Actual Steps to Barter Goods with Russia

(ST)- Deputy Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade for Arab and International Relations, Dr. Hayan Salman, said recently to local Tishreen newspaper that the ministry started the first procedures of the actual activation to barter goods for goods with the Russian side. He asked the Syrian economic activities to prepare their goods and products for exchanging with the Russia side, indicating that it had been agreed with the Russian side on the export of yarn, citrus, fruits, vegetables, and raw materials to be bartered for commodities produced in Russia and needed by the Syrian market. Trade exchange  with Russia will increase to 40%, Dr, Salman expected.
"Commodities needed by Syria, as pointed out by the Deputy Minister, were arranged according to priorities and specified programs and  the Russian side agreed to submit these commodities to Syria under accessible procedures primarily basic food products," Dr. Salman said.

"The issue of exchange in the field of oil and its derivatives also was discussed, pointing out that a meeting with the Minister of Agriculture was held to discuss the issue of exchange, and resulted in the formation of a committee to start the export of citrus fruits.," Dr. Salman clarified
It is noteworthy that, a government official delegation, represented by the Ministry of Economy and a number of economic activities, including the Exporters Federation paid a visit to Russia recently and met with some Russian economic activities. The two parties emphasized the need of activating the principle of exchanging goods to enhance the competitiveness capability of goods and granting them comparative advantages. It also was agreed with a number of Russian companies to export large quantities of fruit and vegetables and processed products.

Emphasis was placed to ensure the needs of the Syrian market of all goods and services, facilitate financial transactions with a number of banks, bodies and financial institutions, including the agreement of cooperation in all economic fields, especially in the field of oil and gas.

The Syrian delegation also met with the representatives of the Chamber of Commerce of Moscow and Russia and various  activities in the field of marketing and promotion, and in the fields of tourism and production of oil and gas fields, manufacturing mills, import of fruit and vegetables, export of industrial equipment and metals.

"The principle of exchange will be a viable solution to overcome the western economic sanctions and ensure the flow of goods needed by the Syrian citizen," Dr. Salman added.


Sharif al -Khatib