Industry Minister: Damages to Syrian Industry Estimated at SY336 Bln.


(ST) -The Minister of Industry, Kamal Eddin Toumeh, underlined that the value of direct and indirect damages to the Syrian industry in both public and private sectors since the beginning of the crisis had amounted to 336 billion Syrian Pounds.

During a meeting with the directors of public industrial establishments and number of directors involved in the ministry of industry, Toumeh said that "the damage to private industrial sector, which amounted to about 230 billion pounds and the damages of the industrial public sector amounted to about 106 pounds."

Earlier, the minister said in a speech in front of the parliament that the number of private sector enterprises affected by the crisis so far amounted to 720 facilities, pointing out that the total value of the losses amounted to 330 billion Syrian Pounds.

At the beginning of 2012, the Ministry of Industry estimated the value of damages and losses suffered by the establishments as a result of the crisis, by more than one billion and 61 million pounds.

Prime Minister, Wa'il al Halaqi,  said, earlier, had been monitoring the damage that inflicted both the public and private sectors by the conflict until today  amounts to 2900 billion Syrian Pounds, pointing out that there is a national team of experts and the Planning and International Cooperation Commission to prepare a national draft for the reconstruction process.

Sh. Kh.