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Premier: A sum of 175 Million Syrian Pounds for Boosting Citizens Service Centers




DAMASCUS, (ST)_ "The biggest challenge for the establishment and operation of citizens service  centers is to develop  clear and unified standards, so as  to be able to perform government services in addition to expanding  activities of these centers  and rehabilitate, train and motivate its employees", said  the prime minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi on Monday during a workshop, organized by the Ministry of local Administration  on following up activities pertinent to citizens service centers  in the country 's governorates.

 The Prime Minister stressed the importance of assessing the performance of these centers and the need to add more services, in coordination with ministries and sides concerned, with the aim to simplify procedures and alleviate burdens shouldered by citizens.

 " A sum of 175 million  Syrian pounds was allotted to inaugurate and develop several citizens service  centers one-stop procedure in several cities and to benefit by  this experience in more than 30 Administrative units, to be  determined  annually, depending  on the preparedness  and human resources  in the main cities," the Prime Minister said.


T. Fateh