Syrian Investment Institution DG: Syria is still enjoying the benefits of attractive investment




DAMASCUS, (ST)  - Director General of the Syrian Investment Agency, Abdul-Karim Khalil stressed that despite the critical current circumstances, Syria is still enjoying the benefits of attractive investment, thanks to its strategic position as well as its geographical and environmental diversity that ensures the availability  of  many natural resources besides the experts and  qualified human cadres which resulted in achieving attractive returns to the investments that would be carried out according to the global standard of economic feasibility.

In a statement t SANA Economic bulletin, Khalil pointed out that capital has no specific nationality. It has the right to seize the opportunities and takes the nationality of the country in which it grows and to scores high revenue, referring that the number of the customs exemption decisions granted by the one-stop window at the customs office of the Institution reached 233 during the period from 1\1\2012 up to 30\9\2012.

"The value of the machines, equipment, supplies and transport services intended for import and winning exemption, scored SP16,650bln.This urges investors to start their investments by providing these projects with all the needed machines and equipment. So, the Syrian economic body did not hang in full but it suffers a provisional disability that will be gone very soon," Khalil underscored.

The director went on to say that investments in crisis times create unexpected investments opportunities. So under the economic sanctions there must be  alternatives to import through reactivating the various production sectors to ensure these alternatives, stressing that the Institution is committed to follow up work with governorates,   and the concerned ministries to found a well-studied investment map that  would identify the development priorities  and the investment opportunities set out according to the economic feasibility standard.

"According to the decree No.8 issued in 2007, the Institution had included 39 projects, and 23 of them are in the Agency.The total value of the estimated machines, equipment and transport services reached SP 14,7bln, while the total investment value achieved SP16,1bln''.

Amal  Farhat