Syria needs SP 2000bln for reconstruction, says Finance Minister


DAMASCUS, (S.T) _The total amount estimated so far for reconstruction in Syria reached up to SP 2000 bln, Finance Minister said on Thursday.

Speaking before the People's Assembly, Mohammad Jleilati cited that the amount SP 30 billion included in the 2013 budget under the reconstruction term will only cover the cost of primary rehabilitation works.

After dwelling upon the bill on the 2013 state budget, the PA referred it to the budget committee to be scrutinized.

According to the minister, the bill was drawn up according to real data bases taking into consideration the crisis Syria is going through.

"A levy imposed by the government in Syria is very low in comparison with other countries," said the minister, noting that some people evade payment of taxes and asks for exempting them from fines under the pretext of supporting production and industry.

He also pointed out a number of wrong decisions negatively affected on national economy and local industry. 

The minister added that the rehabilitation of infrastructure in Syria requires an investment budget whose appropriations will be secured through foreign loans.

The MPs asserted that the exceptional circumstances in Syria impose exceptional economic, financial and social policies to face the crisis and to enhance the national steadfastness.

They focused on the necessity of distributing subsides to those in need under the current situation in the country caused by the unjust sanctions which negatively affect the citizens' living conditions.

The meeting included several important proposals by the MPs. One of them is increasing the appropriations allocated for the stricken areas and restoring services to them as soon as possible.

Basma Qaddour