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Oil drilling in Syria regional water discussed

DAMASCUS, (ST)_Syria and Russia have tackled means of removing obstacles that face the process of oil drilling in Syria's regional water and the possibility of establishing joint investments in oil and gas sector.

The topics were reviewed on Wednesday by Oil and Mineral Resources Minister Suleiman al-Abbas and Russia's Ambassador to Damascus "Azamatollah Kolmahmadov" as well as Deputy Head of the Board of Directors of the Russian Oil company "Issa Gotshetel".

The discussions followed a meeting of technical teams representing the Syrian Oil Ministry and the Russian Soyuz Oil Company.

Al-Abbas underscored the ministry's readiness to cooperate with Russian companies including the Soyuz Oil Company which had carried out projects in Syria, according to the official news agency.

For his part, the Russian Ambassador cited strong ties between Syria and his country, hoping to boost the cooperation in field of oil for the common interest of the two countries' peoples.

B. Qaddour      

Actual Steps to Barter Goods with Russia

(ST)- Deputy Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade for Arab and International Relations, Dr. Hayan Salman, said recently to local Tishreen newspaper that the ministry started the first procedures of the actual activation to barter goods for goods with the Russian side. He asked the Syrian economic activities to prepare their goods and products for exchanging with the Russia side, indicating that it had been agreed with the Russian side on the export of yarn, citrus, fruits, vegetables, and raw materials to be bartered for commodities produced in Russia and needed by the Syrian market. Trade exchange  with Russia will increase to 40%, Dr, Salman expected.
"Commodities needed by Syria, as pointed out by the Deputy Minister, were arranged according to priorities and specified programs and  the Russian side agreed to submit these commodities to Syria under accessible procedures primarily basic food products," Dr. Salman said.

"The issue of exchange in the field of oil and its derivatives also was discussed, pointing out that a meeting with the Minister of Agriculture was held to discuss the issue of exchange, and resulted in the formation of a committee to start the export of citrus fruits.," Dr. Salman clarified
It is noteworthy that, a government official delegation, represented by the Ministry of Economy and a number of economic activities, including the Exporters Federation paid a visit to Russia recently and met with some Russian economic activities. The two parties emphasized the need of activating the principle of exchanging goods to enhance the competitiveness capability of goods and granting them comparative advantages. It also was agreed with a number of Russian companies to export large quantities of fruit and vegetables and processed products.

Emphasis was placed to ensure the needs of the Syrian market of all goods and services, facilitate financial transactions with a number of banks, bodies and financial institutions, including the agreement of cooperation in all economic fields, especially in the field of oil and gas.

The Syrian delegation also met with the representatives of the Chamber of Commerce of Moscow and Russia and various  activities in the field of marketing and promotion, and in the fields of tourism and production of oil and gas fields, manufacturing mills, import of fruit and vegetables, export of industrial equipment and metals.

"The principle of exchange will be a viable solution to overcome the western economic sanctions and ensure the flow of goods needed by the Syrian citizen," Dr. Salman added.


Sharif al -Khatib

Syrian, Iranian Electric Cooperation

TEHRAN, (ST) - During their meeting held yesterday in Tehran,  the Minister of Electricity, Imad Khamis, and Iranian Minister of Energy, Hamid Chitchian, reviewed ways of enhancing bilateral cooperation between the two countries, especially in the electricity sector due to the importance of the electricity  as an important service sector in society and everyday life.

On the sidelines of the XIII International Exhibition for the Electricity Industry and the 9th International Exhibition for Water Facilities and Sanitation held in Tehran with the participation of a number of a   number of countries, the two sides stressed  determination to work and develop areas of cooperation and to remove all obstacles to the work of companies and electrical projects in Syria and find new floor for future cooperation in the field of supply , transmission and distribution of electricity and renewable energy.

The minister stressed the need to expand areas of bilateral cooperation in the field of electricity, installations, equipment, electrical projects and services in Syria and the optimum utilization of the billion dollars worth line of credit  to the Syrian government, pointing out that the contracts signed and funded by the credit line were put in place to enhance the steadfastness of the Syrian people , who have suffered for more than two years of war .

For his part, the Iranian Energy Minister expressed his country 's readiness to cooperate with Syria in all fields , especially in the field of electricity .

Mr. Khamis also discussed with head of the Office of the Iranian President, Mohammad Nahavandian,  bilateral relations and ways and mechanism of cooperation in various fields, especially in the field of electricity , gas, oil and credit line .

The minister reviewed with Mr.  Nahavandian the reality and the development of the electricity sector in Syria and said, "We are determined to build Syria and achieve victory thanks to the awareness of the Syrian people and aware of the size of the big plot targeting the elements of the people’s life."

The minister expressed his appreciation to the Government and people of Iran for supporting Syria in the unjust war in the various fields.

For his part, Mr. Nahavandian underlined that Syria will be victorious and will emerge stronger and Iran will continue to support her and said , " topics listed on the agenda will be continued by the Syrian embassy in Tehran to be solved and implemented ."

