Circulation of Alternative Energy to Reduce Costs

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform, Ahmad al –Qadri, and Deputy Director of the National Center for Energy Research at the Ministry of Electricity, Dr. Senjar Tomah, recently discussed here the possibility of signing a memorandum of understanding and an executive program between the two ministries for the circulation of alternative energy to reduce the cost of agricultural production.

During the meeting, Eng. al - Qadri pointed out to the importance of technical cooperation with the Ministry of Electricity to rationalize the energy and its use, reduce waste, and the use of alternative energies.

Dr. Tomah called to the consumption and use of energy in a rational manner and without waste in order to be available for all.

For his part, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Eng. Ahmed Qadish, said  that the ministry had distributed 20 solar home-cook in the desert and the villages in the north-eastern region as an experiment to reduce waste, where experience has shown a success.

The attendees also discussed several measures to develop the work and means of cooperation regarding the national campaign to rationalize the use of energy and the way of consumption.

Sh. Kh 

MOTEX Exhibition to be Held in Beirut

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The head of the Governing Council of the Damascus Chamber of Commerce, Mohammed Ghassan al -Qalla', has underlined  that dozens of companies will participate in the specialized exhibition for the Syrian textile industries (MOTEX) which will be held next April in Beirut

In a statement he made recently, Mr al Qalla' said that the submission of requests to participate in the show is valid until January 16, pointing out that an area estimated at 9 thousand square meters was allocated for this purpose in the center of Biel for International Exhibitions to allow participation for the greatest possible number of Syrian textile companies.

"Invitations to companies and businessmen from friendly countries have been distributed to visit the exhibition and see the latest models of textile products and making deals with Syrian traders to market these products in the markets of these countries.

It is noteworthy that in 2012 the Commission organized two exhibitions in Jordan under the name MOTEX for spring 2012 and summer 2012.

Sh. Kh.

Workshop on Defining Economic Approach in Syria


 DAMASCUS, (ST)-  The Faculty of Economy at the University of Damascus recently held here a workshop entitled "The new economic policy in Syria".  Participants in the event  focused  the importance of defining a clear identity of the Syrian economy during the post-crisis phase and mapping out effective economic policies.

“The aim of the workshop is to raise  ideas, thoughts  and opinions of economists, academics, professors and students at the college to be discussed with the effective bodies in the Syrian society to  map out  a single economic approach that determines the economic identity during the post-crisis,” the Dean of the Faculty of Economy, Dr. Raslan Kaddour, pointed out .

"The economic policy practiced  during the past decade played an incentive role that has led to the current crisis”,  Dr. Kaddour commented.

He called for ensuring mechanisms that impose the market system to work for the benefit of the community and focus on the achievement of sustainable development in all its dimensions and linking to economic and social indicators and the combination of market efficiency and achieving social justice and equity in the distribution of wealth.

The head of the Economic Department at the college, Dr. Musa Al Ghurair, clarified that many aspectes of  defects appeared in the application of the social market economy and the economic indicators, the real and unreal economy, investment,  unreal income, expenditure and the subsequent imbalance in the social and low support for the agricultural sector and the liberalization of the national economy .

He believed that the economic approach in the next phase needs to achieve security and stability to enable the economic systems of exercising  their role and application of partnerships between public and private sectors, and anti-corruption programs.

Dr. Adnan Suleiman raised a question about the reason for the lack of a clear identity of the Syrian economy and its transformation to a blend of several economic models indicating that the naming of the social market "was a cover for the application of liberal economics," which contributed to "the production of the effects of the crisis" through liberalization of the Syrian economy and its integration with the global economy.

Sharif el -Khatib

Syria, Member of UNIDO Council

LIMA,(ST) -The fifteenth session of the General Conference of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) which concluded it deliberations recently in the capital of Peru, elected Syria, a member of the Council of the Organization of the Asian Group for four years to come.

The Industrial Development Board is the most important policy-making bodies of the organization that contributes to the support of Syria with the necessary technical expertise and technical and financial assistance to rehabilitate the national industry in order to achieve sustainable industrial development programs.

The Industry Minister, Kamal Tomah, Head of Syrian delegation and the Director of UNIDO, "Lee Young" discussed areas of cooperation in the provision of technical expertise and the preparation of economic studies for projects of phosphate fertilizers and the development of the sugar industry and cluster gatherings of textile industries.

The director of the organization fully confirmed to provide the necessary support from the technical expertise and technology and the completion of the necessary studies for the establishment of various projects and the contribution in funding through voluntary contributions to some countries in the budget of the organization, especially China, as soon as security and stability return to Syria.

The five-day conference discussed a number of issues related to the rate of work of the organization and activities of current and future in the fields of energy, environment, trade, agriculture, trade capacity building, the creation of employment opportunities and the Declaration of Vienna Plan of Action for the Least Developed in cooperation with middle-income countries and the election of the members of the organization's office, members of the Industrial Development Board and approval Declaration and Plan of Action of Lima in 2013.

On the sidelines of the forum, participants discussed the issue of reconciliation and harmony between the three dimensions of sustainable industrial development, environmental, economic, and social ways to cope with negative environmental consequences of manufacturing because of rapid population growth and the associated increase in global demand for resources and products.

Sh. Kh.

Syria, Iranian Electric Cooperation

(ST)- Four contracts for the supply of electrical installations with the Iranian Soner and Mabna companies were signed recently at the ministry of Electricity.    

The Minister of Electricity, Eng. Imad Khamis, stressed that these contracts to ensure the needs of the electric grid of all equipment to be rehabilitated of the terrorist acts.

"Thanks to great cooperation with Iranian friends a lot of difficulties were passed to ensure the needs of the Syrian electric grid and we signed three contracts with Soner Company to ensure the needs. The fourth agreement was signed with Mabna Company for the supply of necessary equipment for the electric power sector and the total amount of the four agreements worth 2.5 billion Syrian Pounds.

About the importance of cooperation with the Iranian companies, the minister said: the Iranian friends are strategic partners with whom we have excellent relations under the guidance of the leaderships of the two countries and we have concluded over the past six months, more than two dozen contracts with the Iranian companies and all types of equipment.

 For his part, the General Director of Distribution and Energy Investment, Eng. Mustafa Sheikhani, signed the contracts for the Syrian side and said: There are new contracts being prepared to be signed with the Iranian companies and this cooperation continuously increasing.

The Director of the Projects at the Iranian Mabna Company, Mohammed Ibrahim al -Muselli, talked about new projects and between Syria and Iran, especially after the success of several projects and power plants for electric power.

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