Putin, Singh give high marks to Russian-Indian trade-economic relations

Russian President Vladimir Putin has given high marks to Russian-Indian trade turnover, adding that it should be higher,according to Voice of Russia.

"We are developing active economic ties. We are happy not only about the amount of trade turnover, which, of course, can and should be higher, but the main thing is the quality of trade turnover, which is largely composed of products of a high added value," Putin said during a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Monday.

Russia and India are actively working together in all spheres, including military-technical cooperation and defense, he said.

A joint anti-terrorist military training is now taking place in India, Putin said.

Both countries are actively working together in the sphere of politics in the UN, BRICS, etc., Putin noted.

Singh, in turn, gave high marks to the diversification of trade-economic relations between Russia and India.

"It's good that we have good and permanent progress in our relations in various spheres such as defense, energy, IT, and also tourism, trade, and investment. We have good cooperation in international forums, which is developing, such as BRICS, G20, and the Southeast Asia summit," Singh said, reiterating that the two countries have a "special, privileged strategic partnership".