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SARC receives 2,520 tons of rice, food aid from China

On January 16th, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) signed with the Chinese Embassy in Damascus a memorandum of receipt of 2520 tons of rice as food aid provided by the People's Republic of China to Syria.

In a press statement after signing the memorandum at the SARC’s building in DamascusSARC’s head, Engineer Khaled Haboubatisaid that the received quantity includes the third, fourth, fifth and sixth batches of rice provided by China to the SARC as part of the 2021 aid

He said that the organization received on the 17th of last July a quantity of rice as a batch the first aid from Chinese friends. 


Haboubati stressed that SARC seeks to support the neediest families in various regions and governorates and meet the basic requirements for them

In turn, Chinese Ambassador Feng Biao said that the aid aims mainly to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people, which is evidence of the depth of friendship between the two countries

He said that the amount of food aid provided to the organization during 2021 amounted to 4,000 tons, and more aid will be sent during the coming period.


O. al-Mohammad