Ministry of Electricity, Syrian-European Complex for Heavy Industries Sign MoU

(ST)- The Ministry of Electricity and the Syrian European Complex for Heavy Industries recently signed a memorandum of understanding for the establishment of wind farms in promising areas by the use of wind turbines manufactured and assembled in the lab complex. 

The Memo includes the implementation of wind projects of a total capacity estimated at 105 MW in two phases through a pilot project - Farm wind of a capacity estimated at 5 MW in al -Sindyaneh area of Homs under a contract by mutual consent, facilities and encouraging prices by the Syrian-European Complex as well as the establishment of wind farms of a total capacity of 100 MW in promising wind sites and taking advantage of the plant products of the wind turbines components. 

The memo provided for the exchange of experiences, the results of the measurements and preparation of studies, designs and research related to wind turbines and rehabilitation of cadres of the two teams in the field of studies of projects, wind farms, holding conferences, workshops,  seminars, activities and programs that contribute to spreading awareness in the use of wind energy. 

The Minister of Electricity, Imad Khamis, underlined that these heavy industries will be the start of a new era of Syrian electricity industry and renewable energies. 

Mr. Khamis pointed out his ministry has the determination to implement new projects that promote the development of the electric grid and raising its performance, explaining that despite the limited domestic resources of oil and gas, there must have been a trend towards the useof renewable energy sources from the wind and sun to meet a part of the demand for energy in general and electricity in particular. 

"The ministry's strategy includes the installation of more than 2,500 MW of wind turbines up to 2030 to produce about 7 billion kWh of electric power, pointing out that the Electricity Law No. 32 of 2010 encourages the public, private, joint and foreign sectors to invest in the field generating and distributing of electricity including renewable energy, " Mr. Khamis clarified. 

The minister pointed out Thursday that his ministry has made great efforts to accomplish legislations that encourage the use of renewable energies and pave the way for the domestic and foreign investors to participate in these projects. 

For his part, Director General of the Syrian-European Complex for Heavy Industries, Walid Elia, pointed out that this complex specialized in the manufacture of wind turbines is the first in the Middle East of a capacity  estimated at 2.5 MW per turbine where it works for about 25 years. The Complex  is also cooperates city renewable energies with specialized international companies to manufacture its products according to global approved systems.