Discussions to reactivate the Syrian-Emirati Businessmen Council

On October 3rd, Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Dr. Mohamed Samer Al-Khalil met with Emirati Minister of Economy Abdullah Touq.
The two ministers discussed the most important economic issues of joint concern, including the agreement on activating the UAE-Syrian Business Council with a view to promoting trade, investment and cooperation between the two countries.
During the meeting, Minister al-Khalil stressed the importance of Syrian-UAE relations and gave a presentation of the latest laws in Syria, in particular the Investment Law, which provides an appropriate and attractive investment environment to investors to establish projects in all areas by providing facilities and great privileges.
It also confirmed the importance of middle and medium- projects, which constitute the largest proportion of projects operating in the two countries and the main support of the economy.
Minister al-Khalil congratulated the UAE for completing the Expo 2020 , especially in the challenges of Corona epidemic.
In turn, the Emirati minister expressed his country's readiness to support Syria by transferring the successful UAE experiment in the economy.
The importance of continuing meetings and exchanging visits between the Syrian and the Emirati sides was emphasized
The meeting was attended by Dr. Ghassan Abbas, Syria's ambassador to the UAE.