Technotex Exhibition specializing in service, entertainment and industrial electronics kicks off in Damascus

On October 13th, the “Technotex” exhibition for service, entertainment and industrial electronics, protection systems and information security kicked off in Damascus.

30 companies specialized in technology, alternative energy solutions, electrical appliances and electronic payment are participating  in the 4-day Exhibition.

The Exhibition presents many technical innovations for Syrian youth who are embarking on new projects.It aims to spread the culture of electronic payment via cell phone, focusing on artificial intelligence technology, the future of renewable energies, and the role of technology in facilitating the lives of individuals and creating an interactive platform for software and electronic companies to review their applications in the fields of electronic security, electronic services and smart solutions.


The Minister of Communications and Technology, Eng. Iyad Al-Khatib, said in a statement to reporters that the exhibition is an opportunity to view the products of companies working in the technological sector and alternative energies.

In turn, the director of Enmar Company, the organizer of the exhibition, Iyad Daoud, considered that holding the exhibition is a message that Syria continues with its technological development and nothing will affect it and it will return to better than it was before.

The Director of the Commercial Department at the Syrian Telecom Company, Eng. Ayham Dalloul, said in a statement that the company is keen on a permanent presence in the activities concerned with the technology sector, as it is the mother company of this sector.

Dallou lsaid that his company sells the “Viber Net '' service which is an internet service via optical fibers, providing internet at very high speeds of up to 100 megabytes and with a very high quality that meets the diverse needs of subscribers.

For her part, the director of the media department at Syriatel, the strategic partner in the exhibition, Haya Al-Safadi, said that Syriatel’s participation aims to introduce its customers to everything new related to technology, communications and electronic payment services.

She added that the “Syriatel Cash” enables customers to pay and transfer money electronically in a safe, fast and easy way, and includes bills and fees for public authorities.


O. al-Mohammad