Syrian –Iraqi Banking Cooperation

(ST) - In support of the promotion of economic and trade relations with Iraq, the Governor of the Central Bank of Syria (CBS), Adib Mayaleh, addressed a letter to the government in which he explained the confirmation of the Islamic Cooperation Bank of Iraqi Investment request of the need to open a branch in the city of Damascus. 

 Because of the features expected to be achieved through the establishment of this section and of trade facilities and dealing with the issue of export of Syrian oil and providing necessary oil derivatives and thus the Governor of the Central Bank of Syria suggested setting up a branch of the bank in the form of a Syrian joint stock company under a special legislative decree.

Accordingly, the completion of the process of making the bank guarantees finding Syrian – Iraqi banking cooperation because it will become one of the private banks operating within the banking sector in Syria, so there is nothing to prevent the Islamic Cooperation Bank of Investment from work to find channels of cooperation with banks operating in Syria through correspondents in abroad and opening accounts in these banks, according to banking norms in force in this field. 

Sh. al -Khatib.

Syria 's Economic, finance Cooperation with India, Russia Highlighted

MOSCOW, (ST)  _Finance Minister Dr Ismail Ismail  discussed with his Russian counterpart Anton Saloanov financial cooperation relations between the two countries and the need to accomplish what was agreed upon regarding the Russian aid to the Syrian economy, particularly deposits and bank loans.

During a  meeting on the sidelines of the first day of the activities of the St. Petersburg Global Economic Forum, minister Ismail stressed the  need to strengthen bilateral financial and economic cooperation up  to the level of the distinguished political relations between the two countries.

During his meeting with  the Indian Commerce Minister Anand Sharma minister Ismail expressed thanks to the positions of India 's  government and people  and G-Brix  concerning events taking place in Syria, stressing the importance of supporting Syria by her friends to enhance the Syrian economy.


The minister pointed out that the Indian government can support the Syrian economy through providing  banking facilities and open accounts to facilitate trade between the two countries.

For his part, Minister Sharma said he would discuss the proposals with his country 's  government and the central bank.

Syria's Ambassador in Moscow Riad Haddad warned that certain sides in the West  are betting on the fall of Syria because of the economy and this is what should not be allowed by her friends.

In a statement to  reporters, minister Ismail described St. Petersburg World Economic forum  as "deep ,extensive and an opportunity for new ideas and concerns, which revolve in the minds of the international economic community on current economic  issues, during which  Russia 's growing role was highlighted , noting that discussions showed the importance of the application of the Basel banking standards and the role of capital markets in planning  investments.

Works of the 17th world economic forum  were held  in St. Petersburg Russian  in the presence of more than five thousand political figures, businessmen and experts, including 190 heads of major foreign companies and 428 heads of Russian companies.

In his speech at the forum, Russian President Vladimir Putin called for not to underestimating  the issue of supplying arms to Syria, stressing that "Russia exported arms to the legitimate government in Syria and in accordance with the agreements transparent In the framework of international laws and commitments.


T. Fateh

President Al-Assad Decrees on Increasing Salaries, Pensions

DAMASCUS, (ST) – President Bashar Al-Assad on Saturday issued decree No. 38 for 2013 on increasing monthly salaries of state civil and military employees.

According to the decree, a 40% increase is to be added to the first (SYP) 10.000 of the salary. 20% will be added to the second (SYP) 10.000 of the salary while 10% is to be added to the third (SYP) 10.000.

The decree also provides for adding a 5% increase to the amount which exceeded the third (SYP) 10.000 of the salary.

His Excellency, the president also issued legislative decree No. 39 for 2013 providing for increasing the pensions of the state's retired civil and military employees.

A 25% increase will be added to the first (SYP) 10.000 of the pension. 20% to the second (SYP) 10.000 and 10% to the sum which exceeds the second (SYP) 10.000 of the pension.

H. Mustafa

Developing Programs for Linking Protected Areas to Sustainable Development

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform, Ahmed Qadri, has assured the importance of coordination with international organizations and bodies concerned with the environment to ensure the preservation of life and natural biodiversity, pointing to the cooperation existing with the ministries and NGOs interested in wildlife to achieve sustainable development in all areas of environmental and on the entire territory of Syria.

 During a workshop on wildlife held recently, the minister pointed out the role of the network of multi-purpose nature reserves in protecting plant and animal species in all ecosystems and mapping out integrated programs and the work to connect these reserves to sustainable development to maintain and control natural environmental balanced operations and relations.


Mr.  Qadri clarified that paying more attention to rare and migratory species of birds and migration routes ensure the continuation of biodiversity and the survival of protected areas as genetic banks and the savior of fragile ecosystems or that are exposed to natural or artificial disasters.

