Syrian-Iranian cooperation in the fields of economy, investment and technology discussed

TEHRAN, (ST)_Syria’s ambassador to Tehran Shafiq Dayyoub has discussed with chairman of the Syrian -Iranian Friendship Committee Ayatollah Hassan Akhtri the ways of enhancing cooperation the fields of economy, investment and technology to reach the level of political and strategic cooperation between Syria and Iran. 
The discussion which was held on Tuesday dealt with the importance of coordination in the current stage and in the future besides the victories achieved by Syria and its allies over terrorism and the efforts being exerted by the Syrian government to rebuild what has been destroyed by the terror war on Syria throughout the past years. 
The two sides also referred to the systematic destruction of industrial and production sectors in Syria by terrorist groups and their supporters. 
 Dayyour indicated that Syria’s enemies moved to economic war through imposing sanctions on Syria  after they failed in realizing their military goals. 
“The new investment law , which was recently released  in Syria, and the facilities to be offered to local and foreign investors aim to create a comfortable investment environment,” the ambassador asserted, calling on Iranian companies to  benefit from this law’s advantages.
For his part, Akhtri said that his country in general and the Syrian-Iranian Friendship Committee in particular are interested in enhancing cooperation with the Syrian side in all fields. 
The members of the committee reviewed the available fields of cooperation with Syria, especially in the  fields of power, housing industry, environment, agriculture and insurance. 
Basma Qaddour