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Syrian government strongly supports electricity sector, says Electricity Minister

DAMASCUS, (S.T)_ Electricity system in Syria is still one of the best in the region despite the armed terrorists' sabotage acts targeting it, Electricity Minister said in an interview with the Syrian TV on Monday. 

"Had it not been at that level, it wouldn't have withstood all these difficult circumstances and the economic sanctions imposed by the countries involved in the crisis in Syria," said Imad Khamis.

He noted that the ministry has adopted intensive measures to rehabilitate the infrastructure damaged by the armed terrorist groups, asserting that the electric power projects are running well and will be completed on time.

"The terrorist groups' attacks on tankers carrying fuel to the electricity generating plants and on the railways and oil and gas transfer pipelines have imposed a huge further financial burden on the state estimated at SP 800 mln," asserted the minister.

"Electricity is heavily subsidized by the Syrian government to do its utmost to meet the citizens' needs", Khamis said, pointing out that the ministry has taken extraordinary steps to secure electric power around the clock during winter.