Are They Role Models

The government locking down of Al  Sahloul CO. known as the international exchange group has dealt a knockout blow to those violators who are profiteering from the economy ,the country and the citizen.

Day-to-day unfolding of the events substantiate that the stringent procedures were the most prominent steps to be adapted to bridle the manipulation of the exchange rate of the Syrian pound. Furthermore, such procedures have predominantly contributed to ameliorate the exchange rate of the Syrian pound specially against the US dollar and the Euro to give it a fair parity.

Citizens have noticeably realized the pronounced regression in the US exchange rate against the Syrian pound which was not genuine, `it was really so`. It was being maneuvered by a host of factors and circumstances that played a negative role where the speculators did the worst part in denting our economy.

It became evident that the regression of the exchange rate of Syrian pound over the past months was  purposely staged to a degree higher than the scourges of the events themselves.

While the political circumstances ameliorate, talking about an aggression against Syria died down plus the steps which are being adapted by the government in favor of the Syrian pound, results are coming to fruition.

 Still, it is early to speculate the stabilization of the exchange rate since the government has  other procedures to ensure the purchasing power of the Syrian pound where we shall have more trails to follow.


Ahmad Orabi Baaj

Edited & Translated: Mamoun Abdin