Syria, Iran Sign Gas Agreement

TEHRAN, (ST) - Oil Minister, Suleiman Abbas, discussed with his Iranian counterpart, Rustom Khasemi, in the presence of Governor of Central Bank of Syria, Dr. Adib Mayaleh, the mechanism of following up the implementation of agreements in the field of oil,  gas and its derivatives and the way of supplying them to Syria and the implementation of the line of credit for this purpose, and work together to overcome economic sanctions and blatant war imposed on the Syrian people and targeting his living and economy.

During the talks session, the Iranian side underlined readiness to provide all the elements of support for Syria and supply needs of oil according to the specific programs, stressing that the escalation of the economic war will not achieve its goals to weaken the will of the Syrian people and its determination in the face of terrorist groups backed by the West, the United States and other countries in the region.
For his part, Minister Abbas confirmed the importance of working together to enhance the steadfastness of the Syrian people who is exposed to the unjust siege, pointing out that the implementation of the agreements concluded between the two sides in the field of oil will reflect positively on the living conditions of the Syrian people.

On the sidelines of the talks, a framework agreement for the transfer of Iranian gas to Syria through Iraq was signed by the Syrian and Iranian ministers. The Syrian ambassador in Tehran, Dr. Adnan Mahmoud, took part in the talks.

In the same context, the Syrian and Iranian sides held economic and trade talks between the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Taysir al – Zou’bi and Iranian Minister of Trade and Industry and Minerals, Mehdi Ghadanfari, to follow up the implementation of economic and trade agreements to ensure food and basic commodities and the implementation of the billion dollar credit line to cover the needs of Syria, electrical and medical supplies, medicines and food commodities in the presence of the Syrian ambassador in Tehran, Deputy Minister of Economy and Trade, Director General of the General Establishment of  Consumer,  General Director of Foreign Trade,  General Director of Storage and Marketing and General Director of the Commercial Bank.
The two sides assured the need for continued work and activating bilateral cooperation to support the elements of the steadfastness of the Syrian people, especially in the economic, commercial and service domains.
The two parties stressed the importance of contracts and agreements concluded between the two sides and to take all necessary procedures and mechanisms for implementation as soon as possible to meet the needs and aspirations of the Syrian people and enhance their steadfastness.
Mr. Al –Zou’bi pointed out the risks to Syria of terrorist groups backed by the armed forces of international and regional parties, stressing that the Syrian people is able to face the plots and will be victorious by the support of brothers.
Mr. Al –Zou’bi underlined the need to accelerate the supply of food and essential commodities to relieve the Syrian people and enhance its steadfastness.
A session of talks also was held between the Governor of Central Bank of Syria and officials of the Central Bank of Iran in the presence of Oil Minister and the Syrian ambassador in Tehran to follow up the implementation of credit line concerning the needs of oil and food.  The two sides stressed the importance of the implementation of the credit line, its impact and reflections  in the economic, commercial, financial, health, banking and service sectors.

Sharif al -Khatib

Syrian-Iranian Banking Agreement signed

TEHRAN,(ST)_ An agreement on  banking arrangements was signed yesterday between the Central Bank of Iran and the Central Bank of Syria to implement the US  $ 6.3 billion  oil credit line to Syria from Iran.

The agreement, which was co- signed by governors of the central banks of Syria and  Iran, Dr. Adib Mayaleh, Dr. Mahmoud Bahmani, respectively  states the Syrian side  to refund ,the value of oil supplies , from  Iran in a form of  Iranian investments in Syria in various fields.

On Sunday, Syria 's  oil minister Suleiman Abbas discussed with his Iranian counterpart, Rostam Ghasemi  in the presence of Dr. Mayaleh  the implementation of agreements pertinent to oil and gas supplies  to Syria and relevant credit line  and joint efforts  to overcome economic sanctions  and eliminate the consequences of the blatant war targeting the  Syrian people living and economy.


