Recommendations of Arab industrial cities and zones conference

The 4th Conference of Arab Industrial Cities and Zones, which was held on Wednesday at the Damarose Hotel in Damascus, recommended providing economic incentives for industries in these cities and zones, and supporting and encouraging them to achieve sustainable development goals in Arab countries.

The recommendations issued by the General Secretariat of the Arab Union of Industrial Cities and Zones called for granting industries in the industrial cities privileges and providing them with facilities similar to those granted in various countries of the world to investors, developers, operators, service providers, resident companies and workers. The conference also recommended strengthening the limitation of  the establishments in industrial cities customized and meticulously planned.


The recommendations pointed to the need to adopt the several industrial cities and zones suitable for the various regions of the Arab countries and to encourage partnership between these countries, especially in strategic industries. This would play a pivotal role in  reaching a product capable of competition and export and to achieve Arab economic integration through partnerships that provide real revenues for all the contributing countries.

The recommendations also highlighted the necessity of activating stimulating policies and strategies through supported initiatives in organized industrial cities and zones on a well-studied basis, unifying and intensifying efforts among the relevant parties through a single executive body supported by powers, regulations, legislation, human capabilities and material requirements to supervise the industrial cities and develop strategies for their advancement.

The recommendations called for developing existing industrial cities to be compatible with smart cities so that they can continue and compete in the next stage in light of scientific and technological development, and start activating electronic marketing systems to promote their work among a large segment at high speed and simple costs.

The recommendations stressed the need to work seriously towards the transition to a digital economy, to adopt the establishment of accreditation and quality centers in each region, to adopt international standards for products and strict regulations to address environmental pollution and to rely on renewable energy.

In a statement to SANA reporter, the Secretary-General of the Union, Samer Al-Hamo, stressed the importance of working on implementing the recommendations of the concerned authorities in managing the industrial cities in the Arab countries, benefiting from successful experiences and providing solutions to avoid obstacles. He pointed out that the Union is an Arab forum specialized in economic affairs for all those interested in working in Arab industrial cities and zones. The Union is also one of the specialists in providing advice on the mechanisms of joint Arab economic integration, which is an important step to achieve the goals of sustainable development 2030.

Al-Hamo  praised the efforts made and the moral support provided by all sides in Syria to make the conference a success, publicize the union, and adopt its official permanent headquarters in Damascus.

The Arab Union of Arab Industrial Cities and Zones is an international Arab organization that operates under the umbrella of the Council of Arab Economic Unity in Damascus at the end of 2009. It was officially licensed to work on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic under Presidential Decree No. 217 of 2020.


Inas Abdulkareem