Indian Company to Complete the Expansion of Tishreen Thermal Power Station

Damascus Countryside - A delegation from the Indian company “Bharat” on Monday visited Tishreen Thermal Power Station, southeast of Damascus, to complete the expansion of the plant, which had been suspended during the past years due to the terrorist war on Syria.

The Minister of Electricity, Eng. Mohamed Zuhair Kharbotli said in a statement to the correspondent of Sana that the completion of the work in this project is vital and important and comes after the restoration of security and safety to most parts of the country where the decision to return to Syria was taken by the Indian experts to continue work..

Eng. Kharbotli explained that the implementation period of the project takes 29 months for the first group and 34 months for the second group at a cost of 305 million euros.

The Ministry of Electricity and the Indian company “Bharat” signed a contract to implement the expansion of Tishreen thermal plant with a capacity of 400 MW through two steam turbines working on fuel and gas with a capacity of 200 MW.

The company started operating the project in October 2010 but the company stopped working as a result of the terrorist works in Syria.

Executive Director of “Bharat” Company Akilco Mar pointed out that the visit of the delegation to Syria comes to coordinate with the Syrian government to start the implementation of the project in mid-June, especially that the supplies are located at the site.

For his part, the financial director of the company “Thebot Gupta” pointed to the good relations between India and Syria, which have not broken over the past years, noting that the company was waiting for the opportunity to return to continue to implement the signed projects.


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IndustryMinister: Rationalization of Imports, Reviewing Current Reality of Syrian Industry

DAMASCUS-The People's Assembly on Monday discussed,at the second session of the tenth ordinary session of the second legislative session, the performance of the work and tasks of the Ministry of Industry.

The activities of the members of the PA focused on the rehabilitation of the public sector’s companies that ceased production, especially the factories of shoes, glass and serum.

The Minister of Industry, Mohamed Maan Zein El -Abidin Jazbah presented a presentation on the reality of the Syrian industry in the current period after the operation of a number of production lines and companies that were ceased production during the crisis, pointing out that the creation of complementary activities for production such as the production of building materials in the cement companies.

The Minister also pointed out that 77,000 industrial and professional establishments were rehabilitated and resumed work, adding that the ministry is working on modernizing the production lines on a permanent cooperation with the Scientific Research Center and the Ministry of Higher Education to develop the local product and produce new varieties. He indicated to the rationalization of imports by replacing them with local products of high specifications, making contacts with industrialists abroad to encourage them to return and restart their facilities.

The minister explained that many companies in the public sector returned to production such as companies of tractors, cables, basalt and automatic carpets, while many laboratories are still under processing and others need much of work and money for rehabilitation. He pointed out that the investment plan of the ministry amounted at 30 billion Syrian pounds.

The ministry provides all facilities for the re-operation of industrial zones and works on the establishment of huts and exhibitions of handicrafts, which includes 85 quality crafts, stressing the need to encourage vocational education, the Minister concluded.

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“Belt and Road” Initiative Opens More Cooperation Prospects between Syria and China

DAMASCUS-The Second “Belt and Road” Forum (BRF), held in Beijing on April 26 and 27, has been the highest platform for international cooperation within the framework of the “Belt and Road” initiative. It aimed at crystallizing international consensus on China’s “One Belt One Road” initiative and mapping the cooperation according to the Syrian News Agency (SANA)

Forty leaders, including 38 heads of state and government, the UN Secretary-General, the Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Syria’s Presidential Political and Media Adviser, Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban took part in the forum.

Since its inception in 2013, the “Belt and Road” initiative has received positive support and warm response from the international community.

Four New Industrial Zones Are Under Construction in Lattakia

Industrial zones in Lattakia province provide suitable environment for practicing different kinds of handcrafts and industries including food, textile, chemical, wood industries as well other professions like car repair and building materials manufacturing. They also create a number of jobs opportunities for citizens and craftsmen.

"There are 4 industrial zones under construction in Lattakia in addition to a project for expanding the industrial zone in Jableh," Engineer Mohammed Ali, Director of Industrial Zones in Lattakia province, said in a recent statement to SANA correspondent.

Syrian, Iranian Economic Talks

Damascus- Members of the boards of directors of the Damascus Chamber of Commerce, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Tartous and Al-Raqqa discussed here with the delegation of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce means of cooperation between businessmen in both countries in economic and trade fields and ways of establishing joint investments.

During the meeting, President of the Damascus Chamber of Commerce, Ghassan Al-Qallaa affirmed the importance of enhancing trade and economic relations between Syria and Iran, activating the role of the Joint Business Council, setting up a Syrian-Iranian bank to facilitate trade exchange, expansion of joint exhibitions and exchange of businessmen visits.