Ambassador Khaddour: Syria attaches great importance to the strong cooperation with UNIDO

VIENNA, Dec.1, (ST)-Syria’s permanent representative to the Office of the United Nations and other International Organizations in Vienna Ambassador Hassan Khaddour has asserted that Syria attaches great importance to the strong cooperation with the Untied Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), referring to the organization’s efforts to back the development of the Syrian industry. 
He has called on the UNIDO to cooperate more with Syria, especially in the light of the war imposed on Syria since 2011. 
The ambassador’s remarks came during the his participation in the 19th session of the UNIDO’s General Conference being held in Vienna. 
He pointed out that Syria is looking forwards to the establishment of just world partnerships based on respecting the principles of the international law and UN charter with the aim of supporting the Syrian state’s efforts to overcome the challenges  resulted from the years of terror war on Syria and to achieve the goals of sustainable development far from politicization. 
Ambassador khaddour also talked in detail about the catastrophic impacts of the ongoing terror and economic war on all sectors in Syria, saying that industrial cities were  systematically targeted by terrorist groups.  
He added that border crossing points were damaged by the war and some of them were used to facilitate the flow of foreign terrorists and to provide them with weapons. 
The ambassador indicated that the Syrian government issued necessary legislations to meet the needs  of the society in accordance with the requirements of sustainable development.   
He underlined that the UNIDO could play a key role in supporting the Syrian government’s efforts to rebuild the industrial sector in the light of sanctions and unilateral and coercive measures being imposed on the Syrian people, adding that these unprecedented sanctions and coercive measures undermine Syria’s ability to achieve industrial development and create a gap in the field of accessing new technology, which is connected with the 4th  industrial revolution. 
The ambassador appealed to the newly-appointed Director -General of the UNIDO to work on confronting the increasing future challenges and overcoming the obstacles imposed by the unilateral measures on developing countries.    
Basma Qaddour