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Good start for the solar energy station in Hissya Industrial City

A month ago, an investment project to produce electrical power from solar energy was launched in the Industrial city of Hissya in Homs countryside. Now, this biggest solar energy station in Homs province produces 120 MWh of electricity, which is a good start.

Director of the project Eyad Qalfouni told SANA that the project is owned by Syrian investor Tamim Taleb and was implemented by Qalfouni Company. It contains 1944 solar panels with a capacity of 540W of each panel.

According to Qalfouni, the daily production of the project reaches between 5-6 MWh according to weather conditions, clarifying that the project was carried out by national expertise and in a record time.

 On his part, Director of Hissya industrial city Bassam Al-Mansour said that the project is the result of a contract signed between the investors and the General Company for Electricity in Homs with the aim of benefitting from the abundant renewable energy (sun and wind) in Homs.

He pointed out that renewable energy is very important for economic and industrial activities in the world as it is an alternative to the traditional fossil energy.

Bassam Al-Yusuf, Director of Planning and Statistics at the Homs Electricity Company, indicated that the area where the project was carried out enjoys high solar radiation which helps produce good quantity of electricity, pointing out that several investors have applied for carrying out projects to invest in solar energy. He noted that the second half of this year will witness improvement in electricity production that can benefit all sectors.

The Hissya Industrial City has dedicated about 855 hectares of land for establishing projects for producing and generating electric power from renewable energy.

Hamda Mustafa