Mr. Khamis also met with General Director of the Export Development Bank, Bahman Wakilly, and discussed appropriate ways and mechanisms to accelerate the implementation of contracts to secure Syria's future needs in the field of energy , health and other commodities.

For his part, Eng. Khamis and the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Armenia, Armen Mosisian, in the presence of the Minister of Energy of Iran and the Syrian ambassador in Tehran discussed ways of bilateral cooperation in the field of electric power , stressing the depth of historical relations between the two countries in all fields.

Mr. Mosisian stressed his country's strong ties with the Syrian people , expressing hope that the crisis in Syria will be ended as soon as possible and asserted his country 's readiness to cooperate with Syria in various fields.

It is noteworthy that the Minister of Electricity and the accompanying delegation and the Syrian ambassador in Tehran attended the opening ceremony of the 3rd International Exhibition of electricity industry with the participation of 306 Iranian companies and 64 foreign companies from thirteen countries such as China , Turkey, South Korea, Austria , Germany, Italy , Switzerland, Spain, India , Denmark, Bulgaria , the Netherlands and France.

Eng. Khamis also took part in the opening of the 9th International Exhibition of Water and Water Equipment and Sanitation with the participation of 210 Iranian companies and 13 foreign companies from 12 countries. He toured the exhibition and briefed on the latest industries of electricity and water equipment.

Sharif al -Khatib

Ministry of Electricity, Syrian-European Complex for Heavy Industries Sign MoU

(ST)- The Ministry of Electricity and the Syrian European Complex for Heavy Industries recently signed a memorandum of understanding for the establishment of wind farms in promising areas by the use of wind turbines manufactured and assembled in the lab complex. 

The Memo includes the implementation of wind projects of a total capacity estimated at 105 MW in two phases through a pilot project - Farm wind of a capacity estimated at 5 MW in al -Sindyaneh area of Homs under a contract by mutual consent, facilities and encouraging prices by the Syrian-European Complex as well as the establishment of wind farms of a total capacity of 100 MW in promising wind sites and taking advantage of the plant products of the wind turbines components. 

The memo provided for the exchange of experiences, the results of the measurements and preparation of studies, designs and research related to wind turbines and rehabilitation of cadres of the two teams in the field of studies of projects, wind farms, holding conferences, workshops,  seminars, activities and programs that contribute to spreading awareness in the use of wind energy. 

The Minister of Electricity, Imad Khamis, underlined that these heavy industries will be the start of a new era of Syrian electricity industry and renewable energies. 

Mr. Khamis pointed out his ministry has the determination to implement new projects that promote the development of the electric grid and raising its performance, explaining that despite the limited domestic resources of oil and gas, there must have been a trend towards the useof renewable energy sources from the wind and sun to meet a part of the demand for energy in general and electricity in particular. 

"The ministry's strategy includes the installation of more than 2,500 MW of wind turbines up to 2030 to produce about 7 billion kWh of electric power, pointing out that the Electricity Law No. 32 of 2010 encourages the public, private, joint and foreign sectors to invest in the field generating and distributing of electricity including renewable energy, " Mr. Khamis clarified. 

The minister pointed out Thursday that his ministry has made great efforts to accomplish legislations that encourage the use of renewable energies and pave the way for the domestic and foreign investors to participate in these projects. 

For his part, Director General of the Syrian-European Complex for Heavy Industries, Walid Elia, pointed out that this complex specialized in the manufacture of wind turbines is the first in the Middle East of a capacity  estimated at 2.5 MW per turbine where it works for about 25 years. The Complex  is also cooperates city renewable energies with specialized international companies to manufacture its products according to global approved systems. 


Industry Minister: Damages to Syrian Industry Estimated at SY336 Bln.


(ST) -The Minister of Industry, Kamal Eddin Toumeh, underlined that the value of direct and indirect damages to the Syrian industry in both public and private sectors since the beginning of the crisis had amounted to 336 billion Syrian Pounds.

During a meeting with the directors of public industrial establishments and number of directors involved in the ministry of industry, Toumeh said that "the damage to private industrial sector, which amounted to about 230 billion pounds and the damages of the industrial public sector amounted to about 106 pounds."

Earlier, the minister said in a speech in front of the parliament that the number of private sector enterprises affected by the crisis so far amounted to 720 facilities, pointing out that the total value of the losses amounted to 330 billion Syrian Pounds.

At the beginning of 2012, the Ministry of Industry estimated the value of damages and losses suffered by the establishments as a result of the crisis, by more than one billion and 61 million pounds.

Prime Minister, Wa'il al Halaqi,  said, earlier, had been monitoring the damage that inflicted both the public and private sectors by the conflict until today  amounts to 2900 billion Syrian Pounds, pointing out that there is a national team of experts and the Planning and International Cooperation Commission to prepare a national draft for the reconstruction process.

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