Olives Production in Quneitra


(ST)- Department of Quneitra Agriculture has estimated the governorate's production of olive for the current season about  6400 tones.

Director  of Quneitra Agriculture, eng. Naji Taqtaq has underlined that the area planted with olive trees is about 5537 hectares , an increase of 166 hectares from the last season, according to statistics of  Directorate of Agriculture,  and the cultivated area(growing on natural water supply)  is estimated at  4945 hectares and the number of trees (thriving on natural water supply) is estimated at  285.000 fruitful  trees .

The (watering) cultivated area amounts to 592  hectares , an increase of one thousand acres from the previous season and rate of 116 481 trees including  85 150 fruit trees , bringing the total fruitful olive trees in Quneitra about 370.000 trees .

The total production of (watering) olive is estimated at 2044 tons and the production of (Baal) olive is 3983 tons, so the total production for this year's olive harvest is estimated at 6,400 tons and an increase of about 350 tons from the last season and the expected production of olive oil is estimated at 1,500 tons .

Head of Fruit Trees Department,  Nasr Abdel Rahman,  pointed out that the agricultural plan in Quneitra for the agricultural season 2012 - 2013 attained an expansion in the cultivation of olive trees whereas the planted area reached about 170 hectares.