58 new facilities open in the industrial zone of Tartous

Tartous (ST): The industrial zone in the city of Tartous is an important facility and an economic lever for the public and private sectors, as it provides a gathering of craft and production facilities that ensures the continuity of the work of and craftsmen and industrialists.


Munzer Ramadan, a member of the Executive Office of the Tartous Craftsmen Union, told news reporter that the industrial zone in Tartous includes 2,038 industrial, craftsmanship and production facilities distributed over an area of 98 hectares, which is the area of the region that witnessed an increase in the number of investors from craftsmen, where 58 new facilities were established.

He pointed out that there are a large number of establishments that are being established and have not yet obtained the required licenses, especially in the industrial and artisanal areas that are under construction, such as the industrial areas in Baniyas, Sheikh Badr, Al-Dreikish, Safita and others.

Ramadan pointed out that the number of subscribers to these plots within the modernized industrial areas is more than the number of plots according to the detailed plans because it provides them with the appropriate environment for the continuation of their work in terms of water, electricity and infrastructure.