Newly-formed economic committee discusses new measures

DAMASCUS, (S.T)_Prime Minister Dr.Wael al-Halqi called on Thursday for adopting preventive measures to lessen the crisis' negative effects on the national economy.

Chairing the 1st meeting of the committee formed to follow up economic situation under the current circumstances, al-Halqi made it clear that these measures aim to preserve the value of the Syrian pound and relieve citizens' worry about currency reserves.

"Persisting in funding imports is a must to meet national needs," said the premier.

In addition, the meeting discussed mechanism of providing the Treasury with foreign currency and Syrian pound through revenues of deals singed to export Syrian goods to the friend states.

Earlier, Governor of Central Bank of Syria (CBS), denied reports on the suspension of selling foreign currency to other banks and currency exchange institutions.

Adib Mayaleh told SANA that the Bank is committed to fund trade and non-trade needs through other banks or foreign currency exchange institutions.

"What has been broadcasted and circulated amid dealers in the local market is groundless and it aims at spreading panic," said the governor.

He added that the rise of the exchange rate in the parallel market is unjustified,noting that exchange processes in this market are illegal and the authorities concerned will take necessary measures against those who deal in it.

Mayaleh asserted that the bank is exerting every possible effort to maintain the exchange rate at a balanced level and curb market manipulation.

"No justification for the increase in goods' prices over the past few days," said the governor, adding that this has attributed to the rise of exchange rate in the parallel market.

He added that the current circumstances is being exploited to gain illegal revenues since all export and import processes are funded according to the CBS exchange rate bulletin.

Basma Qaddour