 The Minister underlined that mapping out national policies for the protection of wildlife must be based on information and accurate studies on the current status of wild species and the risks and threats existing or expected to occur and the impact of development activities near the natural habitats of all species in addition to clear workable legislations based on environmental surveys, conducting census of wild animals and birds, the development of programs and the need to protect and preserve these species.


For his part, the representative of the World Council of Wild Birds, Regional Director of  Birds Project, Osama al –Nouri, said  that the Council supports all activities related to the environment in Syria despite the exceptional circumstances that Syria experienced now. The fateful link, he added,  between the environment and human imposes a redoubling of efforts to preserve the rare and endangered species and through the cooperation of all bodies concerned in wildlife conservation.

 Mr. al -Nouri said that Syria as a main gateway for the birds on the line migration from Asia –Europe to Africa and an incubator for a large number of birds impose high-level coordination with all concerned for the sustainability of biodiversity and species conservation and protection of wilds.


For his part, member of the Syrian Society for the Protection of Wildlife, Dr. Nazir Khalil, referred to the efforts being exerted by the Societyin the protection of wildlife and their natural habitat in cooperation with the national authorities, regional and international organizations for the implementation of sustainable development programs.

 Dr. Khalil confirmed the importance of the preparation of environmental reports relating to biodiversity of plant and animal, training and rehabilitation of cadres in the field of management of protected areas and eco-tourism.

  Sh. al -Khatib

Package of Projects to be Discussed Next Euro - Asian Economic Committee

(ST)- Informed sources at the Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade underlined  that  the ministry had completed the preparation of a list of projects that can be put forward with the Russian side to be displayed during the meeting of the next Euro - Asian Economic Committee prelude to Syrian  admission to the Customs Union, which includes Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

 The source explained that the ministry strives to follow up coordination and cooperation with the Russian side, including contributing to the strengthening of economic and trade relations and investment which can contribute to the development of joint cooperation between the two countries.

The ministry has received several proposals being implemented or some of the ministries seek to implement with Russian companies in Syria, among them, for example:

Smart Energy
 In this area, Oil Ministry suggested a number of vital projects that can be raised with the Russian side including strategic cooperation to explore for oil in Syrian territorial waters, as well as cooperation in the field of regional projects.  The Russian side took part in the financing and implementing of regional cooperation projects with Iraq, in addition to the possibility of engagement with Iran (Iran gas pipeline project, Iraq, Syria, Europe) and after coordination with the governments of the two countries.

In addition to the possibility of cooperation in investment projects of gas in the north central region and cooperation for long-term contracts for the importation of domestic gas and diesel fuel and naphtha export, with reference to the existence of a project to develop and produce the Syrian phosphate industry .

A study has been prepared on a project for automating the storage and distribution of petroleum products by using the smart card by the industrial company  "Russian Demarge the 21st Century". The Ministry of Industry also suggested a number of projects that can be raised with the Russian side is most notably in the importance of establishing a new plant to produce urea fertilizer in Deir Ezzour City in a production capacity of up to one million tons per year, and another for the production of phosphate fertilizer in Palmyra. The work to develop the  public company for tires in Hama, in cooperation with the Russian side, in addition to the possibility of cooperation in the field of cement industry and rehabilitation of several public sector companies.

 In the field of sugar industry, the  ministry has felt the need to set up a new plant for the production of fresh yeast, because of the absolutely and urgent necessary to meet the needs of the country of this article, and discussed the possibility of the participation of the Russian side to increase the production capacity of a plant yeast in Damascus.

Transportation Projects

The Ministry of Transport, according to the source, expressed willingness to cooperate with the Russian side in the field of air transport, maritime and in the field of roads and bridges and railways, notably the establishment of a project of Hejaz railway according to the system of BOT,  in addition to the construction of a railway between Damascus and the international airport. And another one for the passengers of the suburbs in the city of Damascus.

Internal Trade Projects
The internal trade projects include the import of 100 thousand tons of twined iron, different kinds of timber, in addition to 300 tons of dry yeast and 100 thousand tons of wheat for bread as well as other fruits and vegetables and food such as sugar, rice, vegetable oil and canned food.

Some 300 thousand tons of wheat (three batches) were received by the Public Establishment for Trade and Grain Processing and there is a request for the purchase of 1,300 tons under implementation.

 The General Foundation of the Storage and Marketing has indicated willingness in the export of olive oil, fruit and vegetables, citrus fruits, according to the commodity trade.

Ministry of Communications proposed talks with Russian communication companies for fiber optic link with Russia, Iraq, Iran and Syria and cooperation with Russia to benefit from the successful experiences in the performance of postal, financial, technical and satellites services.

Sh. al –Khatib