Small Enterprises Attract Government Attention


 (ST)- Small and medium-sized enterprises have recently acquired the government's attention over the past years through a number of measures, notably the establishment of Enterprises Development Body and supporting its projects by funding as well as rural development projects and the establishment of micro-finance, etc., but this interest has declined recently in spite of its necessity in the current crisis in which we live, which led to the exit of a large number of public and private economic establishments of production.

 What opens the door for small and medium-sized enterprises to be a substitute for that, at least in the current phase, which requires self-reliance of the available potentials, especially agricultural ones, which can be built upon as an axis for small projects to evolve later into the medium industries stage.

The careful consideration of these projects reveals the big advantages that can achieve a benefit of the national economy including  the investment of resources,  utilization of manpower, increasing productivity which doesn't require a big capital and the resulting employment opportunities, both packing, packaging, marketing and more important is the provision of goods at cheap prices to replace imported ones.  

This urges the government to provide the necessary funding and simplifying of procedures, drawing a map of the projects of the most important, the assistance in the studies of economic feasibility, commitment of the public bodies in marketing the production of projects at encouraging prices, increasing incentives for the most profitable projects and other of encouraging advantages and the preparation of a legislative structure that form the wide frame for these projects.

The experiences of other countries in small and medium-sized enterprises and the success in the transition to giant companies in different types of industries naturally emphasizes their importance as an input to overcome the crisis and achieve economic development within the available resources.

Sharif al –Khatib