Syrian-Russian talks in Moscow deal with the file of economic cooperation and preparations for themeeting of the Syrian-Russian joint committee

On December 1st, a session of bilateral talks between the Syrian and Russian sides was held at the Presidency of the Russian Council of Ministers in Moscow.

The session was headed by Mansour Azzam, Minister of Presidential Affairs and Chairman of the Syrian-Russian Joint Committee on the Syrian side, and Yury Borisov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation and Chairman of the Committee on the Russian side.

The talks  assessed the  economic cooperation between the two countries in various fields and sectors, including files  to do with increasing the trade exchange, facilitating and simplifying trade movement procedures between the two countries, and following up on procurement contracts signed between the concerned authorities in order to ensure their implementation according to the planned time.


The concerned companies in the two countries reviewed ways to provide possible support at the procedural, administrative and financial levels to ensure the optimal follow-up of the implementation of existing projects and the completion of putting the planned projects into practice as soon as possible and to overcome all the difficulties that may face the work of these companies.

The discussions also dealt with the final details of the agreement to expand economic and commercial cooperation between the two countries in an effort to sign it in the near future.

The two sides discussed the file of financial and customs cooperation and ways to organize and frame customs cooperation between the two countries through international cooperation formulas.

The two sides discussed  tax exemptions and facilities, and how to benefit from the successful experiences and experiences of the two friendly countries.

The talks also discussed the field of production and service sectors, where they addressed the reality of joint investments in the energy sector and the keenness to enhance the productivity of investment in the oil and gas field, as well as speeding up the implementation of contracts for the rehabilitation of power stations and overcoming obstacles that stand in the way in light of the difficulties that the electricity sector suffers from in Syria.

The two heads of the committee stressed the need to provide appropriate financing formulas for investment in the agricultural and industrial sectors and to give the necessary care to marketing the surplus products of both countries in their common markets to enhance integration between their economies.

The two sides also discussed joint preparations for the thirteenth session of the Syrian-Russian Joint Committee for Economic, Trade, Scientific and Technical Cooperation in light of the bilateral meetings and events held between the two sides, the latest of which was the Refugee Return Conference held in Damascus last November.

Dr. Kenan Yaghi, Minister of Finance, Dr. Qais Khader, Secretary-General of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Dr. Mona Al-Saeed from the Presidency of the Republic, and Dr. Riad Haddad, the Ambassador of the Syrian Arab Republic in Moscow, participated in the talks.

On November 30th, the Syrian delegation held an introductory session of talks at the building of the Ministry of Economic Development in Moscow, headed by Minister Azzam and Vladimir Ilyichov, who is the deputy of Yury Borisov.

During these preliminary meetings, all agreements in the field of joint cooperation were discussed, especially those related to contracts for the supply of Russian wheat to Syria, in addition to following up on the file of investments in the transport sector, the industrial sector, as well as the technology and informatics sector.

The Syrian delegation also held a session of talks with the Russian companies that supply wheat and corn, during which the schedule of supplies, their arrival dates and their compliance with the terms of the signed contracts were reviewed.


O. al-Mohammad