produced in these countries and can be exported to Syria.

Talking on the importance of the Iraqi market, Salman stressed it as a strategic depth to Syria so there should be exchanges on all levels   between the two countries. Extensive correspondence has been done with the Iraqi side to deepen this cooperation, whether through barter or through monetary exchange.

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Special policies being prepared to enhance national production, says Economy Minister

DAMASCUS, (S.T) – Syria's retreat in several world indicators doesn't denote a retreat in national economy, Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade said on Saturday. 

In a press conference held at the Statistics and Planning Directorate, Dr. Mohammad Zafer Mihbek, asserted the significance of drawing up not only research plans for food and non-food items but also policies to increase production and to enhance competitive process in the Syrian economy.

He called for taking feasibility studies into consideration before starting any projects, and applying special policies for protecting nascent industrial projects. 

"It is very important to follow up Syria's rank in the periodical indications of the national and international reports; in addition to analyzing the data and information of these reports in order to inspect the weaknesses and tackle them with the parties concerned," said the minister.  

Meanwhile, Head of the Planning, Survey and Enhancing Competition Department Samar Qsibati, stressed that the ministry's new vision focuses on studying production and marketing of items as economic resources.

"The vision also underlines the importance of linking between supporting production and the crops in a scientific way, and exporting surplus strategic items such as sheep, meat, olive oil, and ready clothes,"said Qsibati.

She cited that the number of international reports by which Syria is listed reaches at 30, including that of  Global Competiveness, the Global Information Technology, the Logistics Performance Index, the Global Innovation Index, Human Development Index, Global Food Security Index and Environmental Performance Index.



Newly-formed economic committee discusses new measures

DAMASCUS, (S.T)_Prime Minister Dr.Wael al-Halqi called on Thursday for adopting preventive measures to lessen the crisis' negative effects on the national economy.

Chairing the 1st meeting of the committee formed to follow up economic situation under the current circumstances, al-Halqi made it clear that these measures aim to preserve the value of the Syrian pound and relieve citizens' worry about currency reserves.

"Persisting in funding imports is a must to meet national needs," said the premier.

In addition, the meeting discussed mechanism of providing the Treasury with foreign currency and Syrian pound through revenues of deals singed to export Syrian goods to the friend states.

Earlier, Governor of Central Bank of Syria (CBS), denied reports on the suspension of selling foreign currency to other banks and currency exchange institutions.

Adib Mayaleh told SANA that the Bank is committed to fund trade and non-trade needs through other banks or foreign currency exchange institutions.

"What has been broadcasted and circulated amid dealers in the local market is groundless and it aims at spreading panic," said the governor.

He added that the rise of the exchange rate in the parallel market is unjustified,noting that exchange processes in this market are illegal and the authorities concerned will take necessary measures against those who deal in it.

Mayaleh asserted that the bank is exerting every possible effort to maintain the exchange rate at a balanced level and curb market manipulation.

"No justification for the increase in goods' prices over the past few days," said the governor, adding that this has attributed to the rise of exchange rate in the parallel market.

He added that the current circumstances is being exploited to gain illegal revenues since all export and import processes are funded according to the CBS exchange rate bulletin.

Basma Qaddour


National economy strong, balanced, Says al-Halqi

Damascus, (ST) – Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi dubbed the  national economy as  strong and balanced and could adapt  to the complications and developments of the crisis in Syria through a series of decisions and steps taken by the government in order to cope with the ongoing developments.

Addressing the People's Assembly on Wednesday, al-Halqi said that the Syrian Pound is currently under unprecedented attack launched by some Arab-linked media .

"By doing so, They (some Arab countries) are aiming at diverting  the  citizens and businessmen's destination away from the Syrian pound, "underscored al-Halqi.

"However, the government has taken several steps to boost citizens' confidence in commerce and the Syrian Pound and to unveil the nature of this media and economic war which is accompanied by spreading rumors, "added al-Halqi.

The Prime Minister made it  clear that the said  measures  strongly contributed in boosting the  citizens' confidence in the national economy and consequently foiled all attempts to undermine trust in the government's economic steps .

"the homeland and citizen's security is the government's top priority .Hence, Syria is firmly going forward as regards fighting terrorism backed by Arab, regional and international powers, "asserted al-Halqi.

He also hailed  the role of the Army and Armed Forces and security forces in combating terrorism and restoring security nationwide.

"the army and armed forces and the security forces  are the sole guarantee of the country's unity and safety, "concluded al-Halqi.


Syria exports 3.036 tons of pistachio

HAMA, (S.T) _ It is known that Syria's pistachio ranks first in terms of high quality and nutritional value.  

Syria has exported this season a huge amount of pistachio to several Arab and foreign countries reached 1.200 tons of peeled pistachio plus 1.836 tons of unshelled one, according to SANA,

 "The total value of the exported pistachios estimated up to S.P 3 billion," said Hama Chamber of Agriculture on Wednesday

Khaled Merei Qasem, the Chamber's Head, asserted that Hama province comes first in pistachio production in Syria with 22,000 tons.

The total number of pistachio trees in Hama estimated at 3.318.000;of which 2.844.000 are fruitful.

Scientifically speaking , a handful of pistachio nuts a day can help destroy bad cholesterol, ward off heart disease and prevent cancer.

The nuts are full of antioxidants that protect cells from damage by harmful chemicals, called 'free radicals'.

The results published in the "Journal of Nutrition" follows previous research by the same team that discovered pistachios help destroy bad cholesterol that can lead to heart attacks and stroke.

Basma Qaddour