Beauty world exhibition displays natural products with Syrian raw materials

Damascus (ST):  With the participation of 58 local companies and the presence of Arab delegations, an exhibition of beauty and body care products was opened this evening under the title “The World of Beauty Exhibition” on the  the fairgrounds in Damascus.


The exhibition, which will continue until the 17th of this month, includes the latest medical and commercial cosmetics and supplies, such as plastic containers, packaging machines, cosmetic clinics and training centers.

In a statement to reporters after the opening of the exhibition, a member of the board of directors of the Damascus Chamber of Commerce, Muhyiddin Arab Al-Halabi, explained that most of the companies participating in the exhibition are newly established and were launched during the years of the war on Syria .These companies were able to prove themselves and offer their products using Syrian and natural raw materials, referring to the importance of supporting the Syrian cosmetic industries.

In turn, the treasurer of Damascus and its Countryside Chamber of Industry and a member of the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Industry, Ayman Mawlawi, emphasized the need to continue holding specialized exhibitions so that there would be an opportunity to open export markets soon, pointing out that there are various companies, most of them with natural materials that show the quality of Syrian products.

The commercial attaché at the Yemeni embassy in Damascus, Muhammad Hamid Omar, indicated that the exhibition brought together many Syrian factories that are distinguished in their production and constitutes a strong competitor for the products of neighboring countries and the world, pointing out that he will convey the image of what he saw in the exhibition to Yemeni industrialists and those interested in the manufacture of cosmetics.

The director of the “Armada” company, the organizer of the event, Ahmed Al-Mady, pointed out that the exhibition aims to introduce to the public the Syrian companies in the field of cosmetics and their latest products, in addition to the export goal of their products, indicating that the exhibition is the first of its kind in Syria.