T. Fateh

Measures to Facilitate Supply of Goods Discussed

 (ST)- The Economic Committee recently discussed the economic multi procedures to facilitate the supply of materials and goods from the Islamic Republic of Iran through the agreement on the line of credit facility signed between the two countries and the pricing mechanism to sell these items to the citizens and expand sales outlets. Other points will be presented later to the Cabinet for consideration and adopting what is necessary about them.

The Committee ended at its No. 27 session to assign the General Establishment for Foreign Trade and the General Organization for Storage, and Marketing to conclude the necessary contracts for the supply of goods and materials according to the needs of each institution of the Republic of Iran in the framework of the line of credit facility and the maximum speed with the approval of the General Organization of Consumer to make contracts with the Iranian Arya Tejarat Qarah for the supply of foodstuffs, detergents and manufacturing materials worth at $ 33 million, according to the individual prices and quantities contained in the attached draft contract.

The Ministry of Trade and Consumer Protection was mandated to find the mechanism for the distribution of goods to the citizens by the advance of the supplied with assigning the Commercial Bank of Syria to facilitate the procedures for the supply of goods from Iran across the line of credit facility in terms of opening credit to public institutions mentioned above as well as the exemption from the payment of any interest on the value of contracts for procurement with mandating the bank to open the necessary funds after the approval of the commission for the allocation of foreign exchange in the event of failure to provide such approval to open the necessary provision to be presented to the first session to come to the commission's allocation of foreign exchange .

During its meeting, the Economic Committee showed that the agreement on the final prices of materials between the governments of Syria and Iran will be later through committees formed for this purpose to price these materials administratively based on the proposal of the Ministry of Trade and Consumer Protection and the approval of the Economic Committee.

The  exchange rate will be adopted as bulletin currency exchange rates issued by the  central for the purposes of interfering with the mandate of the Ministry of c Trade and Consumer Protection follow-up with the Governors, unions, popular organizations and trade unions to expand outlets for citizens and studying the possibility of reinvesting installations and selling galleries to the public institution. 

Sh.  Kh.

175 SYP Against 1 $ Till Wednesday : Mayaleh

Damascus (ST) : Within a series of measures taken by the government to keep the exchange rate of the Syrian Pound stable against the foreign currencies.

" The bank started to sell the US dollar to exchange companies with 175 SYP per 1 $ until next Wednesday," said the Governor of the central Bank of Syria Adib Mayaleh on Saturday.


Billions of Syrian Pounds to Support Strategic Crops


DAMASCUS, (ST) - Director of Fund to Support Agricultural Production, Ziad Al –Jbawi, has underlined that the fund budget for this year amounted to about 16 and a half billion Syrian pounds to support the strategic crops, seed multiplication and feed, pointing out that the ministry is currently working on a study of some crops, which will be supported according to the costs and production requirements.

 Mr. Al –Jbawi said in a statement that there will be greater support for the agricultural sector and for all agricultural crops, where the fund aims to contribute to the achievement of food security and economic efficiency of the production process and enhance the competitiveness of agricultural production.

 Regarding the areas covered by the Fund, Mr. Al –Jbawi explained that the Fund supports the production requirements of seeds, saplings of different kinds of fruit forest and pastoral as well as feed intended for livestock and veterinary medicines, artificial insemination used for the development of livestock and treatment of epidemic diseases and pandemics that threaten livestock.

 “The Fund shall provide amounts of money of allocated subsidies in the state budget for the achievement of agricultural policy which is determined by the Cabinet  annually on the proposal of the Board of Directors that determines the amounts allocated to the beneficiaries,” Mr. Al –Jbawi added.

 Agricultural producers who carry out the production plan issued by the ministry and approved by the Council of Ministers benefit from the support.

 The Fund provides support for some strategic agricultural products such as wheat, cotton, barley and sugar beet diabetes and other agricultural products that the ministry deems them as necessary products.

 Sharif  al -Khatib