Al-Halki calling Syrian Industrialists to Come Home

DAMASCUS ,(ST) - Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halki , called on Syrian Industrialists and investors, who were forced to leave the country because of the ongoing crises, to come back to the homeland and to take part in preparing a new stage for reconstruction and the means to development.

Al-Halki's remarks came during his meeting yesterday with the Syrian Exporters Association for garments and textile, headed by Mohammad al-Sawah.

"The government seeks to promote the Syrian national industries  all over  the country in spite of all the hard circumstances ,it also offers many different  facilities through economic procedures to encourage the industrialists to increase their production". Asserted al-Halki.

He also mentioned the importance of the national will and dialogue to take decisions to encounter the ongoing crisis.

Pointing out to the unity of the army and the people, the premier added that the cycle of national economy is still evolving, medical and all other necessary commodities are available in the markets.

Members of the Association underscored their commitment to work inside Syria exporting their products to all the world. They also appreciate the government's exerted efforts to support the industrial sector and the textile industry in particular as it opens job opportunities for 40% of the labor force.

Head of the Association, Mohammad al-Sawah asserted the importance of the government's support to the Association by calling on all the Syrian industrialists and investors who left Syria to come back taking advantage of the possible facilities offered by the government..